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Viofo A129 Duo Dashcam with GPS US$104.22 (~A$135.78) Delivered (CN) @ Banggood (App Only)


Have had a few requests for a repeat of this deal so asked the rep for a new coupon.

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon BGVIOFO013 & remove shipping insurance at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • Thanks, OP! Purchased one.

  • Thanks OP! Got one.

  • Is this just as good as the 4K version? Any noticeable difference with the higher res?

  • Thanks OP ordered, was waiting for a new code.

  • It showing me US $114 including gst and delivery or AUD $156 including gst and delivery.
    How to get in AUD $135?

  • Anyone had these installed (dual dash cam) can give an idea of how much would be reasonable to get it professionally hard wired into the car?

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      $0 in labour and maybe $30 in parts. Just buy a fuse kit on eBay, get one that comes with a fuse tap so you just unplug an existing fuse (use one like power socket or cigar lighter, do NOT use airbags or o2 censors), plug in the fuse tap and put in the fuse you pulled out into the tap. Run the earth cable to a chassis bolt, then run the power cable to your dash cam behind the trim and you're done.

      If you want to do it properly you should get a voltmeter and work out which fuse turns on with ignition, and which side of the fuse is going out to the circuit so you install it the correct way.

      Heaps of videos on YouTube to give you an idea of how it's done.

      Don't use this as a guide because it depends on a lot of things in your car, and also the dash cam you use if it has ACC or not. This is just an example of how easy it is.

      • Agreed, I did it myself with this method and was a relatively simple installation

      • Is there an easy way for someone who's never touched a fuse box to work out which fuse relates to what? Also mine under my honda civic (09, my08) is really hard to pull out. Father in law tried? Once pulled out the existing fuse you pulled goes into the tap and then do you then double use it by connecting the camera to it? SO two sharing the same fuse spot?

        DO dash cams then come with an earthing cable that needs to be earthed - based off your suggestion of connecting to a chassis bolt?? For someone who doesn't work on their cars is there an easy way/video showing an example of this?

        Or is it not that much more to do the buy/install all in one place? Although does one goto a mechanic for this sort of thing? or a different type of store?

        • Normal the cover and manual would tell you. Then with a voltmeter you find a fuse that's active only during Acc and another all the time. Determine the hotside of the fuse to orientate the add a fuse correctly and then connect the 3 wire to a earthing ground.

          Tools are
          -Add a fuse x2 (get your correct size, if you add to a existing fuse they will share the one spot)
          -needle nose pilers
          -trim tools
          -fuse tester

          Can honestly be don't in under a hour

    • I had it installed for $80 through Airtasker.

    • my friend, a car electrician, charges $150 to install them with parking mode enabled (something to do with fuse box and stuff).
      He charged me a lunch :)
      A129 Duo is a great dashcam, love it.
      Also, don't forget to get the right hard wire kit: there is a couple of them on the official website. The difference is at how much battery level they turn off or something (10V, 12V, 14V). O r maybe one of them does not allow to choose it.

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    Thanks, ordered one

  • Thanks bought this and the hardwire kit. Now I'll have to figure out how to install it. I have a 2018 Honda CRV Sport7 (sunroof). Hopefully it's not too difficult an install. I assume I need to buy one of those piggy back fuse plugs? I think I remember reading about them for installing this ages ago? It's that correct? What are they called?

  • Not the Pro (don't impulse buy thinking this is the 4k version). Has the same make and model number, except for the "pro" bit at the end.

    • Genuine question, why people need 4K for a dashcam?

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        So creators on YouTube can make great 4K dashcam crash compilations

      • +2 votes

        Why not? It's technologically superior.

        The same question could have been asked for analog to digital, digital to HD, HD to etc etc etc.

        If there's better technology that allows for clearer images of details like number plates, faces etc, then why not upgrade to it?

        Just get a bigger memory card. Yes that can be cost prohibitive for some, but then so was Blu-ray.

      • @kampret , so in the off chance you have an accident with negative variables (night time / glare / rain / slightly off main angle capture "positioning") it captures a lot more image so the higher chance overall you can obtain the information you require and the more easier you can obtain the information if some professional video manipulation is required.

        perfect example for you , i was able to identify a pedestrian who maliciously hit my mums car in Lakemba because he was jaywalking and felt he had the right of way , mum honked the horn at him because he should not of been crossing the road at a non-nominated pedestrian crossing and he got angry and punched the side of the car and abused my mum verbally and walked off.

        i took down the footage from the camera and as it was a busy day that day and traffic was at a crawl , i managed to pinpoint a shop he walked out of up the road prior to him walking in front of my mums car and i went into the shop in my case the owner was able to provide footage of the time/date and i handed it into police , we made a claim via insurance for the damage and he got sent a nice bill , not sure what else he might of got charged with by police but thats his problem.

