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RuneScape Premier Club 12 Months Membership Mex$850 (~A$54.74) via Mexican VPN


Same as this deal again this year. Wasn't posted in 2020 as MXN disappeared as a currency and the others were all within ~10% (barely worth the hassle).

  1. Connect to Mexican VPN (ie Tunnelbear to Mexico works for free)
  2. Go to https://www.runescape.com/premier-club in a private browser window
  3. Select preferred package (see table below)
  4. Checkout using fee free card as per usual (no fake address required - accepts real postcode)*

*Fee free card is optional. Even with 3% fee you're saving a ton.

Package MXN AUD per/month
Bronze (3 Months) MX$320.00 $20.61 $6.87
Silver (6 Months) MX$565.00 $36.39 $6.07
Gold (12 Months) MX$850.00 $54.74 $4.57

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Referrer gets 7 days free membership + XP points. Referee gets XP points.

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