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Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine BES870CRN Cranberry $599 @ Myer


First time poster.

I'm waiting for the liquorice to drop in price but thought it might be good for those wanting cranberry.

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    Decent price for a beginner's manual machine.

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      I thought Dedica is more or less a beginner’s manual. This one is a step up.

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        This has only one boiler, smaller non standard basket, low pressure steam wand. It's great as it taught me the basics.

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      Rancilio Silvia (second hand if budget won't stretch to buying new) is the best value beginner's machine IMHO.

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        Bought a Rancilio second hand and the only thing I'd say is that beginner needs to do their research and ensure they know how to machine works. Especially with how small the water reservoir is, The heating elements in them are the first to go.

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        I would agree however it is almost double the price since you'll have to buy a grinder too.

      • Mine is still going strong after 11 years, had it serviced once. Well made.

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          My first real espresso machine was a Rancilio Silvia Mk2 (I think they are now up to Mk6). That thing was thrashed for almost nine years before I sold it. Compared to the Delonghi and Kenwood junk I'd owned before, it was a revelation.

          About four years on, I encountered the bloke I sold it to. Other than a $80 thermostat replacement and the regular services (mix of DIY and store technician) it hadn't cost him much more than the electricity to run it.

          They are built like a tank and hold resale value. Heaps of thermal mass to work with. They give the user confidence by ensuring the key variables (pressure at brew head and water temperature) are stable, shot after shot.

          I am planning to get one of the V6 models as a backup (and extra capacity for family invasions) for my La Marzocco GS3.

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        If we are talking about prosumer I would think a new Gaggia Classic could be a better deal than a 2nd hand Silvia. It's often on sale for $650-ish these days and they move it back to Italian made

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          Unfortunately, the move back to Italy came with some cost saving measures. The Gaggia Classic now has an aluminium boiler and the problems with corrosion and pitting are well-known.

          I won't go into the debate on the health aspects of consuming aluminium compounds as I think the jury is still out on that.

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  • Thanks op, just placed an order for click and collect

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    I don't own any but from reviews I read, bambino plus and Smart Grinder Pro combo will be a better choice. Cost ~$100 more but if one breaks you still have the other machine to use. Also I believe both machine are better compare to Barista Express as a grinder and coffee machine.

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      And whoever you are, you down vote me because……

      Don't border replying. I would not expect anything less form sneaky down voter in OZBs

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      I don't understand why this was downvoted… I agree, a separate espresso machine and grinder would be better.

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        Most likely from Barista Express owner that has a fragile ego.

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      Bambino Plus has an advantage of auto milk frothing but offset by other factors that may or may not matter to you (e.g. no unpressurised baskets, small drip tray so not much space for two cup shots and it needs to be emptied often, very light so shakes around a lot). After a fair bit of research I ended up going for a Breville Infuser and the SGP instead of the Bambino Plus.

      • How are you finding the Infuser? What made you pick it over the Bambino Plus?

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    Bought this a month ago. So far loving the coffee but I would say that the steaming is a bit underwhelming.

    I would likely upgrade to a Niche grinder within the year and then following year get a better machine.

    Good for a total beginner but easy to outgrow.

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    To be honest i wouldn't buy this machine. Bought one about 4 months ago despite reading lots of negative comments.

    I'm a coffee buff. My parents owned a cafe so i have a real machine (sitting in the garage - rancillio 2 group head, rancillio grinder). I have a few nespresso machines and instead of getting the commercial machine serviced i decided to get this.

    Read a lot of reviews that after a few months many people run into problems, however, i just put it down to them being beginners and not understanding how to pour a decent brew.

    I weigh, time my beans and pour and write it all down.

    Was alright for about 4 months then all of a sudden the grinder totally changed for no reason at all. With the beans i use i had it at 4 and t was perfect then all of a sudden it changed and couldn't even get a good pour (way too fast) even at the finest setting of 1.

    Again i repeat i didn't change a thing.

    Took the grinder apart and cleaned it. No effect.

    Under warranty so contacted Breville - they try to blame you and say it's the beans.

    It's def not - obviously something slips in the grinder.

    Have adjusted it myself, however, the fear is that it will keep happening and eventually no matter what i do it won't help ( there's a setting you can twist on the top burr. Originally it was default 5, now i have it at 3. Worried it will keep happening until 1 then i have nowhere to go).

    also noticed all of a sudden that not as much ground coffee comes out the grinder. I weigh 20g, put it in and out comes 19.1. It's collecting in the grinder somewhere.

    What a waste of money

    • -25

      Can you write the next Hobbit series pls. Such an epic tale. Needs more dragons though.

      • -1

        I don’t think mousie’s comment deserves negative votes; thought the original comment was well-written and mousie’s comment was witty, don’t think it was intentionally snarky.

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      Thank you for the review. cheers

    • +1

      this is a real review… so the issue is the grinder only, not much with the espresso machine? would have been better if they were separate machines… easier to replace one :smile:

    • What machine would you suggest? , I’m a beginner and would probably only use once or twice a day but I’m a bit of a snob with my coffee.

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        I would suggest a new Gaggia Classic pro or a 2nd hand Rancilio Silvia for beginner. But you should obviously focus more on getting a good grinder, and there are plenty 2nd Rancilio Rocky on the market

      • Like syswong and Johnnyg said. Get the bambino plus and smart pro grinder. Best to have separate machines so you can replace one or the other.

    • Ah sh*t my Breville smart grinder is doing the same thing and I thought it was the bean

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        It might have something to do with the worn down impeller. This video(youtu.be) shows how to fix it on a standalone smartgrinder bcg800. Not sure whether the exact same fix would work for the in-built grinder in this coffee machine, but I suspect it would be very similar. The 3d printed replacement part referred to in the video, can now be bought from within Australia (from QLD I believe) on eBay.

    • Did you launch a fair trading or accc? I would complain it was a major fault and demand action

    • Using mine for about a month, and there's a huge water leak happening when I'm using the steam wand as well. No idea why, water leaks through the brewer (I mean the part where the hot water goes through the grounded coffee, not 100% sure what that part's called) and there's a lot of water collecting at the bottom as well. Definitely not supposed to happen since I used to use another Sunbeam machine and no issues of the sort there.

      Also that steam wand takes forever to start even after a lot of warm up time. Considering bringing it back under warranty.

      • how long is forever?
        mine takes about 5s

        • After I turn the knob, it'd give it about 7 seconds to make a response then at least another 5 seconds for the steam to finally come out

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      It might have something to do with the worn down impeller. This video shows how to fix it on a standalone smartgrinder bcg800. Not sure whether the exact same fix would work for the in-built grinder in this coffee machine, but I suspect it would be very similar. The 3d printed replacement part referred to in the video, can now be bought from within Australia (from QLD I believe) on eBay.

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