This was posted 11 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50 Pack 3-Ply TGA Registered Facemasks $9 (+ Delivery or C&C) @ Kmart


Plenty of face mask deals right now but I was after something which was TGA certified.

This has been previously posted but was for $15 at the time. Now on sale for $9 + delivery, or free click and collect for orders over $20 ($3 admin fee for click and collect for orders under $20).

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  • Click & Collect $3

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but technically it's TGA registered and not certified?

    • Indeed - the TGA has done a massive amount of mask testing over 2020 (a substantial quantity of fake blood has been 'spilt' in the process!). However the testing comes after the TGA registration, and does not delay initial import and sale.

      If you buy something that has been on the market for a couple of months and is used by hospitals, then the TGA has likely tested it and found no issue.

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    TGA certified lol - Kmart telling fibs here!

    Regulated, wouldn't say it has been certified in the old TGA lab ;)

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      So what is the difference between TGA regulated vs certified? I guess still good that it’s TGA regulated/registered..

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        The TGA doesn't "certify" masks. That suggests that the TGA has approved of the mask or otherwise.

        Registration just means someone has filled out paperwork. My understanding is that the TGA then can ask for evidence that the mask/item has the required proof. They then can voluntarily remove their registration, or provide the required testing/certification.

        Since there are hundreds of registered masks, it would take the TGA a long time to get around to every registration, especially when the TGA still has it's normal responsibilities of looking after real medical goods. That, and what's to stop a company from voluntarily withdrawing its registration once challenged, and then reopening under a different company name with new packaging and having a few more months of selling down their sleeves.

      • Mate, if you want quality better go buy from some physical stores and test if for yourself, I have my fair share of mask buying in the last year and TGA tick means nothing. I went through at least 10 different types of mask from my own purchase and from work and some of the TGA approved one are the worse in terms of fitments and comfortability. The one that fare better are the one imported directly and those sold by small pharmacies around footscray and sunshine, they have strong metal frame to hold the against nose bridge and lints not tickling your face (and they are usually advertised as at least 3 layer). In contrast mosy of the mass imported by large retailers are of poor quality because they trim down on that little piece of metal and thinly layered that might not even water tight.

  • They thrashed them over at Fairfield & Wetherill Park.

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    TGA is like a newspaper. You pay to get listed on it and that's about it since they do not certify or test face masks.

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      We really should just revert to the FDA like NZ does. Why are we doing the same work twice? Far more effecient and would significantly reduce the dead wood in our public service.

      • Whenever I buy face masks in bulk I always ask for CE, FDA and TUV as well as any test report to prove they have at least 95% or above BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency).

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        The FDA has given basically a blanket approval under multiple Emergency Use Authorisations. They are playing fast and loose at the moment because it's a total mess over there.

        And if you have to actually deal or have knowledge of the FDA and/or TGA, you would understand why different markets have their own regulatory bodies. And in some cases, you would be damn glad that the TGA is not a parrot of the FDA

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    It means that the importer has lodged a one page pdf with the TGA -check out the link posted by hotdish. The pdf days that the product is a face mask. The TGA does no verification or testing. It could actually be eneloops or investment grade sports cars being sold as face masks so far as they're aware

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      Says this in the pdf

      A disposable device made from fabric or other material placed over the nose and mouth by medical or non-medical personnel to
      prevent the transmission of airborne organisms.


      • I used to apply TGA myself and you can write just about anything in your application and have them shown on TGA website. This is purely some random writeup from the applicant not from official TGA acknowledgement.

        • I think they can test your product any time though whether you want or not. So if you lie, you're ducked and deservedly so.

          • @SEasternCry: Ya, unfortunately people tend to make a quick buck and then cancel their TGA to avoid future repercussions should TGA conducts any post market reviews in the future. Oh well…

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        Yeah no thanks

        Name Address
        Jiebao Daily Chemical (Xiangxi) Co Ltd Floor 1 Building A Guangzhou Industrial Park
        Industrial Center Xiangxi Economic
        Development Zone
        Xiangxi, Hunan, 416000

  • Ah well, marginally more expensive than some of the other mask deals. I can live with it.

  • One would hope a company as large as Kmart would not sell crap, oh wait…

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      Ritz Carlton of $2 shops 🙃

  • I just bought a box and collected it. They seem pretty good and are much better quality than these ones that I bought in April
    Those secureplus ones have a TGA number too but there is no way they would ever pass any quality control test.

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