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Ozito PXC 18V Hand Vacuum - Skin Only $39 (was $49.90) @ Bunnings


Was $49.90 this morning, but dropped in price sometime during the day.

From the website

  • Compact and lightweight
  • 540ml dust bowl capacity
  • Easy clean filter
  • Accessories included
  • Sure grip comfort

Quickly clean dust or debris around the home or workshop with the Cordless Hand Vacuum from Ozito’s Power X Change range. Attach one of the included accessories to clean in those hard to reach places, making it ideal for cleaning out your car or behind your couch.

With a compact and lightweight design and sure-grip handle, this hand vacuum provides maximum user comfort while operating. The convenience of cordless operation allows you to take the vacuum wherever you need.

This product is intended for DIY use only.

Battery and Charger sold separately.

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      • +4

        Isn't this encouraging competition?

      • +2

        Perhaps you're thinking of predatory pricing where a larger competitor is wearing a loss to force a smaller one out of the market. This just seems to be competition.

  • +3

    the aldi unit looks better as it can be used as a stick vac, the ozito is just a dust buster, so i think,people need to decide if they want a stick vac or dust buster.

    i have some ozito and makita stuff but also bought into the aldi ecosystem because they had brushless reciprocal saw for $50 a few months ago and ozito doesn’t have a brushless reciprocal saw.

  • +1

    Thanks, I will use this in the shed and when I go camping, as I have a few ozito things already.

  • The vacuum head looks very small. Maybe it is only for bench top vacuum.

  • +3

    I have the aldi one and by the look thus one from ozito has the same design so it'll blow outgoing air to the side which is a major design flaw because sometime that airflow will be diverted to the front and blow dust particles on the floor away at times. Just gotta be mindful of this if you don't want to chase around the dust.

  • +3

    I bought: $41.30

    It sucks (but in a good way).

    • Is this any good? It’s now $59 😣

  • anyone seen the ozito batteries on sale ? tia

  • +2

    I had this and returned it. Wasn’t worth the money even for $40. Ended up having to always get the Miele out to finish the job

  • wonder if this will work well with the car

  • +2

    I bought one of these, and returned it straight away.
    It couldn't suck loose dust off of tiles even!
    (I havent yet found a 18v ozito vacuum of any sort that works properly yet. Ozito mains powered shopvacs are great though.)

    Went for the ozbargain favourite dyson stick knockoff for 3 times the price.
    But at least that works well.

  • +1

    Works great. Not sure what everyone is sooking about.

    • +1

      Yeah, I've had no issues with it either. Maybe we got lucky?
      Has worked great for my usage, cleaning workshop/bench etc

    • Could you guys please share what betteries you're using to power this?
      I believe most people that have not recommended this may have used a 1.5AH or a 2AH battery, maybe?

      • +2

        2.5ah from the trimmer deal. Using camping atm 👌

      • +1

        Tested with both 4ah and 2ah, primarily use with 2ah because it fits better. Haven't noticed any difference in power with different batteries.

        • thanks guys! good to know.

  • or same price in Bunnings if you don't want to use ozito batteries :


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