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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 32/64-bit P2 USB Drive Retail Box $149 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Pro USB. A real bargain considering most other computer stores selling for $200+. Dispatch in 24 hours. For those who want to support the software developer and small Australian businesses.

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Shopping Express

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    not sure I’d pay more than 20 cents for windows 10 😂


    • Tried ordering about 10 times. Payment wouldnt go through so I gave up lol

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        someone dumped a few keys in the comments lol

        • Haha gotta love OZB!

      • +1

        I maanged to grab 10 keys, I ordered 20 but dude gave me 10 "that can be used twice each" , I disputed it and got my money back easily, so I got 10 free keys that can be used twice, lmao.

        • +1

          They probably only had 10 keys which they kept giving out

          • +1

            @FireRunner: Given they were MAK licenses a single key could have had a limit of 100 activations or 500 etc etc.

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    win10 will still activate off a win7 license (at least it did a couple of months ago), unless something has changed it's much cheaper to just download the iso load it onto usb using rufus and get a win7 key from somewhere.

    • Yup, worked for me on an old lappy 2 weeks ago.

    • +2

      How is that any more useful or legit than just getting windows 10 keys from "somewhere"

      • Lots of old desktops and laptops still have Win 7 license stickers on them. The win 10 activation process doesn't seem to check if win 7 keys are oem either.

        • An OEM license belongs to the hardware it’s installed on and is not transferable so is no more legal than a dodgy key off eBay or AliExpress for a few coins.

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            @roller: I feel like if you are going to ignore the legality of the entire thing you are better off not giving money to scammers on ebay and just pirating it.

            • +1

              @PiratePete1911: Not really, for the couple of $$$ that it costs for one of these "dodgy" licences you don't have to deal with any cracks or activators that may or may not work properly or an update from ms may kill.

              These keys activate windows the "legit" way and you don't have to worry about any of that.

    • Can I keep using my Win7 laptop after I've used its key to activate Win10 on a desktop?

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    Btw if you are a student you can get the Windows 10 Student Edition (better than Pro) for free here:


    • +2

      Why is it better than pro?

      • +1

        It's the enterprise version with Cortana.

        • +36

          You say it like cortana is a good thing

          • +8

            @poohduck: For certain people it's very helpful. I have two colleagues who are blind and find it very useful.

            I turn off the speech recognition and data tracking options and use its search capabilities. It's faster than no Cortana.

      • +2

        Have you ever considered googling it?
        More features such as:
        BranchCache <—- I use this
        Credential Guard
        Microsoft App-V
        Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)
        Microsoft UE-V
        Start screen control with Group Policy <—- I use this
        User experience control and lockdown
        Unified Write Filter (UWF)

        Although I just use Enterprise

  • +43

    ‘Support the developer’

    Yeah, let me hit up MSFT’s patreon.

    • +31

      what about their only fans (👁 ͜ʖ👁)

      • +10

        They've been screwing me for years and I'm not even a fan.

      • +1

        Steve Ballmer's OnlyFans streams get pretty wild.

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    Given that a windows 10 update could literally turn your PC into an unusable potato, the most I'm willing to pay for a Windows 10 key is $10 lol

    Recently updated a laptop from from v1909 to v2004 and now file explorer take around a minute to open smh

    • +1

      2004 has been broken for awhile, last update I got fixed it mostly but I agree that one near on killed my laptop

      • I'm still on 1909… mainly because of laziness though.

        • I'm still on 1809, I'll update to 1909 before support ends in May. My principle is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Too pricey and overkill for regular consumers but enterprise does provide an extra year of security updates, which I get from msdn.

          • @some123: If you've got enterprise, why not run the LTSC branch ?

            • @ryang: LTSC isn't meant for general day to day use but rather for mission critical systems that don't change much over a long period of time (e.g. hospitals). In fact Microsoft dropped support for O365 for the ltsc branch.

              This article explains it somewhat.


              30 months is good enough for us to update our SOE to take advantage of new features when required.

              The point is not to never upgrade, just upgrade after it has been deployed and thoroughly tested.

      • +1

        I have a pretty new laptop, and the 2004 update straight up killed my sound drivers.

        It was completely unfixable, I was forced to roll-back the driver and everything came back immediately.

        Cool M$.

    • I've had this once before. It's going to be superfetch/prefetch.


    • +1

      If you can, try to roll it back .. heh.

      I bought a new laptop and decided to update it to 2004 edition, ran into so many issues (especially with samba).. I downloaded their "rescue disk" and I reformatted it back to their 1909 base.

      Problems all went away.

    • +3

      Theres a LOT of features which are enabled by default which just take up memory, especially noticible on lower spec pc's. Such as: cortana, windows updates, location settings, all the junk it puts at startup, windows defender etc. Some of them are easily removed, others require tinkering with regedit which the average user would have no idea how to do. I have a pretty powerful pc and i still disable as much as i can otherwise windows sometimes just lags, especially of all things, the basic photo viewer! Win xp and 7 on the otherhand, were so smooth and pain free.

      • I got so monstrously fed up with that massive lag in basic photo viewer, I ended up having to change the default picture viewer to something else. That lag was excruciating, & I'm still baffled that I'm not able to flip through a series of simple jpegs (on a very powerful machine!), on the latest operating system.

        • Same here, i cracked it one day, like wtf, ive got the latest i5 cpu, mobo, ram, 1080ti etc etc and i cant even scroll through photos, its literally going back to windows 95 lag. Then i did some googling and found out it was windows, not my hardware, which was the issue.

