Ideas of How I Can I Make Money on The Side?

I’m looking for things that I can do on the side to make extra money to save for a family. I currently work full time but I’m always looking for more to do especially given I have breaks from work throughout the year. Work is super busy but I like to fill any gaps I have particularly when school holidays come around. I don’t have kids and I love being busy all the time so I have time to fill particularly now that I’m on summer break.

I’m a teacher so my skill set is limited as far as being a handyman, and my car is pretty old so that rules out a lot of gig work. I’m good with computers and I’m not sure what else apart from teaching.

Any ideas??


          • @ihbh: Yeah, no.

            • @Yorkshire-Man: Kidding - wife was in Eddie's class. She got higher marks too, but he's done well working on his business as opposed to just in his business.

              • @ihbh: Lol, ok. I think the guys a legend & a shining example of what any teacher (or anyone else in any profession) can achieve.

                Makes me mad when trained professionals think about driving UBER rather than investing in what they are trained for.

  • Myfans

    • Only fans mod - sell your services - seo to lots of young girls

  • Hands down be a YouTube superstar.

    Or pick cheap stocks that will skyrocket.

    Or buy a lottery ticket with a winning set of numbers.

  • signup to deliver flyers/phamplets in your area and get some walking exercise at the same time. i also pickup containers at the same time…with these u get the exercise, clean up the environment, n get extra income, win win win!

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      What does it pay? In my experience businesses are used to believing that their flyer can be delivered for what works out to be $2 per hour of someone's time. And they don't even deliver them properly. I know a lot of businesses have paid to deliver their menus and flyers to my suburb for years now, like six drops a year each, but I've never seen a single one of them for most of the businesses. They are still paying for the deliveries though. Where are the flyers they paid to deliver, most of them at the city dump right now?

  • Bitcoin mining

    Work for Appen, they pay absurd amounts for mundane task such as doing google search, worked there when I first got out of high school, was around $40/hour, online, you work whenever you want, also they pay in USD so the low AUD at the time also helped

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    As a teacher you can always start private tuitions from your place. It’s a new trend and most of parents coming from Asian countries prefer their children to attend private tuitions.

    Teachers from maths, English, and science subjects are doing very well indeed.

    May be start from one on one and then move into smaller classes.

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    Happy to take kids (or adults) out for activities? NDIS work pays well.

    • How does NDIS work for take out activities? I thought you need to be specialist to participate in NDIS.

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    Is tutoring an option for teachers, or are you contractually barred from doing so?

    • Dunno about Victoria (OP is in Rat) but in NSW, public school teachers are allowed to do tutoring work so long none of the tutoring kids are from their own school.

      I'm sure private would be subject to their individual employment contracts.

  • Onlyfans

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    In reality you want to generate passive income without going out and mowing people's lawns, or trying to do anything that requires you to work your day job and then go out at night to do more stuff.

    I would suggest joining the Medium partner program. I write about software development and it actually generates a little bit of side money. Basically you write some articles about whatever you want to, submit them to a publication, and just rinse and repeat. If your English is good and you can submit fairly regularly then the income can stack up.

    YouTube affiliate is also an option but you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours per year. So it's quite a lot of work before you start earning.

    Outside of that are you interested in software development?

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      With respect to the Medium partner program, by side money are we talking tens or hundreds or dollars a week?

      • Interested in knowing this

        • Only if you have made your article/story "eligible to earn" i.e. ONLY paid members are reading it. Not available for free-loaders.
          it is like a newspaper article behind pay-wall.

          And earnings, we are talking about "normal" story earning in few tens-to-hundred'ish dollars per month. once you have engaged users OR a hard hitting story the earnings are substantial….we are talking about thousand(s).

          • @Ash SA: Needless to say - it is stacking/recurring income.

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    If you want a side hustle that everyman and his dog isn't doing, software development. The barrier to entry is high enough for most but not so high that an intelligent, motivated individual couldn't do.

