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[Switch] 51 Worldwide Games $41.95, Immortals Fenyx Rising $62.96, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim $39.95 + More @ Nintendo eShop


Got this in my email today. It seems like Nintendo is celebrating 2021 with some discounts across a number of games.

Nothing too fancy and cannot beat the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals but I thought I just put it out there:

51 Worldwide Games $41.95 59.95

The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild $62.95 89.95 OzBargain Deal


Luigi's Mansion 3 $53.30 79.95 OzBargain Deal

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® $39.95 79.95

Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled $34.97 69.95 OzBargain Deal

BioShock: The Collection $53.97 89.95

Super Bomberman R $11.25 45.00

Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker $41.95 59.95

Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™ $39.95 79.95

Terraria $29.97 59.95

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    Great. I've been waiting for the 51 games to go on sale.

    • +2

      same it'll be great digital.

    • Sorry new to Switch here, bought it as an Xmas gift for me daughter aged 11.
      Have seen a few deals on the games and confused on what I should get for her.
      So far only have the Ring Fit.
      Any suggestions for games will be appreciated. Sorry if this Q should have been better put in a forum.

      • +1

        Just Dance for sure xD

        • +1

          We got Just Dance for our kids ages 8 and 6 and they love it. Keep them moving and tonnes of songs if you unlocked the trial pack in game.

        • but 2021 is not on sale (i know i know 2020 is on sale…)

      • +2

        Any advice on what interests her and are you looking to avoid M rated titles for her?

        Mario Karts a good safe bet, especially if she’d ever play on the console with friends around. Our son who is 11 very much likes Minecraft.

        From this list specifically I have a particular soft spot for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

      • +1

        Animal Crossing is probably a safe bet.

      • +1

        Animal Crossing New Horizons (My younger sister loves this one), Stardew Valley and Minecraft. These 3 games are all very long games that people of any age can enjoy, Stardew is the cheapest (Under $20).

      • +1

        Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Mario Cart, Mario Odyssey, maybe Yoshi.

      • +1

        I love and highly recommend Mario Party. Up to 8 players I believe, and has a huge variety in mini-games.

      • She might enjoy Rayman.

      • +1

        My kids love Kirby, I think it is still free
        Also, rayman, anything Mario, just dance, animal crossing, links awakening, super smash bros., yoshi's crafted world, toad treasure tracker, luigis mansion.

        My eldest is 12 and she plays Zelda breath of the wild.

      • Splatoon 2 is a brilliant game

  • +6

    Normally i am buy physical person when it comes to Nintendo stuff but 51 Games and Just Dance (not that one is on sale) are must digital purposes as you would want to start them up sporadically rather than get the cartridge each time.

    • Yeah I got the cart for Just Dance 2020 and regret it. Got it for a good price, but felt it would've been much more convenient as a digital game.

  • +1

    Immortals Fenyx Rising is $48 at Amazon for physical copy.

  • +2

    Just got bomberman thanks!

    • Ooh nice, me too! Definitely did not want to pay $40+ for this game

      • Is it worth $11?

        • Yes! Great multiplayer game and awesome adventure campaign with cringy story. Prepare for difficulty boss stages though!!

  • +1

    Bioshock is pretty buggy. Make sure you double-save your game regularly

    • Likewise for Skyrim on Switch: with no access mods to install to the unofficial patch, it’s just Skyrim 1.9 – and therefore buggy as hell.

  • Just picked up Need For Speed Hot Pursuit in this sale at 50% off too ($29.97) which I think is a good deal. Played this like crazy back when on the PS3…. nice to have it on a portable console.

    Only problem is, I really need some speedwall times to play against…. if anybody else on here has picked it up recently and wants a nemesis to post times against please message me to add as a friend!

  • +1

    Imagine paying $40 for vanilla Skyrim in 2020.

    Switch players getting shafted again.

    • +1

      And without mods or Unofficial Skyrim Patch! Heresy!