          I couldnt care less for a fancy start menu and task bar if it means basic functionality doesnt work.

          Im also not sure why ms teams can take upto 900mb of ram usage.

          • @DiscoJango: Cos it works off electron/chromium lol. Basically like running another browser and browsers are famous ram hogs

      • Yeah it's annoying but you can set it up after the fact via group policy which means you don't need to go through regedit. You don't even need to be connected to a domain or join azuread, there's a local group policy which will apply to your own computer only if it's a standalone workstation.

    • Why is the need to use windows file explorer? I'm with total commander for the last 17 years and it never disappointed me. Same interface, same shortcuts and habits.

  • Thanks op - nice timing. Needed for my new PC build. Good price - I was looking at $225 on the Microsoft website…

    • +1

      When you are building your own PC you are arguably allowed the OEM version which is much cheaper.

      • Where can you get OEM for much cheaper?

        • Reddit marketplace, like 20 bucks

          • @krisspy: Link please?

              • @krisspy: Grey market OEM keys are a different product class to not-grey-market retail keys. The equivalent would instead be this: https://staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?price-min=72&q=w...

                • +1

                  @MHLoppy: Try cdkeysales.com or cdkoffers.com(cheaper a bit) , both website are for one parent company in HKG. Company is ligit , i have used them for both games and softwares before.
                  You can buy Win 10 Pro OEM license (retail key , not MSDN keys…lol) for 20USD , no need to pay these crazy nonsense prices.

                  • @SamyKn: That's still grey market - I'm not necessarily saying to never buy grey market, but let's not fool ourselves by saying that grey market keys are equivalent to keys sold through proper channels.

                    • +1

                      @MHLoppy: I understand and somehow agree with you but personally i use grey market with no issue considering proper channel (aka retail is way way over priced)

    • If you are still looking for a CPU, they have the Ryzen 5 3600 for $299. Buy together to save on delivery fee.

  • +5

    Hang on, hang on, people buy these?

    Windows 10 should be about $40 AUD

    This guy looked into it.


  • +1

    you have gotten be kidding me!!

    this has to be a troll for sure

  • -1

    Thanks OP.

    Bought 10

  • +1

    I paid $10 on eBay for an enterprise key years ago and still going strong, do yourself a favour and stop selling OEM

    • -2

      I did not buy Enterprise

  • +5

    Ill stick to the $5 ebay keys, never fail to work

    • -5

      Mine have always failed after 18 months

      • +7

        Why do you always buy more when they always fail?!

      • +1

        I paid under $10 and still works after 2 years. Always bought OEM previously.

      • +3

        Have use them for multiple family members and friends over the years and no issues with my max $7 per key…

        • +1

          Which eBay $5 seller to buy from?


    • Agreed, I have just upgraded from Windows 7 legit keys, so never needed to, $149 is madness to pay for Windows.

  • +1

    I never pay more than $10 for windows 10, instant delivery too. I've bought about 8 keys in the last few years and they all still work.

    • Link?

      • +1

        I use Pixlelcodes dot com.

  • Sorry stupid question but are these normal windows activation keys. Why the USB designation.

    • +1

      You get USB install media.

      • -1

        You also get the holographic sticker which is important for businesses.

  • +5

    " For those who want to support the software developer"

    "Microsoft gross profit for the twelve months ending September 30, 2020 was $100.440B,"

    Seems like they're doing just fine.

  • "For those who want to support the software developer"

    Microsoft is an incredibly rich company. If they are that rich, I probably would pirate it, especially with their anti-consumer practises.

    • So at what point does theft become unacceptable? Woolworths makes lots of money, is stealing from them ok?

      • When it literally does not affect anyone. Microsoft are not losing money if you pirate, they are just losing potential income. If you steal from Woolworths, they lose money on their inventory.

      • +1

        Considering Woolworths stole some $315 million of its employees wages they can get stuffed

  • +6

    $150 for windows, is it 1st April already?

  • +1

    Unrelated note - I installed x86 20H2 on a 2009 netbook, Atom N280, 1GB + SSD; it actually boots and performs OK. Slow but quite acceptable, little machine now feels faster than when running Debian 10.7 x86.

    Seems that M$ will support x86 platform longer than Linux, so +ve for them.

    • Exactly. I installed W10 on an old 1st gen i3 lappy - it runs better than it ever did. Probably better than it would on Kubuntu. Some of the hardware is so old even the suppliers dont support it anymore - but I guess MS does. Good for them.

    • Use LTSC

  • Cant really see the point of this unless it had 32gb free space to put window update files. After a few years it be pretty a huge inconvenience vs using the media creation tool.

  • I got one off alibaba express for 0.20c, they're still only about $2.30 currently. works fine

  • My friend works in I.T and he gets win 10 for $2-3 a key off eBay Brazil. He activates it for people and charges between $80-150 for it.

    • Sweet deal, can I get his business details?

      • +2

        Nice try Australia Cybercrime Watch!

    • +1

      My friend usually means 'I' in a situation like this

  • Activate Windows 10 just by Using CMD


    i dont know if this method is legit, but i used this method for one of my pc, its been fine for over a year now. 0$, 0 warning, 0 issue so far.

    • Msguides have their own KMS server. Basically every 180 days it's connecting a server to activate the device. The server could be taken offline at any moment and your Windows install would become deactivated. Legal? It's a grey area.

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