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    Good with computers, here are some ideas
    1) Restore old PCs, Put a SSD in an old computer, clean out dust, new thermal paste and sell for profit.
    2) Computer services - laptop and PC upgrades
    Can replace HDD with SSD and upgrade ram. Charge and advertise a fixed rate. This is very popular with new laptops that come with HDD. An old version of ghost works very well with cloning. Some laptops you will have to stuff around with boot registry.
    3) Fix slow / infected computers. Kind of a continuation/expansion of 2). Install AVG free and spybot and get rid of viruses. Go to add remove programs and search unknown programs on google. Most of the time one of these will be a form of malware. In task bar remove all non essential programs from start up.
    4) Make websites. Use bootstrap website templates and make simple one or so page websites for people. Add on service purchase domain names and web hosting and upload the website on their behalf.

    You're a teacher, how about teaching on the side. Online is the way to go, especially with covid. Get a velocity pre paid credit card. You will get a bsb and account number they can deposit into.
    1) ESL teaching
    2) math tutoring for either gifted or remedial students.
    3) scholarship exams / coaching for private schools
    4) coaching entrance exams for selective entry high schools

    Hope this triggers some ideas

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      Concern I'd have is the implied warranty that people may expect from you over upgrades performed etc.
      No matter how clear you make things to some people sometimes they won't leave you alone.
      The additional calls which for most would be during business hours when you're working your other job.
      Could be more mess and frustration to deal with than what OPs wanting? Sounds like they just want quicker or easy cash.

    • Thanks Icy. Great ideas. I’m going to explore some of these.

    • I did this as a sole trader while studying and working part time. You can charge a decent hourly rate. However some of the negative experiences I had with the business were:
      - people regularly called at all hours, often expecting free guidance. One guy called me midway through shopping for cameras to ask my opinion between models.
      - some customers challenged me on how long particular jobs took and/or tried to negotiate the pay after the job was done

      These are issues you can address as the owner / operator of an IT service. But consumers can be demanding irrational people. You need to be firm with your hours of operation and your rates. As a teacher you have the benefit of an earlier finish most days which may enable some daytime hours of work… Maybe

      Another thing to consider would be creating basic websites for small businesses. I once worked for a boutique Web design firm and got paid peanuts as their employee. But I got good insights into their business model.
      Effectively I would make about $200 for creating a website using mostly software (content management system) and a little coding here and there. That same website cost the client $1800, and they often got a fee for hosting and a monthly retainer for support. The retainer being money for nothing most of the time if I'd done a good job in the first place. even then the support guaranteed under that retainer meant the company would still significantly profit even after paying me for the work.

      This was 10+ years ago now and the industry norms may be significantly different

      • Curious if you knew you were getting ripped off why didn't you go out on your own? Was it difficult to get customers whereas the business you worked for had a lot of business/ customers already?

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          At the time I was at university. I didn't want the overheads of sourcing clients, managing my books, advertising etc. I just wanted a pay packet and to be doing something "in the industry".

          I can see how you could make great money once you've got enough regular clients, or even enough retainers and support contracts. But you need to do the work to get to the point. I do actually have a friend who now owns his own boutique web company and does well for himself

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    online IELTS/PTE classes ? or some other private teaching classes

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    You could try Side Hustle Nation. There's a fee book on Amazon called "The Side Hustle" by Nick Loper, and a podcast:
    The book is short and has lots of different ideas for different skill sets that may spark something for you. The podcast is also interesting listening to interviews with people who have started successful side hustles.

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    not spending is the best way to make money.

    lots of stuff you don't need like - netflix

    • internet (use a mobile)

    • the latest mobile

    • eating out

    • coffess

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    eBay reselling

    • I do eBay reselling and it pays very well.

      • Just out of curiousity, where do you buy from? And what sort of products?

        • Its mostly based on information, and what markets are underdeveloped.

          Still once a big dude comes you are screwed, stuff like coins works.

          • @mokr: Yep, I used to sell car covers, from decent to high quality ones…back 15 years ago or so, through eBay and paper classifieds. Was great until business people with more $ and the local Aus companies started selling them online and in-store.

            Would I bother with something like that again? Maybe, but definitely not with electronics.

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            @mokr: I mostly source from op shops and garage sales. It can be very lucrative but I reckon you need to be in a main city as there would be a lot more stock to source from.

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      PS5s scalping!

      Jokes aside some money there but need to know your market. I got by in uni selling rare car parts, need to be expert in market valuation and products. I found it fun.

      Old adage is true, takes money to make money.

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    A bit off the topic (not much though) and may offend some people.

