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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Various Flavours 2.27kg $68.12 Delivered ($61.31 S&S) @ Amazon AU


Great price if you are looking for ON protein. A range of flavours are available - my recommendation is Extreme Milk Chocolate.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    show me the whey

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      This is the whey

    • Remember this is not Isolate… combination of Isolate and consontrate. Normaly 100% Isolate got about 85g - 90g / 100g protein.

  • Only some are on special and there's no extreme milk chocolate but thanks for trying

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      Available here

    • Yep as above, do a search for 'Optimum Nutrition Whey'. You'll see the various flavours flagged with 'Limited time deal'.

  • Is it really good for health?

    • if u read the ingredients list, no

      • Explain? Is it just the sugar?

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          sweeteners 955 is Aspartame
          is not good for your long term health
          and as aldroid pointed out the GM soy

          • @Jonathankira: how does it compare to sucralose?

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              @Chaosreaper6000: both very bad
              the ingredients to make aspartame is bad shit crazy like methanol
              and sucralose messes ur gut bacteria

              also sucralose spikes ur insulin…. soooo if u trying to get lean it is going to be harder with sucralose.

              • @Jonathankira: thanks for the reply.

                hard to find a reputable protein supplier that doesn't use these kind of sweeteners these days, as they are all trying to advertise low carbs.

                • @Chaosreaper6000: u better off dont take any of this WPI/WPC then. ON brand taste the best is one thing, but practically almost all WPI//WPC follow the same fomula. IF u are scared at this, just eat natural food then.

                  Edit: in the ingredient list, they have thickener agent number if u want to do some researches.This brand is popular for a reason.Also can click on past discussion and see other people have some concerns as you answered.

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                @Jonathankira: Seems to be the opposite of what the research says. Theres only evidence of it being toxic in extremely (like ludicrously) high doses.

                Also what's bad about spiking insulin? Why will that impact weight loss?

                Citations to support bold claims pls.

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            sweeteners 955 is Aspartame
            is not good for your long term health

            Note: this is opinion and rejected by virtually every study done on it.

    • If you care about health just get aminoz wpi and make your own shakes. I found they're the best for nothing much else but whey protein isolate.

  • Been the same price since Boxing Day!!

  • Came to $56.31 for me on subscribe and save for the vanilla ice cream flavour

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    This or musashi 50% off at chemist warehouse?

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      Tbh your body will probably not be able to tell the difference, this is coming from an ex protein snob 😂😂

      My luck is now as I've gotten older my stomach can't handle alot of proteins (whey etc) so have had to switch to MRE Lite from Redcon1..

  • not bad, was $57.70 back on 23 March 2020

  • Every single protein has additives lol

  • why is this far superior to the other protein shakes?

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      Mostly flavour, tastes better and mixes better

    • It's not, in fact it's probably one of the worst but for some reason it's established a cult following here on Ozbargain.
      The Ozbargainers protein powder checklist
      (in order of priority):
      1. Flavour
      2. Mixabilty
      3. Price
      4. Delivery time
      5. % protein
      6. Quality