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Viofo A129 Duo Dashcam with GPS US$104.22 (~A$145.22) Delivered (CN) @ Banggood (App Only)


Update 4: Rep added another 350 units

Update 3: Rep has extended coupon for the remaining 123 units in stock.

Update 2: Rep added another 100 units

Update: Rep got back to me. Unfortunately there's no stock remaining at the AU warehouse. They have allocated 100 more units from the CN warehouse using the same coupon code BGVIOFO1120.

Note: Purchase via the App as no GST is added at checkout. (Credit meowkat.)

Same price as the last deal, this time it's AU stock which makes it an even better deal.

  • Apply coupon BGVIOFO1120 & remove shipping insurance at checkout.

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  • Thanks had been holding out on a good price for these

  • Does anyone know if the rear camera can be hard wired? Or how does it get power?

    • The rear camera is connected to the front one, so I am pretty sure if the front one has power then the rear one should also have power but I don't hardwire mine and just run it off the 12V.

    • Have a SUV and the cable was long enough and quite easy to wire. Started at the rear end camera, threaded the cable through the rubber boot between the tailgate and the cars roof then dropped down and ran along the sills (easy to pull the rubber seal off around the doors) to the camera (avoiding doing infront of the airbags). Took an hour.
      Replaced an a118 camera.

    • Hi mate,

      I have this installed in both mine and my wife's card hardwired , cam comes online as soon door unlocks ( i have disabled parking mode for now).
      Also turn itself off as soon as engine off or doors locked.

      Running the cable as "Perthect" mentioned is not hard , just hardwiring the camera to car electric backplane or audio unit (whichever applies) is the one you need to go for instead of pluggin to cigarette lighter or USB port

  • My A119 died recently, any chance this fits the 3M windscreen mount still there?

  • Very good price especially for AU stock, thanks!

  • Great value and dashcam. Still have issues with the rear camera adhesive falling off. Still don't have any alternative or substitute to get it to remain in place properly.

  • Was waiting for the a129 duo Pro as it's been updated for 2k. But this price is very good

  • Not sure if my unit is bad but it stops recording randomly and doesn't stop beeping throwing some card error. Tried samsung endurance pro, and two of SanDisk high endurance cards but issue still there. Did multiple factory resets. I paid to have mine hard-wired with the viofo brand kit. I regret this purchase and wish I bought the BlackVue. Do your own research. This is ozb favourite dashcam but sadly I'm not having a good experience.

    • did you try updating the firmware to the unit? , if the unit is still within warranty and still causes problems i would suggest to send it back to the manufacturer and let them have a further look. one would assume if it was faulty they should replace/reimburse you.

      • checked and confirmed that it's on the latest version. Bought it from this same seller so I sent them a DM and lets see what they come back with. I will post outcome here so others know what to expect.

    • I have a similar problem, my camera just randomly restarts.
      I've checked the memory card and there were multiple corrupt files.
      Formatted my card, still the same. Figured it was a bad card and replaced it with a new one but after a few days the problem resurfaced.

      I think often the camera writes corrupt files, and since it can't overwrite them it just restarted itself.
      I wonder if anybody had a similar problem?

      • +2 votes

        Normally its a bad usb power adapter. Happened to me when the voltage fluctuates.

        • Good point with the power problem. Let me see if my GPS module is the problem or the USB adapter. Atleast now I got some direction, thanks!

      • I didn't know about the corrupt files being the reason but yeah my problem is exactly the same as yours. I bought it from the previous deal from this same seller.

    • Where are you plugging in the USB? I had a similar issue and once I plugged it directly into the camera (not the GPS module) I never had another issue.

      • I have the GPS one and yeah it's plugged in there.
        Thanks I will try directly connecting it to the camera itself.

        • I have GPS unit too but power is plugged straight into the cam and yet I have the same problem.

      • Sounds like the actual issue is power supply or cable isn't delivering consistent reliable power. Bypassing the gps unit seems to work for some only because it reduces load.
        Test it outside the car for few hours with phone charger and short cable and see what happens.

      • I have it installed in two cars , also hardwired.

