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[Backorder] FiiO BTR5 $161.23 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Price recently dropped on Amazon for backorder. Seems like a decent DAC/amp with Bluetooth functionality.

Last price @ $168.62: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/581628

Sus the previous deal for reviews etc.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What does this do?

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      FiiO BTR5-384K/32Bit Native DSD256 Hi-Res CSR8675 Bluetooth5.0 Receiver/USB DAC/DSD Headphone Amp with LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, AAC (3.5mm Unbalanced&2.5mm Balanced Output, Black)

      it does a whole bunch of shit people dont care about.

      Saying that I have their Q1 dac as an external soundcard.

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      Makes headphones sound better and louder, even if your headphones are meant to be self driving. Also useful for connecting things to speakers and stuff.

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    Qudelix-5K beats this in SQ… pretty happy with mine.

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    I love my BTR5. It makes my HD6XXs portable so I can annoy my family as I walk around the house lookin super cool, listenin to high quality audio.

    • Can this be used to play Tidal playlist?

      • You use your phone via Bluetooth to the unit so you can play whatever you like

  • Can this DAC render MQA signals natively or thru firmware upgrade? Also is this equal or better than the EarStudio ES100?

    • Lots of comparison vids and threads. I'd sum up to say qudelix 5k for $200 or es100 for $100ish is the go.

      I own both.

      Es100 is for gym band public transport.
      Qudelix is for home, sometimes away from home, rarely.

      I don't own the btr5 I think because there's not as good EQ.

      • Which one has more power? Thinking of driving big boy 600ohm hps

        • Pretty sure qudelix 5k would have most power. But I'm not sure.

          I know es100 can double power using balanced cables.

          But I'm pretty sure most threads talk about 300ohm earphones being ok (depending on sensitivity) but I believe 600ohm is just too much for these small mobile devices.

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    There sure is a lot of acronyms to learn if you want to become an audiophile.

    • A lot of these type of devices are usually just plug and play. Even entry level gear such as this is a huge upgrade from your standard headphone output or most stuff you find at JB. I'm running a Fiio E18 (plug and play) with my Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones which sounds great while I'm still working from home.

  • Well from the stellar reviews that I have read so far, I grabbed it and methinks would pair nicely with my phone (Z Fold 2), DAP (AK Junior) and headunit (Honda HR-V) . Thanks OP.

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    I have one and use it a lot. It can connect to my pc via usb c so I can use it as a dac amp for games with my headphones. I also connect it via bluetooth to my phone when riding/mowing/motorcycling so my headphones are not physically connected to the phone, which is its main use case.

    It does ldac which is one of the best bluetooth formats, a noticable improvement over aptx for me.

    Overall I am happy with it.

    • Yep. LDAC is the best bluetooth hi-res streaming audio and I that's a one-up for Sony.

      Anywayz, anyone here has any ideas on how to use the balanced output? Do I just need to buy an adapter to fit my 3.5mm jack headphones or will I need a compatible headphones to go with it? Thanks.

      • Balanced output is only for headphones that require it. Each side will have it’s own cable input. So you will know if you need it.

  • ordered one …gotta keep my audio addiction going

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