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Free 10 Pack, 3-Ply Earloop Face Mask - AUSTRALIA WIDE (Shipping Excluded) @ Whsafe.store


Free 10-Pack of 3-Ply Face Masks + Delivery Fee ( Postage will need to paid at checkout )

In many parts of Australia including Greater Sydney, Central Coast, and Wollongong areas, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask inside public indoors areas, including shopping centers, cinemas, and some hospitality areas.

WHSafe.Store is an Australian-owned health & safety product distributor and wholesaler.
The price-gouging seen once again is unAustralian, so we are combating this by providing a pack of 10 free masks per person, per week for people who live in the listed postcodes.

See the website for full terms & conditions.

You will be charged a small fee for Postage at checkout.

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  • No free delivey $1.95 for Shipping!

    • Hello,
      Yes, delivery must be paid by the seller. This is why we did not flag this post as a complete "Freebie".
      Regardless, a $2.95 shipping costs much less than buying a 10-pack of a 3-ply face masks from the store, with the added convenience of it being delivered straight to your door, hassle-free! :)
      Kind regards,

    • Hi Dear,

      The shipping Fee will be Covering the Standard Australia Post Mail Service cost.

      It is $2.95 to pay at checkout once you choose the Free listed item.

      This is the only way we can afford having our masks distributed to as many Sydney residents as possible.

      Kind Regards
      WHSAFE Team

      • The price-gouging seen once again is unAustralian

        Fact is flood of them has crashed the price Jack !

    • +3

      Now bumped up to $2.95 for shipping! Seems dodgy!

      • Hi Again,

        It was posted at $2.95 here on Ozbargains and the website was updated shortly after. Once again this will be purely to cover the handling and postage cost.

        Do also note that our masks are TGA registered and Medical grade 3 Ply masks. They are different to the normal low quality ones offered on Ebay or Amazon.

        for $2.95 you can try and give us your feedback.

        WHSAFE Team

    • Hi Dear,

      Masks are best to be registered by TGA so that they qualify for Australian Standards.

      These Masks that we are offering are Medical Grade and registered with TGA.

      WHSAFE Team

  • Disposable masks cost 10C landed in Australia. A friend of mine who used to work for mask factories in China once told me.

    • Hi Dear,

      This is correct give or take, but you need to understand that the quality of masks are very different. You also need to understand that like any other product, there are many costs involved in the supply chain of getting goods from the port to a customers door front.

      The average retail shop price for a 3ply mask is currently 50c to $1.5 per mask (3ply) in Sydney depending what type and Quantity you purchase.

      We are confident there is not many TGA Medical certified offered online and in retail shops.

      WHSAFE Team

  • ARTG number?

    • ARTG : 340017

      • I have a few questions: why isn't this stated anywhere on your website or ad?

        The ARTG and ABN don't seem to match up?

        Furthermore, its impossible to see your warehouse location because everything points to a residential house.

        With so many scams and fakes surrounding masks, it pays to be transparent and you aren't.

        • The ARTG belongs to the importer, while WHSafe.Store is a distributor.

          Our products are handled by our 3PL partner, MRL Logistics at 31-35 Heathcote Rd, Moorebank.

          You can see our product reviews on the products on our website for legitimacy.

          Additionally, see below for photos of the box that these masks come in. You can see our address & ARTG number on it. However please note that this box is a pack of 50 (5 separate packs of 10 masks), and the free masks we are offering are one of these 10 packs that come in this box.


  • Any special on these tie up ones please?
    I'll buy 50 or 100x

    • +1

      Hi there, thanks for your comment,

      Certainly. They are currently on sale, but we can do an extra deal for you: buy 100 masks and get 50 for free.

      As they come in packs of 10, the discount code is automatically applied after putting 15 of these items into your cart.
      If it doesn't automatically happen, use the code "SurgicalMaskSale". Please let us know if you have any trouble.

      WHSafe.Store Team