        Had the dash-cam i had not been of very high quality it would of been immensely harder then what it was to establish that simple fact.

        But for the most part it all comes down to ensuring other peoples license plates are visible as much as they can , at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

        I would say 1080p should be the absolute minimum standard for a dash camera sold , which fortunately for Oz bargainers in this thread is such.

  • I bought this in the previous deal. It took about 2 weeks from the china warehouse to arrive during Christmas.

    I have yet to install it but have tested it against my blackvue 750x, which I had professionally install, and the images are surprisingly good. Since its 1/4 of the price its well worth it.

    The hope is that you'll never need to rely on it but its certainly better than nothing and should do the job fine.

  • I used app, still see the GST amount end up $156

  • Just make sure you test all the cables I got one in last deal and cable was broken now I am having to chase up banggood … I think this is not going well

    • So if you do test it and it doesn’t work, you’re still stuck in the same situation??

    • Viofos direct support are really good as well if you get in touch with them

  • Is it worth paying for their shipping insurance?

  • I think if you add the hardwire kit + cpl filter + sd card them it comes down to a similar price to the ones on ebay but much faster shipping. However, its your choice.

    • Yep. I hit all that plus a sd card for 150ish

      • You mean USD150? I added hardwire Kit + the Cam and paid $159. Can you share the link of the CPL filter and SD card you went with pl?

        • No it was in AUD on ebay via through A1 electric after discount codes. Not currently available. There only one cpl for these viofo models and the cars was a evo it came with but since then I changed to larger endurance card

  • For those wondering about the different versions - https://youtu.be/_6x7aXI2Gwo

  • Bought for $137.91 AUD? Couldn't figure out how to change to USD. Thanks OP

  • Pulled the trigger to buy one to replace my old A119S which has melted buttons from the Victorian heat and keeps dying and requiring a factory reset. Hopefully I have more luck with this one. Can anyone confirm if it works well off a power bank for parking mode? I do this for my A119S and it works perfectly.

    • Is it safe to leave the power bank in the car with that heat?

      • @vjoz , people do it but its most certainly not safe.

        Batteries , especially portable power-banks are not meant to be exposed to A. Direct sunlight and B. high heat

        If its a hot day and the battery is exposed to high heat whether direct or indirect + additional heat from being in use from whatever its connected to there is always potential for a fire to break out and then bye bye car.

        I could be wrong potentially , but if your car goes up in flames and insurance detects it was due to a portable battery that caught fire…then i am not sure you would have a pleasant outcome with them if you needed to claim reimbursement for damages and might make you liable for damages that may arise to other vehicles nearby or your surroundings.

        Most powerbank you have this term in the booklet for use.

        (Storage: Keep the power bank in a cool and dry place away from heat sources, moisture and dust. Avoid leaving the power bank in places with high temperature such as cars parked under the sun.)

        I think it would be very easily for an insurance company to argue the fact that , even though you did not directly cause the fire (if your car was to go up in flames) , you are still indirectly responsible because you were aware of and intentionally went against the safety advice of a device that has the potential to explode/go up in flames.

        Sure you could spend money on special batteries with "overheat protection , short circuit protection etc" but its still not 100% guaranteed. This is why its better just to get it hard-wired , unless you want to end up on A Current Affair crying poor and pretending its not your fault and hoping for a positive outcome.

        • Thanks mate, it makes sense. I did buy the hard wire kit, will have to find a pro to install it.

      • Just use the HWK3 for it. Its 20$ and really easy to install

      • I think I've had a power bank in the car for at least 3yrs…

      • I left a solar powered powerbank on the dashboard of my car and it swelled up like a balloon!

        Turns out the heat killed it from the car and the sun

    • I had the same issue, but i tried to upgrade the firmware. It works like new after that

  • Thanks Op got one but i rushed with the order and paid $ 141 and didnt do research about this dashcam. I only checked on 4k one which i liked but got the deal anyhow

  • It's showing $156.64 after applying the code and removing the insurance

  • It keeps adding the GST through the app. I have cleared cache and signed out of my account. When I try again, it prompts me for me account login, which once done it re-applys the GST.

  • Pulled the trigger after years of thinking about getting one. Can we get a deal on a hardwire kit, would have been nice to order both at the same time.

  • Has anyone got an OzB contact for a Banggood rep?
    I ordered the other deal for this with AU stock end of November and I still haven't got it, whenever I contact them via the app or website they say the stock's delayed, wait two weeks, two weeks same thing.
    Now it looks like people ordered mid December and already have stock.
    This is BS!

  • How does this compare to a dashcam 830dc, uniden igo cam 50r, igocam 70r?

  • Warranty issues? Why would anyone buy this from banggood…you're the gambling type for this, if you do.

  • which hardwire kit is recommended for this?

  • I wouldn't mind if Viofo could make an external rear facing camera which would be suitable for a ute. I don't really want to pay for the Blackvue TR