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Virco A4168a with Ryzen 5 & RX6800 Gaming Desktop PC $2086 + $30 Flat Shipping @ Virco Computer


Morning Ozbargainers,

We feel excited to be back from the holiday, hope everybody has a nice little break. It's 2021, a new year, with lots of planning ahead of us. Our first new deal for the new year is Ryzen 5 with RX6800 graphic card. Spec as below:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6 Core Socket AM4 3.8GHz CPU Processor
  • CPU Cooling: Wraith Stealth Cooler
  • MEMORY: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory
  • STORAGE: Kingston A2000 500GB M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe SSD
  • GRAPHIC CARD: Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 6800 16GB Video Card
  • PSU: Deepcool DQ750-M-V2L 750W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply
  • CASE: Deepcool MACUBE 110 Tempered Glass Mini Tower Micro-ATX Case

We also released few more systems:

  • Virco A416Ta Thermaltake Desktop PC - Ryzen 5 & RTX3060Ti ($1786), microATX Desktop system with three RGB FAN around the case, a solid gaming machine with all the quality parts in it.
  • Virco A315a Desktop PC - Ryzen 5 & RX570 8GB ($986), a budget gaming PC under 1k. Please note that the motherboard we use: ASUS B450m Pro Gaming with the 8GB graphic of RX570, a budget PC which still has impressive components.

Once again, we like to emphasize that we have all the parts ready for the build. For the orders before 12th of January 2021, we schedule to despatch on or before 15th of January.

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  • +24

    “Would you like a system with your RX6800?” 🤣

  • +12

    How does this compare to the KFConsole?
    Does it have a chicken tray?

    • +1

      Depends on how much you mind your motherboard and GPU backplate getting greasy

  • Hi @virco, is it possible to change the motherboard at Virco A416Ta to the one with Virco A4168a (ASUS TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WIFI AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard) and if so whats the cost?

    • +3

      yes, option is up the web. Thank you

  • Hi virco, any chance you'll be selling the 3060 or 6800's individually ? :)

    • +1

      we have some Galax 3060Ti and 3070 can sell individually.

  • Any chance of a 68000XT build in the future? Could you add more case options as well?


    • +17

      This is a very good suggestion. But the 68000xT won't be out for another few decades.

    • +1

      yes, 6800XT should be able to post on the web this afternoon with 5800x, stay tune

      • +1

        What about more case options? How about this case in black as an option instead of white?

        Any plans for a 10700K system in the future? The 5800X is a poor value CPU.

        • we don't have much case options, only case available are on our website. (sorry, most of the photos are not updated yet)

          yes, Intel system is in the plan, with i5/i7/i7 k version would be available soon.

          • @virco: A 10700k with a 6800XT would be good. Do you have the MACUBE 110 in black? Also wondering what happened to the RGB ram you used to pair with your systems?

            • @WinstonWithAY: We do have few Macube 110 BLACK in stock. We don't do much RGB RAM, but most of the RAM is upgradeable.

          • @virco: You should add more case options since I've seen multiple people on here say that this case has crap airflow

            • @WinstonWithAY: Thank you for the advice.

              We are balancing the variety of cases we are purchasing with the limited shop space and some other good business practice. As we have mentioned previously, we stock all the components before we sell the system, unlike some other sellers here, so we can make sure our assembly time is within a reasonable period.

              We have seen some other businesses fail to deliver the promised system as they provided way too wide variety for the customer which they can't handle.

              Anyhow, it's actually a pretty good case, with lots of features in it. For those who worry about the air flow, we are adding the fan options, which can increase the air flow by a lot.

          • @virco: Sorry to bother you guys. Any word on when the intel system is coming out?

  • +1

    Can't utilise SAM until you get AMD 5000 series.

    • I thought I read somewhere they were bringing it to their 3000 series at some point?

      • Only ryzen 5000 or intel cpu , ryzen 3000 and below doesn't have the features included so they can't activate, that's what I heard

        • They can. Someone managed to hack it on.
          It just requires some effort to enable and test, so AMD will never get around to it.

          Intel's 10th-gen was supposed to (officially) enable it sometime, but that will probably take a while. So much so that you're going to be better off waiting for the 11th-gen options instead. Technically Intel had this feature since 2014, but it wasn't really used. So if you're adventurous you could perhaps hack an Intel CPU to get SAM working as well.

          Nvidia? They're likely going to enable it on their RTX-3000 cards soon. Doubt they'll enable it for their GTX-1600 cards or earlier. Not sure about their RTX-2000 cards though.

