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Topaz Denoise AI 30% off (+ Further 15% with Coupon) US$47.59 / A$63 (Was USD$79.99) @ Topaz Labs


Just purchased after using the 30-day free trial, it seems to do a good job. The further 15% comes from Duade Paton's video here, the video is pretty informative too and worth watching.
Not sure how much longer the deal is on for, on my browser it says "Hurry! Sale ends in…" then ….blank.
Other Topaz products are discounted too if you check out the Topaz Labs site but as far as I can tell Denoise AI is the one most recommended.

edit: left 1 character out of the youtube link, fixed
edit 3: added price in USD

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  • Price is in USD

  • Looks like it works for other products too (at least Sharpen AI).

  • you need a dedicated GPU for it to work normal speed. I have a dell i7 8gb ram and saving/exporting files takes 5 minutes individually.

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    Keep in mind that there is still a lot of bugs (at least for video enhance ai) and it requires crazy amount of gpu power to work well

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    It's quite good but after trying both Topaz and DXO photolab 4.1 I found the later doing a better job in noise reduction. DXO is also on sale but still not cheap though.

    • how well does it work on faces? Topaz super bad at that.

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        I don't take many portraits so my experiences are generally based on high iso images for action shots. The deep prime Denoise from DXO is very impressive in preserving most details while Topaz is not too bad either.

        On the other hand, Topaz sharpening works magic for some landscape images but too 'artificial ' for some other images such as bird feathers. The details it 'invented' just doesn't look real.

        For Topaz, either Denoise or sharpening you want to manually assign your custom values instead of relying on auto.(decrease the strength by a lot) For DXO, the default auto deep prime Denoise does an excellent job. While for sharpening I would like to decrease it a bit to my taste.

    • This.

      Also do the same and DxO is more than enough. Has been some comparison videos on YouTube showing the same conclusions too.

  • Topaz offered perpetual upgrades till March last year then renegged on that offer for existing customers who took up that offer. Shady. I don't want to support that.

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