    It is sad to see a teacher asking for additional income generation ways( while assuming you are good at what you are teaching, and then you should enjoy your downtime and be ready for the new school terms). Teachers should be paid extremely generously as you guys are the talent-makers of the nation's future generations. With due respect ,when traffic controllers making 6 figures with a short course and you guys cannot make that much with a uni degree, in general, it is very concerning which direction this country is heading, when there is no more iron ore , or coal or whatever we can dig out and sell to the rest of the world…Australia's economy will be no difference to that of Argentina and alike countries (I like that country but not their state of economy).

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      no idea what op makes but teachers can make 6 figures in aus, of course with casualisation/contacts its much tougher but yeah to make 6 figures just from a 4 year uni degree seems pretty good.

      • After teaching for 10+ years (current top of the scale is $108K

      • Teachers don't start their careers at 6 figures.

    • with due respect no teacher has ever been run over in their workplace

  • Cryptocurrency is on da rise !

  • My friend told me 2 weekends ago that his friend has been making more money selling giftcards than if he were working full time.

    I don't know how but apparently it's all tax free.

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      lotta legwork, trust, and holding costs for a couple of %. Your friends friend is full of it.

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    Onlyfans girls raking in the serious cash. Anywhere from $5k to $200k per month.

    • I dont think teachers can risk their job doing something like that

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    What do you mean by family?

    We decided not to have kids, the planet really doesn't need any more (my sister already used up my extended families quota). It's a lot easier to have money if your family is just you and a partner and perhaps pets.

    • the world is actually starving for more people. look up news website about future populations

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    If you cant find something to make money, can use that free time to learn a new skill, you said you're good with computers, maybe learn something there?

    Whatever side business you do, do something that's an interest or a hobby business perhaps. Depends what's in your area and demand.

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    I've just released my own fragrance.

    No one else in the car liked it though.

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    Just tutor students from other schools.
    Do it for cash. Charge at least $50/hour.
    Don't declare it.

    Run a community college/equivalent course on how to use Facebook or something.

    Do marking for standardised testing, if it is still available, or HSC/equivalent if you are at a Highschool.

    Or, get a promotion or extra job such as Year Advisor/equivalent; that should be a bit more money. (If you don't think it is; look in to it).

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    I would buy a pressure cleaner like this
    and then put the word out on FB pages/groups that you can clean driveways/paths etc….
    minimal outlay and easy to do….
    send me my commission asap :)

    • I really like that idea. i've seen some musicians do it.
      do you think it works?

      i'd be worried about the rare extremists;
      people who pay 1 cent and take 100 things to resell or just out of greed or malice
      and the opposite who pay $10000 for something worth a fraction of that - are they mentally ill, expecting favors etc?

      i think i would have to stick a range on it to feel safe, and then it might not work the same way?

  • Merged from What's Your Side Hustle / Passive Income?

    I trade shares (not pretty enough for only fans🤣). What does everyone else do?

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      I run a few blogs that make me some nice money.
      However crypto seems to be making more than my day job right now.

      • Good content or built for SEO?

        Crypto seems hot, aren't you worried about it popping like last time?

        • Regarding crypto, Not really. Always seems to recover and 10 fold. I chuck money in almost like im expecting not to get it back, Not sure why but when i pull it out it will all seem like profit to me lol.

          I perhaps would borderline spammy content but it's what the user is searching for, So im neither. It's the mobile game answer niche.

          It blows my mind that so much money can be made online.

          • @dylanando: if you don't mind me asking, do you publish a blog with your own domain name or under some blogging site like word-press?
            I had a travel blog written never got to publish it as i wasn't sure how to do it.
            do i have to register a pepe domain name and do it?

            • @coolhead: Use your own domain, So that you can build links and build an authority.
              You can add wordpress to your own domain name. If you need help setting up anything, feel free to reach out.
              Costs about $10 a year for a domain and $4 a month for hosting.

            • @coolhead: Just start $5 a month

     let's you use your own domain for free.

    • Networking marketing, investment properties, also have crypto lol. I am on the contrary, trying to invest regularly into shares.

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        Networking marketing

        What is this?

        • +1

          Sells junk to his friends?

