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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 T870 128GB 6GB Ram Wi-Fi $849 + $74.95 Delivery @ Becextech, PB OW $811


got PB Officeworks $811 through phone. great deal!
don't buy straight from becextech because of bad reputation, but just try your best to get PB from Officeworks. they don't even add the delivery fee. i did it through phone, they only don't PB anything from tecobuy and tobysdeal. anything else can. Enjoy!

Price Beat $811 @ Officeworks
receipt below.

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      what to fix? I'm new here. just want to share great deal i had.

      • Remove the 'Great Deal' and fix punctuation.

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        And note which model it is. These details seem to be for the 128 GB / 6 GB wifi version. Other versions seem to be on sale too.

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    Samsung shit the bed. No more amoled screen like on the S6, it's now lcd.

    • Oh you are right. Only the s7+ is samoled.

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      iPad Pro has IPS display like the Tab S7.

      Most YouTube reviews are positive with the S7 IPS display.

      I prefer my S6 AMOLED … my S7 IPS display is not ideal when viewing from different angles.

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      the "base" S models are now all mid-tier, the good stuff are reserved for "+"/"ultra" models, with a huge price hike. shame.

    • Samsung Australia shitting the bed, because this price is the sales offer for the S7+ in other regions.

      • That's just Australia tax.

        • No, that's overbuying too early on in the product cycle in the middle of covid and getting zero interest from consumers.

          Mainstream Samsung products have had zero issues with pricing in AU.

        • definitely, but Samsung charges much higher aussie tax than some companies.

    • It’s intentional to make you pay extra for the plus model. I’m glad I bought an S5e.

  • Copy of receipt for others?

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      i got the receipt, how do i upload it?

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    Price is $807 from OW. Might want to fix that up.

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    this joint needs to be boycotted until they can figure out how to deliver a package for less than $75.

    They do this to reduce sticker prices for the item itself and get bumped to the top of price aggregator sites like shopbot and staticice and draw traffic to their site. It's dirty and should not be rewarded.

    • Is this item being shipped from overseas?

    • This retailer must have used this strategy for at least a decade and I’ve never bought anything ever from them because of it. I’m surprised they are still in business, but I suppose that says more about the average consumer than their dodgy practices of gaming the system. On staticICE they were always the cheaper on that search engine but in reality they weren’t typically the cheapest.

  • any deals for the plus model?
    Thank you

    • yes, it should be able to pb as well

  • Officeworks has only silver and bronze colour. No black is a bummer

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      Black is not available to the AU market. We only get bronze and silver.

  • OP I thought OW doesn't price match grey sellers. I once tried with Toby and they declined.

    • they don't do toby and teco. anything else can.
      sometimes also depends on the operator you called, they might do those 2.

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        Nice work. I'll give it a try with a Samsung phone I need.

        • all the best

        • Keep us posted… looking for a phone myself

        • can you do it through live chat?

          • @lostn: I don't think OW has a chat option. Tried ringing their customer care but closed over weekends.

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        todydeals au is gone I saw the site was saying they no longer trading due to the sneeze, sad times

        • aren't they an online store though? Should be safe from the sniffles.

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