          • @Kangal: You have a link? I have a spare x570 motherboard to play around with

      • No

  • Another solid deal. Jesus I felt I shouldve held off and bought from these guys instead

    • +1

      What did you end up buying?

      tbh you couldn't have known this would come up

      • +3

        We don't even know ourselve what would have come up, its depends on big environment, what deals we would be able to get from the supplier, what product is available for us to stock enough stock for the deal…etc.

        We can only plan ahead, and trying our best to provide the best deal we can gather.

      • +1

        I don't know about oc but I was one of the people who bought from techfast. I don't think they are bad but its been weeks with no information on my pc. I waited to boxing day in hopes of better deals but honestly if I had known techfast's shipping times were this bad I would have jumped on virco earlier.
        I know I'll get my pc but the waiting has made me very anxious.

        • Just hope you're not one of us who received a damaged tower, assumedly damaged in transit. Meant i had to wait even longer for a replacement part

      • Yeah i bought a rtx 2060 super build around $1400, still works well for me. Salivating at these new ones tho.

  • This is a solid deal, if I didn't build my PC last year I would've snatched this one right up.

  • +1

    How “Blingy” is this?

    Looking for a good 1440p for a 10yo that will like some nice RGB on the case.

    • +1

      The 2nd one looks more blingy and is cheaper:


      • Ahh - thank you.

        All: Would this be a respectable 1440p rig? Any recommended upgrades?

        • More than fine for 1440p

          Don't need any upgrades. Some extra storage would be nice, you can always buy that later.

          The liquid cooler would add some bling, totally unnecessary though

  • For the 3060ti build, isnt the previous deal by Virco better? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/593950

    • Its Thermaltake build this time, plus lots of RGB (3 RGB Fan/RGB RAM)

  • What financing options do you have available? I can only do split payments for now and I'd like to purchase one of these.

    • +8

      sorry, we haven't implement any finance options for now, can't find a decent company does that. We have talk to Zippay and Afterpay, apparently they take 5% out of total revenue. For the computer business, we don't have much margin to cover that fee… If anyone knows some good finance options, please let us know.

      • +2

        Just pass that 5% on to the customer, as long as you explain it up front it shouldn’t be a problem. Similar to how Aldi charges 0.5% for Contactless/Credit Card payments.

        So a system costing $2086 +$30 shipping would be $2221.80. It may be less of a deal, but that’s the cost of finance and it’s the customers choice.

        • +7

          We ask that part as well, we actually not allow to pass the surcharge to customer for the finance payment.

          • +1

            @virco: I can imagine their (AfterPay and Zip) terms would be pretty comprehensive. I expect this is to hide their margins.

            There must be a provider out there that you can use, maybe the OzB members can assist with suggestions…

          • @virco: Bastards

      • Have you approached Go Mastercard? I believe Harvey Norman uses them

        • We will check it out, thank you

  • +3

    Have this case
    Pros: Looks very nice, plenty of space inside
    Cons: Very big (check dimensions), poor airflow
    It's so big in fact that I have two computers running inside, ie two motherboards, ATX + mATX, two full size video cards, two PSUs, 5 3.5 inch HDDs etc

    • +1

      Could that be contributing to the poor airflow?

      • Haha yeah definitely, but what I mean to say is it was bad enough with 1 comp inside. Just too few openings/small area. Side top and bottom completely solid. I had a Zalman Z9 before and that was just a so much better case, but of course without the looks..

        • It was bad so I made it worse 😂

    • -3

      I think the 3600/RTX3070 for $1700 from tech buy after cash back is better.

      • +1

        You buy this one for quality, you buy techfast for value

        It has always been this way

        Though it would be nice for virco to up their cable management game and add fans to systems

        • options for add the extra fan would be up tonight. Hopefully that would help

    • Why two computers, are you streaming, running a Plex server or other?

      • +1

        Need Mac for work and want windows for some apps and occasional gaming. Went thru a lot of set ups sharing same hardware like dual booting, Mac VM running inside windows, windows VM running inside MacOS (parallels and VMware), dual cpu esxi, Linux host with two VMs with GPU passthrough etc but at the end the day wasn't completely happy with any and went for this wasteful approach that is easiest to support

  • +6

    PCPartpicker due diligence
    Insane savings on Partlist cost: $2270.50

    • Thanks mr yang

    • +1

      Is this site reliable to give best individual component price from the all the sellers?