        Make sure you connect the USB to main unit and not GPS , then you can turn it on and off by ignition.
        If you plug to GPS it doesn't work properly with ignition switch (actually comes up but doesnt turn itself off)

    • I had the stopping and beeping issue. I did a bit of online searching and it turns that the cables and connections are a common issue. I fiddled the rear cam cable a bit and the issue resolved. I’ve read others had to replace the rear cam cable and it worked for them.

  • Very good price. Bought it during the 11.11 sale for around $164. Running it off the 12v cigarette lighter

  • Great deal brought the last time. So pleased with the quality, having rear recorded vision. Never thought this price would be repeated

  • Is it easy to install?
    How much is it for a mechanic to install it?

    • Don't you just stick it onto the windscreen as it has an adhesive?

    • Do it yourself, quite easy, the rubber seals come off easily around the doors leaving a gap to run the cable. Just plug in cigarette lighter socket and comes with double usb so have a spare one.

    • Very easy to install. Takes about 20-30 mins to run the cable from front to rear for both devices. The kit comes with a trimming tool to enable you to wire the cables inside the trims of the vehicle.

    • I suggest to hardwire it so it can come up and turn off with car , i have it installed in two cars.
      Specially if you wanna enable parking mode. Running the cable is not hard as other suggested but proper way to do is hardwire directly to car's electronic backplane rather than cigarette lighter or USB port.

  • Got mine in the last sale. Pretty easy to hardwire if you have done it before (will save you a bit). Same as previous comments, the adhesive seems to not stick too well due to the Australian heat.

  • For anyone looking to hardwire, all you need to do is pull off some interior trim, and solder a 5v cigarette lighter power adapter to the back of the cigarette lighter slot. I did this with an el cheapo dashcam last year and it works flawlessly. Would be the same deal with this.

    • Why solder when you can fuse tap? Cig lighter also turns off when engine is off, so no parking mode right?

  • A very detailed and good video of hard-wiring these cameras https://youtu.be/4WImyAtwuF4

    Need to buy a hard-wire kit and some fuse taps as well though.

  • Looks like its sold out at that price

  • And it's done, Coupon can only be used 100 times is the message I'm getting now :(

  • Looks like the coupon code doesn't work anymore. Limited to 100 uses.

  • Thanks OP!
    Grabbed one just in time I think.

  • Coupon code has reached a max of 100 already.

  • +9 votes

    Will ask rep if they can add more units tomorrow. Have marked deal expired for now.

    • Great.

    • Would be great if this goes back live again

    • Any luck OP? Hoping to grab a couple myself.

      • Yeah they added another 100 units, although they ship from China as there's no stock left at the Australian warehoue.

        I updated OP yesterday.

        Update: Rep got back to me. Unfortunately there's no stock remaining at the AU warehouse. They have allocated 100 more units from the CN warehouse using the same coupon code BGVIOFO1120.

  • Now to find a memory card

    • Is it wise to use a hard drive? I thought the heat will kill the hdd saw a relative connect it to hdd don't understand….

      I only got a119 v2 with sdcard…

      If I have another plug at the back should I just grab another a119 v2 and do that as rear rather??

  • owh no :(. Too late

  • This coupon can only be used 100 times

  • Aliexpress sells it for $185

  • Is there an easy way to see Australian stock from Banggood?

    Edit: NVM found the 1 week delivery link and this deal has finished anyway.

  • would be great if you could get more stock - cheers

  • Damn….Only missed two hours of ozb time and I missed out on this deal!!!

  • any more coupons?

  • What was the total price after discount if you include the hardwire kit + CPL filter with the dash cam set?

    • I tried to add the hardwire kit to my cart and I was not able to use the code. So I removed the hardwire kit. I think the code is specific to only the dashcam and I also noticed that the hardwire kit would have shipped from China rather than together with the dashcam from Australia.

  • Also, does Banggood provides tax invoice like Ali express?

  • They cancelled my order after waiting 2 months, highly don't recommend using Banggood. Make sure you pay with PayPal for easy refunds.

