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[Switch] Super Bomberman R $11.25 @ Nintendo eShop


Pretty good deal in my opinion. Not sure what is the all time low but I'm getting it on my switch.

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    $11.25 matches the previous lowest price. https://www.dekudeals.com/items/super-bomberman-r

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    As always, VERY underwhelming sales on switch.

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      I guess if you're only looking for AAA experiences.

      Tons of indie games for under $10

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        That's a good point, but I was more thinking in comparison to other platforms. I also have a Playstation and the deals are really, really strong. If you're patient you can pick up games for a steal, but on switch, Skyrim is still $40. On sale. That's not a deal imo.

        For example, right now on PS Store, Resident Evil 7 is $12.50. That's a deal.

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          The resident Evil Games on Switch frequently drop to around $10-15 as well.

          For some reason on Switch, however, Bethesda and Blizzard have decided to adopt Nintendo's strategy on game pricing. Just have a look at the price histories for games like Doom (2016) and Diablo 3. It's nonsense.

          • @Ninternet: Just means we gotta deal with cartridges for the games we actually want to play…. Damnit!

          • @Ninternet: I'm gearing up to snatch that resident evil game once it drops down

  • Love bomberman! Thanks OP

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    3.8gb!?! The last bomberman I played was on a 512kb Gameboy cartridge :)

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      You never played bomberman 64? Goat game

      • Bomberman 64 is amazing

      • Guilty of leaving the Japanese version title screen running for hours just for the music.

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    wonderful game.
    max support 8 joycons, 8 players at same time are quite chaotic😁 good for party!

  • Metacritic rating is 62 / 6.8. Would you rate the same?

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      The game has had massive amounts of content added to it since launch when the reviews were given. It also launched at $90 so the reviews also reflect the value. Nowadays and for this price, it's definitely a better game with much higher value for money

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        If only Nintendo did the same for Mario Party!

    • As already mentioned, the game was bare bones when it released and reviewed, it's now packed with much more content.

    • The launch price was $79.95 for the cartridge version on the release day of the switch at ebgames. Other stores had it for $69+ but it sold out on day one. Compared to other release titles it was a bit light in content to be priced at the level.

      For $11.25 it is well worth it. It is a great party game for multiplayer.

    • It’s very fun local multiplayer game IMO

    • Got it on cart, sounds about right to me. Could never get used to the camera angle and it often causes mistakes when walking around the stage

  • Definitely not worth its price at launch. At this price maybe worth having it as party game.

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    Never mind

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    I bought it at launch on PS4, it gives probably you a good 5-10 hours of fun on single player and few more on multi player but that's it, it will probably justify at this price but don't expect the same fun you had when you last played it at a gameboy

  • Also on sale on Steam for $14.23 (all time lowest price) if you prefer better graphics & faster framerate

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      Indiegala seems to be the cheapest according to isthereanydeal.

      • Yeah sorry i meant lowest price on steam itself, should have been clearer.

    • But it's a social game

      Better graphics and higher frame rate are fine and all, but how are you gonna huddle 8 people around your high frame rate monitor to make the most out of it?

      • But it's a social game

        Is it actually? I was going to buy it for single player until your comment.

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          Whilst is is possible to play it by yourself, Bomberman has always been a social experience. It was the first Switch game to boast 8-player local multiplayer. The story mode even has a co-op option. Online obviously centres around multiplayer, but once that dies off you're left with a game that is best experienced with others in the same room.

  • The second reason why I purchased my Nintendo Seitch. Awesome game!!

  • Thanks OP, big fan of a Bomberman game I had on the PS1 so I pulled the trigger on this!

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    Bought, now I just need friends

    • I can be your friend fellow ozbargainer :)

  • How the heck do you do two player local? I can't make it work

  • Remake Bomberman Racing!

  • Bomberman64 was my love

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    bomba head

  • Great game but unlocking stuff is painfully slow.

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