    • Provide online coaching for NAATI CCL, PTE and IELTS
      :) also, trading

    • Shares
      Investment property

      Funny enough because i invest in so much - i feel constantly broke esp since my wife went on maternity leave over a year ago (she still hasnt returned to work yet)

      • +3

        perhaps you should invest in your family

        • There is no better way to invest in one's family than securing its financial future.

          • @whooah1979: What do you think of investing in super?

            • @deme: Super is a compulsory scheme designed to take 💵 from the working class and give to the 1% and their executive mates.

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          hellopam2019 not everyone is a gold digger….

          I invest time and love into my family I have no interest in spoiling my son so he grows up to be a brat or wasting money on needless crap my wife doesnt want or need to 'prove i love her' because we both agree needless materialism isnt a good thing for a family and is simply mordern marketing tell 'mindless peons' you wont be happy unless you have this or that expensive junk.

          I give my family all the love i possibly can and imo that is the biggest investment - but it isnt a side Hussle like this forum is asking about it is my main job

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      Dividends, so pretty close to truly passive besides some very minimal work during tax time.

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      I do freelance work writing VBA codes for small businesses to improve and automate their reporting processes (Ms Office - Word and Excel).

      Used to do work for around 2-3 hours per project and only getting paid $5 when I started. Thankfully, things are a bit better now with few thousands coming in per year. The key is in the marketing, often overlooked by some, but powerful. :) I only do this side gig as a hobby of writing codes (one to two projects per month) and generally do them at night, after my missus and kids went to bed.

      Now I am trying to learn on how to write a mobile phone app. Lets see if this can one day be fruitful.

      By the way, If you have some computer technical skill (coding, building website, etc) and interested with some freelance type of work, you can DM me for inputs or potentially partner with me. I do sometimes offered projects where either it is out of my area of expertise or something that I dont want to commit too much time on it, so I have to turn them down (I try not to bite more than I can chew). Alternatively, I am happy to help coach for a small fee or voluntary contribution (depending on your financial situation), if you would like to set up your own freelance work and need me to guide you through the step by step process, until you get your first freelance work. Dont worry, the fee is only applicable when you are successful in landing your first job and starting to get paid.

      • Have you ever written VBA to automate stuff in Outlook? I’ve only used VBA with Excel and my VBA skills are very basic. Any recommendations on books or courses to do if one wants to build their VBA skills?

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      I soon on a pole dot money… Don't make a lot because im a bit fat and hairy but every dollar counts

    • +1

      Selling airline points. While it's been less lucrative since covid, I was netting around $10k annually in the years before that. Helped pay for the kids' school fees so I was happy. Now just waiting on the ROI from them 🙄

      • How do you get around the airlines not letting you do that? I have so many.

        • +1

          I started on classifieds and soon found a single source buyer which took the guess work and some of the risk out of it. It's not for everyone but if you can cover your tracks well enough, there are ways to do it.

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       not pretty enough for only fans🤣

      You'll be surprised what people like.. you may have niche market

    • the Crown, and Neds

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      Employee on weekdays, jack of all trade on weekends 😷💪🏾

      • What do you do on the weekends?

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          He jacks off all tradies on the weekend apparently.

        • +2

          I am a tradie on a weekend 😊

  • Learn to code in javascript, Html + CSS and make websites for small businesses

  • Merged from What Do You Do to Earn Extra Cash on The Side?

    On top of my day job, I work casually on the weekends and participate in market research studies for a bit of extra money.

    I have some friends who have started a side hustle and that seems to be working well for them.

    Wanted to see if the ozb community had any interesting ideas that would help to earn a bit of extra cash.

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      I don't do anything currently but I've always fancied having a food truck to tour around and serve something unique I haven't come up with yet for fun. I'm sure it's nowhere near as glamorous as what's in my head though.

      • +1

        I think owning a restaurant sounds like fun until you have to work in one! I had some ideas for a bubble tea store but wouldn't want to work in hospo again.

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      I'm creating a new site
      watch jv in a hot tub responding to people

      or mspaint

      • watch jv in a hot tub responding to people

        I hope water gets into his asterisk key so that he can't bold certain words! 😆

    • Buy and sell iPhones on gumtree.

      • Why specifically iphones??

        • Because “sheep”

          • @pegaxs: because SA

        • easy, I know them well, have bought a few Samsungs, iPads too if can.

    • Credit card and mortgage hopping

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      Escort, it's a steele.

      • +1

        Red or blue?