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[XB1, X360] Dragon Age 2 $12.61 (was $50.45)/Dragon Age: Origins $5.11 (was $20.45) - Microsoft Store


Great prices for these two Dragon Age games. You will get a lot of bang for your buck and they will keep you busy many hours.

Dragon Age: Origins: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/dragon-age-origins/bs9sx4q...


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    Was 50$ 10 years ago? These games are old and can be found on Gumtree or Market place for $1-5. I don't think 12$ is cheap for this ancient game.

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    Plus if you have GamePass, they're free as part of EA Play.

    • Where can I get GamePass free, especially permanently?

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        Lol it's a paid service that you can get for free.

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            @Lysander: I assume the majority of xbox players that visit ozbargain already have gamepass due to its great value; and if they don't, they can currently get it for 3 months for $1. so you're kind of making a bad faith argument.

            If someone wanted to buy it for collection purposes / to own it permanently, why would they buy it for more digitally? I picked this game up for $3 used a few weeks ago.

            • @Vinodra: So, what about people who used their 3 months for $1 trial already?
              Or those that have kids and play a long game such as Origins over several months, beyond GP?

              Great you picked it up cheap but unless you can provide a time machine it is not so easy anymore either. So that argument really doesn't work either.

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                @Lysander: Lapsed members can use the 3 months for $1 again, to my knowledge.

                • @Vinodra: But I think you need a different payment method. Not everyone has heaps of cards and/or PayPal.
                  As I said, I prefer a one off payment, not just with games but also with Office (hate the subscription model which works out more expensive for me over time).

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                    @Lysander: Confirming this isn't the case, used my $1 for 3 months last year and got to use it again this year, same payment method, same everything.

  • Dragon Age Origins was a fun game, it's not a game that I'd replay over and over again one after another, but every once in awhile, starting with a different origin is fun.

    Hope they don't mess up with the next one they release.