  • +3 votes

    100 more units added from CN warehouse with same coupon, AU warehouse sold out.

  • Any codes for Viofo A129 Plus Duo 2K Dash Cam or 4K?

    • Just bought one directly from Viofo site.

      They have just started 20% off Black Friday sale.

      Comes to $US143.99 (~AU$202.45) for the A129 Plus Duo 2K front 1080P back.

      A129 Pro Duo 4K is US$199.99

      A119 V3 2K 2560*1600P 30FPS Quad HD+ Single Cam US$87.99

      Price for the A129 1080P Duo dual cams is still better with this Bangood deal.

      Shipping from China registered post with tracking "20-30 business days".

      Tried to make a separate post, but blocked as their site has been by flagged by OzB mods as spam.

      • Hey, might be dumb to ask but they ship to AU fine? Do we have to pay any import tax?

        • After spending $200, I certainly hope they ship fine, but have not bought anything through them before, so honestly don't know. Paid with Paypal though, in case of any problems.

          Aus was an option in the drop down menu for shipping address, along with most other countries. Layout of the site suggests they are for international sales, shipping from China, charging in US$.

          Also, no idea if there will be any GST charged by Customs as it comes in, but is still cheapest I have found for the Duo Plus shipped, even if I get hit with 10% more ($299 on their Aus site).

          Only thing I'm still tossing up is whether to also order one or two CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens) to cut down the glare, while they are on sale for 20% off at US$11.99.

  • Just picked one up now for $145.22 via the Banggood app (no shipping insurance) - paid with PayPal. Missed yesterday and been waiting a while. Cheers.

    • Same here. Thanks op and adr8

    • Doesn't that just mean you'll get slugged by Aus Customs once it arrives?

      • Genuine question, that was hoping someone might have experience with and could share with us.

        If it does get slugged with GST by Customs then adds $14.52 to price, which is worth knowing before deciding to buy.

        Not sure why it should get a neg vote.

        • No idea, guess we’ll find out. Even if it does, ~$160 is still a good price for this dashcam.

          • @meowkat: Agreed.

            Not sure if the A129 Plus Duo that I ordered straight from Viofo site for ~A$200 (shipping from China as well) will get slugged with GST either. Still a good price for it if it does though.

            If plain Duo from Bangood did get slugged and the Plus from Viofo didn't, then brings them a bit closer in price, that's why I was wondering if anyone had experience.

            Reckon it will be a lottery TBH, but solid dashcam models and prices whatever you settle on :-).

        • If the item value is greater than $1,000, customs will charge GST. Everything below $1,000 it's the seller's responsibility.

          • @adr8: Thought that was the old rule.

            The Gerry Harvey tax was introduced for all imported low value goods from 1 July 2018.

            According to ABF:
            "GST may apply to goods with a customs value of equal to or less than AUD 1000 when imported from overseas by consumers in Australia."

            Anything I've imported in last two years has had GST applied at time of sale.
            If not charged GST at purchase point, have heard of imported goods that go straight through, and others that Customs will slug you before the courier will release it.

            That's why the comment about it being a lottery.

            Grateful if anyone can point towards any more definitive info on this though.

            • @opposablethumbs: Just received the dashcam today, no additional cost such as GST was charged. Took a week and a half to come. Sender address is in NSW though, so seems like I got Australian stock even though my purchase was supposed to be from the China warehouse. :P Certainly can’t complain!

              • @meowkat: Cool.

                I got my Duo Plus delivered a few days ago.

                Ordered direct from Viofo international website during Black Friday sales, shipped from China in ~2.5 weeks.

                No GST applied either :-).

                Bit more expensive than this deal for the standard Duo, but at just over A$200 delivered, very happy with the price for the step up to the Duo Plus.

  • $148.23 for me via PayPal.
    Thanks OP and Banggood 💪🏾

  • Got an email from banggood advising that it's out of stock despite using the code within 30 minutes of the original deal being listed.

    Bought via the AU warehouse.

  • Coupon code has reached a max of 200 already, doesn't work when I try to apply it

  • @OP any chance of asking for more redemptions for the code? The 200 have been redeemed.