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2x 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks 50-Packs (100 Masks) $19.80, 1 Box (50 Masks) $9.90 Delivered @ Catch


2x 3 Ply Disposable Face Masks 50-Packs (100 Masks) $19.80 Delivered @ Catch

It isn't as cheap as the previous deal for $15.

3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Masks 50-Pack $9.90

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    Which brand are they?

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      It's a Howtouse… according to the side of the box

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        It's a Howtouse…

        Is that better than the 'Disclaimer' brand ?

  • It seems the overstocked Turkeys get some reprieve with the musical chairs of where and when the next lockdown occurs in Oz . Should be no more than $10 - $12 with the supply out there .

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      Need to factor in the delievry cost.

      It used to be around $5 a box of 50 pre CoVid and $10 per box include delivery is still reasonable IMO

      • also need to factor in that Catch won't actually ship it until Monday/Tuesday, of which you've just paid for a bunch of masks that you might not even need

        they're handy to have as backups, but I'm not buying 100 of them for "just in case"

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          You will still need it if you are living in NSW mask is mandatory in shopping center.

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    I just found this on Amazon that seems good enough.


    • 50% the price of this deal seems much better, thanks.

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        Yes, but 50% of the product, too

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    $12+ for 10 at Coles, so this makes a lot more sense. Thanks OP.

    • Reviewed in Australia on 4 January 2021 Verified Purchase
      Crap, the bands of the mask are stuck in the vacuum seal

  • 50 packs also available for 9.90

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    Everyone wants to be a doctor.

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