    • +1

      Probably better to use the 3600 pricing since paying over $400 for a 3600X doesn't make sense and reference pricing for the 6800 at $949. Makes this deal over $100 more than building it yourself.

      • So you are saying that building it ourself would be cheaper?

  • Trying to get my head around PC’s and new tech. How is this for video editing? Drone and GoPro 4K vids etc

    • It'll handle it fine

    • It would OK, but if you want your computer more for video editing and less for gaming you'd be better off spending more on the cpu and less on the gpu.

      If you're after a pure video editing pc while this would be okay it's a terrible choice compared to a better optimised system.

  • With the ASUS TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WIFI, I have an extra A2000 M.2 SSD, would I have enough space to install that?

    • for the board of ASUS TUF Gaming B550m Plus WiFi, it comes with 2 M.2 Slots. So it would allow you to install the other M.2 you have on hand.

  • Any CPU upgrade option to 5600x?

    • +1

      We have really low quantity for 5600x CPU, therefore price is pretty disgusting. Would be a good idea to wait a month or two, hopefully stock would coming back.

  • For the A416Ta desktop, is there alternative Thermaltake cases we can switch to?

    • Why would you want to - legit question?

      • I was watching/reading some reviews online about it and generally it seems quite good for a budget case however, the glass front face of the case limits its thermal performance due to air flow. Also, if possible I’d prefer not to have all the RGB lights and stuff. Having said all this, it still seems to be a reasonable build overall.

    • Sorry, in most cases, we don't switch case for our pre-build system…

      • Thanks for replying. Would you also be able to confirm the number of fans that will be included in this system. The photo on the webpage shows 2x fans on the front, 1x fan on the top, and 1x at the back of the case. Is this photo of the actual final product being sold? Thanks.

        • +1

          yes, we can confirm that for the Virco A416Ta system, we use Thermaltake V150 case, with come with two RGB fan at the front and 1 RGB at rear. No Fan on the top unless you purchase addtional liquid cool from the upgrade (that's liquid cool radiator shows on the photo)

  • Is the budget option 315a a decent rig for 1440p? Is there something else I should aim for with a 1k budget?

  • Any chance for an itel build similar to Virco A315a price point (~sub $1k)?

    • working on it…not as easy…but working on it…..

  • +2

    Highly recommend these guys, well priced and all in stock. Bought the Boxing Day deal recently. Email them direct if you want to tweak the packages they are responsive.

    keep up the good work virco.

    • Thank you for the support

  • +2

    Would recommend Virco if you are having any doubts. I got the boxing day sale and emailed them regarding extra changes to the casing. They were quite responsive and the desktop cable management was quite clean.

    I personally would recommend changing the original casing to the Deepcool Matrexx 50 4 fan for +$20.

  • Thank you for the support, appreciated

  • Hi Virco, very solid system but do you offer any mesh front MATX cases as an option?

    Would be my only real gripe against pulling the trigger on something like this.

  • Hey Virco, I just found about this deal. If I pull the trigger tonight, will it still ship on the 15th? If not on the 15th, when would shipping be? I am looking at the $1786 deal with upgrade to the liquid cooling and motherboard. I would also like to upgrade the casing to the Deepcool Matrexx 50 4 fan.

    • Can still be despatch on the 15th if you ordered it now. However, Deepcool Matrexx 50 4F is out of stock till 22nd.

      • Ok, thanks for the reply.

  • Just pulled the trigger on Virco A416Ta with upgraded motherboard. Thanks Virco!

    • thank you for the business

  • Received my build 2 days ago. Everything is perfect except the case v150 does not have a good airflow. Opening the side glass lower the GPU temp by 10 degree. But nothing wrong with Virco, great customer service! Highly recommended!

    • im thinking of getting this same build. Better to change the case out then if possible?

      • That's entirely up to you. The pc runs fine, but if you are the type of person who overclocks then maybe a better case would be suitable.

        • Nah i dont usually, hopefully will be fine then.

  • Sorry noob question. I've researched this on google and keen to hear the OZB expert opinions.

    I want to max out RGB Ram at 64GB or as much as possible in this deal.

    Is it better for me to upgrade to 32GB RGB RAM in this deal (+$155) and request to possibly have 2x16GB sticks and then purchase my own set of 32GB RGB RAM for a total of 64GB.


    Is it better if i keep the 8GBx2 sticks and then add my own 16GBx2 for a total of 48GB.

    Are there any potential issues or performance limiters if i go down this path?

    • Hi,

      Yes, you can have as much RAM as you want

      Please PM us for the options

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