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Windows 10 Professional Key $42.84 @ Kinguin


Windows 10 pro for $42. Compares to over $200 from elsewhere. I have never used Kinguin. Very interested in any comments from others' experiences- good or bad.

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  • used it once, product key when I put in in said "try again with a legitimate Microsoft windows key". Never buying from them again.

  • Lol

  • Usually $4 is the going rate for a shonky windows key… this seems a rip off and I think is going to be taken down by mods anyway

  • I am genuinely curious about this. A number of reputable tech websites seem to be on the fence about Kinguin (from a few google searches). It looks like you can use PayPal on their site, so that company has not banned them yet. Is it just that we are getting the price Microsoft charges in Eastern Europe for the same product?

    • At Kinguin I've found that their Windows 10 Home are typically genuine Retail versions from Europe or even Win7/8 keys that have been upgraded to Windows 10.

      For their Pro keys they're usually Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) that are limited to a specific number of activations, e.g. one key for multiple computers. To activate you must use Microsoft's activation service or call to activate. Given the comments made by people here that seems to be the case.

      From Microsoft's point of view they actually don't care for everyday consumers. In their eyes if your key is activated then it's not a problem. They're more interested in businesses and often conduct audits on those ensuring they're compliant, typically business with CALs, VL etc. in my experience. I go through a dozen Microsoft audits with my customers every year.

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    "We suggest using the automated phone system in order to activate your code."

    Really legit key here………

    • Exactly …

    • Sounds like Win10 MAK. Multiple activations for a single key that must be done over the phone. Certainly not intended to be used outside of organisations that they were originally licensed to.

      If you've already activated your copy, open Command Prompt, enter slmgr -dlv and it'll tell you what type of license it is.

  • Only post a deal if you are sure. Not posting a questionable deal.

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    I'm sure I've seen this site posted on ozbargain from time to time. Same conversation every time.

    Do not pay fifty bucks for a Windows key. It's not legit, it never will be, so you might as well lean into buying something dodgy for a few dollars instead.

    If you want cheap, working and not-really legit Win 10 keys for home use, look on eBay, use them immediately, they're fine and literally nobody cares. It's better for everyone that you use an updated, patched operating system instead of something out-dated and vulnerable. They might fail eventually, but even then you're out four bucks so it's no big loss.

    If you want cheap, working and not-really legit Win 10 keys for business use, don't. Buy a damned key and claim it on tax, you barbarian.

    • I like your thinking. I am mostly attracted to it as a PC enthusiast. O/S is a real pain every time you swap out a motherboard or a CPU. Would not muck around for work purposes. A couple of hundred dollars is not much for stability, support, etc.

  • Tom's Hardware is a good tech website. They talked to the owners of Kinguin - see discussion here: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/get-windows-10-free-or-.... My jury is still out, so no need for abuse!

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      You should have posted in forums if you were asking a question… might have less “abuse” if it were posted for discussion vs as a deal.

      I didn’t neg you btw.

    • Tom's Hardware is a good tech website.

      Dear god no lol, it's basically the Nvidia marketing department now.

      • Yes, an “influencer” makes things look legit these days.

        Same with youtubers “selling out”.

    • Interesting…

  • Yes - that was all very interesting. I think I will just cough up my $189 to Umart or PC Case Gear and be done with it. Thanks all for the comments.

    I reckon Microsoft should come clean with what is going on here. I suspect they are ripping off people in rich countries and the 'cheap key' thing is a bit of leakage from this price discrimination. I suppose they can't do much about it without revealing that their dodgy pricing strategy is to blame…

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  • i don't understand why this deal is still up - this is questionable & illegal! Even if it works first time registration, eventually when MS reconciles keys, then your PC will be locked! Nevertheless, ive reported this!

  • Is it even safe to buy it for running a business because there will be a big fine if cuaght?