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[PC, PS4, XB1] Free - 10 Golden Keys for Borderlands 2 - Gearbox


Another 10 golden keys for Borderlands 2.
If you connected your Shift account with your Epic account, then those keys should also work for Epic. You should be able to redeem them each for Steam and Epic.

Each key will give you 5 keys.

  • 5JWJB-9K9T9-33FJH-B333J-J359T


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  • Thanks OP.

    Got 20000, used 0

    • Ha! That’s so true. These are great at lower levels, if I start a new character then I’ll definitely use them sooner. As it is now, my Lvl 65 character has zero need for money and I find way better loot in the wild. So, note to the New Players: don’t hoard ‘me - because they’re so freely available you’re better off using keys as soon as possible to get loot you’ll use at low levels. Otherwise, the loot just becomes vendor trash at high levels, until you reach a point where money has no more value.

      • Yep. Use them. Stash the best stuff when you are done with it for the next low level toon.

  • Thanks. Love the chest, occasionally spits out something that is useful.

  • I have boarder lands 2 on PS Vita, will these keys work on that port?