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Comme Des Garçons Play K116/K117 Sneakers $120 (RRP $240) (Online Only) @ Incu


Hey guys, first time posting so please be kind

Seen a deal for Comme Des Garçons Play Sneakers (think only 2 styles K116/K117 and a couple of colourways). These are never on sale but are pretty funky. Discount code 6J98CX50

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    Got a pair. Thanks OP!

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    extra 140$ish for that red heart.

    • Crazy right but each to their own. Imo, this is your basic person sneaker head shoe.

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        Known for their renegade styling and avant-garde collections, Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons PLAY with Converse, developing a signature cult range with the brand's iconic heart logo, designed by Filip Pagowski.

        Japanese "fashion house", French name, American shoe, Polish "designer". Da fug is this!?

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          Comme's an amazing japanese fashion house (that term's the norm btw). Incredibly influential, and have been for decades now.

          The Play diffusion line is pretty mediocre though. These shoes are basically a meme.

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          and they're made in…….?

    • -9

      Yeah.. Converse rip off with shit on the side.

      I'm jealous I don't own this business.

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        Real Converse with shit on the side

      • +2

        its actually a collab with converse

        • Lol it took a collaboration for this?

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        Lol they are converse

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        LOL, you don't even know what you're talking about

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      Grab a sharpie/posca from your newsagent and do it for $10 on your old Converse.

      • one could even skip drawing the picture itself, and instead write "HEART" - this could be looked upon as even more fashionable….!!

  • Good price OP

  • showing $10 shipping for me

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    Upvoted - I personally dislike the design but it is indeed a good deal! Hope this is your first of many posts in finding us ozbargains :)

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    Appreciate you posting the deal, but why do we always have to be kind to first time posters?

  • Shame it doesn’t work for other items. Can’t find a further discount code

  • I bought these full price last month but this is a top deal OP :)

  • they are not very comfortable but thanks for the discount code!

  • damn no more my size for the black one :(

    • the black ones are not on discount anyway. K116/K117 only

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        very true! less regret for me then haha

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    Thanks OP! Partner has been asking for this so got her one for her bday. A few $ more expensive than last year (probably price increase), but good enough.

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      Hehe same here and now she is happy and I saved few bucks 😊

  • Suggest to go one size up these shoes are quite tight …..

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      It’s the opposite in my experience.

      • ah odd! Because they don't do .5 for UK sizes, I'm usually EU42.5.

        I tried on UK8 it was tight but then UK9 was really big :| tbh regret not buying UK9 but it looked really silly when I tried on as in it looked real big and felt big.

        • +2

          So you’re normally UK 8.5 and UK 8 was tight and UK 9 was really big

          Sounds true to size rather than size up

      • +1

        Nah man size down! I'm a size 11 and a 10 fits perfectly

    • Converse All Star runs big. It is recommended to size down 1/2 or a whole size down.
      I made the mistake of going TTS with my first and only pair of converse and they have been gathering dust since the first wear.

      • Damn I must have fat feet

        • Maybe you prefer to wear looser shoes. I like my shoes to have a bit of spare room too but my TTS Converse gave me heel slip.

  • What size should it be for a womens US size 5?

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      I don't think they would have your size - I got the Converse Size 4 for a US Womens Size 6.

  • Hey OP, where did you find this code? I’m keen to be in the know for next time something like this rolls around. Cheers

    • I doubt these codes are easily handed out. Must be VIP to…

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    Really sucks it's only in khaki

    • Includes off white. I just ordered these.

      Thanks OP.

      • PS. I'm a guy

  • Great find, I've never seen these discounted at all before.

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    any discounts on the CDG clothes?

  • +1

    Would’ve liked the discount on clothing.
    I find converse very uncomfortable to wear so I wouldn’t buy these shoes although it’s cute.

    • Yeah, Stan Smith's all the way!

  • Barneys had CDG converse for real cheap before they got taken over by Saks and I still did not get a pair as I find converse all star have poor ankle support.

  • Good deal. Got a pair for the missus.

  • Always wondered if Incu just buys their stock from all the big online retail sites when things are on sale and then just sells at full retail….

  • since I don't see much of these luxury goods posted here, what's Ozb's opinion on reps? i got the retail of this and ordered reps for like $40 and they look quite identical

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      I can’t speak for everyone here but I’d rather not wear or buy reps if I don’t want to fork out for the real stuff. Yes, many of them look real but the sizing and quality will not be the same plus I’ll pay for the genuine stuff just for their design. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t get over myself if I was to buy reps. I’d rather wear a $5 item from Kmart or Big W and let everyone know than wearing a fake trying to pass it off as real.

      CDG Play is not even considered luxury and it’s frown upon by fashionistas. The main line of CDG is a different story.

      • -2

        So you're a victim of fashion marketing?
        No one is going to grab your tags and check that the logo's are lined up 100%.
        The quality of reps now is so good that some of them are totally indistinguishable from the original.
        I'd rather wear a rep and say it's a rep then pay 10x for the gen just to feel "superior"…

        • +2

          The ones that are more of victims of fashion marketing would be the ones who resort to buy reps which to me is ripping off somebody’s design or even as simply as someone’s logo?

          It’s not a matter of feeling superior for owning (or wearing) the real deal. Why act like a poser and pretend you are wearing some brand’s design by wearing a rep when you are unwilling to pay for the genuine item just to feel like you are fitting in with the people around you or trying to look hip?

  • Discount code shows up as invalid when I put it in. Is this deal over?

  • Haha..Play being advertised on Ozbargain kinda kills it's perception..

    • -1

      I'm like, Yo that's fifty one hundred and sixty dollars for a T-shirt
      Limited edition, let's do some simple addition
      Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that's just some ignorant b##ch (Sh1t)
      I call that getting swindled and pimped (Sh1t)
      I call that getting tricked by a business
      That shirt's hella dope
      And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don't


    • Like really really bad…

  • It’s not working anymore…

  • My order arrived this morning. Not bad, Incu!

    • Same speedy

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