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35% off Put.io at Put.io. No VPN Needed.


Previously posted but still working and don’t need a VPN now.
Might not cater most, but hopefully benefits someone like us (group of 6 who got the family plan of 10TB for a year)

This is basically a service providing storage with an attached torrent app(chill institute). You can pick a torrent file and will download within 1-3 seconds, given good peer support, to the putio storage. From there you can stream to any device.

IOS users can use the app infuse, which makes the whole experience perfect. I have used over last year with some occasional (2 weeks of slow streaming issue which they have fixed after complaining) and was great!

NOTE: code should be entered in the coupon code area where you enter credit card details. Not in the Promo code tab.

If you have privacy concerns following link has some info.

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    Promo code isn't working for me


      Not promo code. Insert it in the coupon code area which is in the same page you enter the credit card details.

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        Got it, thanks.


    Another key benefit is that you can download large files from their storage at your maximum NBN speed. On a 100/20 plan it takes me about 2 mins to download a 1gb file and 45mins for a 30gb file.

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    Who wants to create a family? :)


    Do newsgroups work on this ? Or would you recommend sticking with torrents?

    Does it work with plex?

    Edit: you can set your Plex server storage to use put.io
    https://put.io/service/plex/ I was looking for more for this to host Plex and storage

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      I'd love the answer to the newsgroup question as well - thanks!

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    Also as a bit of trivia, the code stands for "What's going to happen to the state of the dollar?" when translated from Turkish :p


    I am thinking of what to do with my current PLEX server which is going well. I just watched this video but put.io looks to be still too much hands on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvTr1595eoI

    What I want is a plex server that can auto download for me based on something like radarr or I think its called couch potato? Haven't looked yett but seen some set ups on youtube.

    I did see put.io can be linked to tvtime? But can't see if that is still the case. If I can set that I want to watch a TV show and each week it adds that to the app and I can then watch that would be nice. My thing would be to not have to be as hands on as having to get the torrent in the first place.


      Putio does this thru RSS automation.

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    wow nice one! didn't even know I might want such kind of service, but it makes perfect sense