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Motorola G9 Plus 128GB (Sapphire Blue) $286.20 Delivered @ MobileCiti


This popular deal for the Motorola G9 Plus is now even cheaper at MobileCiti thanks to the coupon code.

Credit to Juiceness for the specs.

6.8 inch display HDR10
Snapdragon 730G
128GB storage + MicroSD
Android 10, will get 11.

The G9 Play is also at an all time low: https://www.mobileciti.com.au/motorola-moto-g9-play-dual-sim...

I'm tossing up whether I order another one and try and return it to Good Guys for change of mind. A bit risky for a $30 saving I guess.

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  • +3

    Oh no I bought the phone from JB Hi Fi few days before for my parent. But it's a pretty good phone

    • -2

      Me too :(
      I am thinking I might buy this one and see if I can return this unopened box to Good Guys.
      Will they be able to tell do you think?

      • +11

        They may have recorded the IMEI upon sale so I wouldn't risk it

    • JB HiFi after sale warranty support is usually good.

  • Is this better than a pixel 3 xl? Never had a Motorola, has it much bloatware and ads and crap like that on it?

    • +5

      nah its pretty close to stock android, plus few motorola app.

    • +4

      Not better than pixel but seems to have a better battery life

  • +1

    If anyone can recommend a good screen protector or case for this that'd be much appreciated. I usually go for Spigen but doesnt look they have accessories for this model

    • +4

      It comes with a soft clear case in the box
      For screen protectors I've just been ordering whatever I can get from china/us but they are all pretty crap at the moment.

    • +1

      I received this one today and it seems pretty good. It is a bit bulkier than the transparent soft case that comes with the phone but feels better to hold and seems like it would provide better protection.

  • I've had three Motorola's on the G series.
    Currently on the G7plus… Time to upgrade????

  • +1

    no compass.

    • +63

      Get lost then

      • Minute silence everyone…

    • +2

      Username checks out

  • Excellent price, very tempted. If only it had compass on it… I can forego the dedicated MicroSD slot but taking away the compass is a dealbreaker for me.

  • +2

    What do you need compass for

    • Maps/navigation.

      • Does a GPS use a compass?

        • +1

          no, but maps will show a big circle instead of a triangle showing which way you're oriented.

          • +3

            @magnitude: I think you can figure that out yourself unless you are in the bush. If you can't then you probably can't use the map all that well anyway.

          • @magnitude: It's a none issue - Google maps still works just fine without a compass. If somehow you really can't work out which direction you're facing, then just start moving and watch which way the map scrolls.

            • +1

              @Nom: @Nom i personally prefer maps to orient the map screen automatically so that the direction of travel is north, so at a glance I can see what the next turn will be. I dont want to actually read a map while driving to figure out orientation. if you can do that without compromising your driving that's fine but i'd rather not risk an accident.

            • +2

              @Nom: It's a non issue for some people. But not others… If you use the star finder apps it's useless. It can't figure out which way you are facing…

  • I picked up two of these a few days ago - great phone.

    Only gotcha I found with it is when using an Exetel (Optus) sim, I have to turn off wifi (in addition to having data enabled) to send and receive MMS?

    Don't see the issue when using an Aldi (Telstra wholesale) sim.

    Anyone else have that same issue when using Exetel or Optus (have tried manually setting APNs etc)?

    • +1

      I'm with Optus and have no issue.

      • Hmmm - ok thanks ;)

    • +1

      Had this issue in my Moto G2, around 7 years ago. Think I was on Virgin Mobile at the time so Optus network. It was really annoying at the time mostly because I didn't use data.

      • Oh ok interesting - was there ever a fix?

    • I thought that has always been the case (turn off wifi and data enabled), in my case amaysim and TPG.

      • I never had to do it for my G4 and G6 using Exetel - only the G9 requires wifi off…

  • One the website mentions it has 4gb ram, and also 6gb ram. So which is it?

    • +4

      Australia gets 6GB but other jurisdictions get 4GB. For once we get more!

  • Is this better than Samsung Galaxy S7 ?

    • the g5 plus was better than the s7.
      edit. why am i getting negged? i have both..

      • +1

        There is no such thing as logical decision making in OZB

      • +2

        I speculate that people view your comment as misleading and you haven’t provided reasoning to back your claims one is better than the other.

        I don’t know how this phone compares with an old flagship, but usually the lower end newer models lose out in some areas such as camera. It’s the trade offs needed to be made to reach lower price points.

    • Unless you absolutely need a small AMOLED display, yes.

  • Will Officeworks allow price match, that may bring total to 271.89.

    • +1

      They don’t match the price after coupon. But you can try if you’d like.

      • Which reminded me a few years ago they refused to price match mobileciti, so ended up buying from mobileciti at the end. Wasted time dealing with ow.

  • Although many ow has no stocks.

  • +3

    Wow, this is the best value phone I've seen this holiday season.

  • Combine with 2 percent cash reward will make it 280.476.

    • +2

      And you factored in the gst component. I'm impressed.

  • Out of stock, no time to price match, and returning phone to good guys will not work then.

  • Damn :( already gone..

  • +7

    Motorola is now owned by a Chinese company which it is part owned by the state of China.

    So part stated owned by Communist China

  • +1

    Thanks op grabbed one

    • +1

      You're welcome! I just wish I waited to buy mine too!

      • Me too, wish I had waited. I actually checked mobileciti when jb had sale on but their price is higher. I realised they are not trying to compete with jb but didn't know mobileciti will discount so fast in the new year across all mobiles.

      • I waited but missed out. Keep waiting I guess

  • Dam missed it, wouldn't mind this I was waiting for redmi note 9 pro similar spec.

  • +1

    Dam missed out. Seems good for the money, nice alternative to Redmi note 9 oro

  • -3

    Lol 223g, might as well put a brick in my pocket

    • +2

      Completely agree, it used to be that small battery capacity was the big compromise in smartphones, now it's excessive weight. IMHO 200 grams really should be the upper bound, with 150 to 160 grams being considered good. If I'm going to carry a phone around with me, I'd like it to be as light as possible.

      • In term of flagship small sized phones, couple years back Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact was the best one - 5", 168g. In 2021, the Razr 5G and Google Pixel 4a seems to be it.

  • Just a feedback from my miss who has owned Samsung S8- the phone (Motorola) is heavy and hard to use with one hand, and the photo quality is disappointing.
    Obviously, S8 can't be compared with Motorolla G9 plus (price), but you may look for something else if in the same boat as me.

    • The "Plus" models of the Motorola phones always has a better camera, hence you get what you pay for.

    • I wouldn’t be expecting much from the camera for a phone at this price. You can use this comparison tool to compare against many different phones and decide for yourself.


      • That photo g9 plus photo is defently a mistake on the site for some reason.
        If you look at the previous G7 plus photo and g6 plus the photo is much sharper and clearer. Reviews say the g9 plus camera image quality is similar to previous generations.

        On this photo quality site the G8 Power even has better quality photo than this one for the G9 plus but the plus has a superier camera than the power so certainly something wrong with the g9 plus photo.

      • eagle eyed friend spotted: this is video comparison.

        Photo comparison:

  • How does this compare to Poco X3 NFC?

  • Has anyone who bought this experienced problems with charging? Mine cycles between charging and not charging every 30s or so.

    • Changed cable.. charger? no probs here..

      • +1

        I worked out it was the cable that was flakey. Contacted Motorola and they sent a replacement cable, charges fine now.

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