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[NSW] Coles Roasted & Salted Cashews 800g (Short Dated) $5.00 @ Coles Lane Cove


Currently $10 everywhere, but these are short dated stock.

Cashews Roasted & Salted. Not sure if across all Coles stores but available in Coles Lane Cove - heaps of packets left

Packed in Australia using cashews from Vietnam or India

Allergy - contains tree nuts (cashews)

Best before date - 24 Jan 2021. Thanks SydneySwan.

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    Crazy cheap!

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    Can anyone confirm is elsewhere?

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      Just paid $10 so not everywhere (exp. May 21)

  • Looks like an all-time low price.

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    Pictured in 2010 😜

  • Expiry?

    • These don't have an expiry date. They have a best before date.

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      Unopened, 1mth+ after best by. In the fridge <6mth, freezer 1y. More if good quality, probably not for the Coles sourced.
      Maybe longer as they are roasted & salted.

  • Grabbed one thanks op. Expiry date the longest one till 24th of January. Some of them are till 6th. Asked the guy if it’s the same every Coles he said yes but I’m not sure. Cause these ones will expire soon.

    • Cause these ones will expire soon.

      No they won't, they do not have an expiry date. They have a best before date.

      • Sorry yea it might be best before.

        • It is, you can even see it in the deal photo

      • Don't know why you got negged

        • +1

          Because some people have no idea that there is a difference between best before and expiry dates.

  • -7


    • I see what you did there

  • Checked 2 stores, standard price of $10

  • Chadstone VIC $10

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    Once you start eating cashews they're finished pretty quickly so expiry date is irrelevant

    • True. I’m half way down as I read your comment

    • so expiry date is irrelevant

      It is because they don't have one

  • $10 at my local in country vic.

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    Bought 20 packets at Lane Cove - still plenty left. best before date of 24 Jan 2021.

    Also have plenty of packets of Coles mince pies for 10c per packet and Cadbury Gingerbread Chocolate 170g for 20c per bar.

    • Wish we got those deals our fruit pies are still $3 was hoping to get some for less seeing comments that always pop up hear

  • Also have a St George 1000pc puzzle for 50c lol.

    It's still there. I didn't buy it.

    Open tip midnight tonight, still 50-150pks cashews left, hard to judge, they are all over the store.

  • How about the unsalted

  • Anyone know how we can get the salt off

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