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$5 Back to School Bonus Cashback - Min Spend $30 ($10 at 3 Different Stores and Categories from Back to School Page) @ ShopBack


Noticed this new challenge on the Shopback app, spend a minimum of $10 at any store on 3 or the 4 categories to get the extra $5 cashback. Bonus cashback is on top of the usual cashback from the store.

Challenge open to the first 5,000 people to complete. Must accept the challenge before buying.

Categories are:
* School and Sports Shoes
* Stationery
* Lunchboxes and School bags
* Tech

From the conditions I think you can purchase anything from those stores listed in that category and doesn't have to be school specific.

Example spend $10 from:
Category 1: Target
Category 2: Amazon
Category 3: Best and Less

Referral Links

Referral: random (3853)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +4

    does it mean we have to spend min $10 on Amazon, another $10 at Target and $10 at Best & Less as in OP example? so total min spend is $30 across 3 different stores to get $5 bonus.

    • +8


      Should say minimum spend $30 ($10 at 3 stores in selected categories).

      Bottom line, not one of their better offers.

      • +10

        It'd be a pain in the butt. SB doesn't have the best tracking in my experience and using three shops is a bad precedent.

        • +5

          Indeed, only takes one transaction to fail to track and game over.

      • +2

        Amazon appears in 2 categories, could you buy two things from them and then one from another? This is too confusing to bother.

  • +2

    Warning: limited to first 5000 applicants and in the past, Shopback have based it on when your claim for failure to track is recognised, not when you actually made the purchase. Therefore, if others get their failure to track recognised before you do, you miss out, even if you're the first person to complete the challenge.

    I've been burnt too many times by SB recently to give this one a try, but to maximize your chances of tracking, limit your purchases to low value items as high value purchases seem more likely to fail.

  • +16

    For $5 cashback, you need ALL 3 to track successfully AND that these are in the correct category too?
    Definitely giving this one a wide berth given the likelihood of a single failed to track/wrong category will derail this due to Shopback

    • +7

      Agree what a joke for $5.

      • I’m not wasting time to get some dollars back from them. I refuse to even sign up.

    • +3

      I can't even get a response from the ShopBack rep for one little enquiry. I don't trust three things to track and all for $5.

  • +13

    refuse to use SB until they give me the $10 boxing day promo

    • +2

      Yeah same, gonna pass this until that resolved.

    • +2

      Yeah they ripped me off $10 too + no reply to my request to investigate

      • +3

        Same here also for the pizza hut as well

        • +3

          Same same

      • +3

        Same here. Waiting for the $10 eBay bonus promotion to be resolved 😣

      • I suggest you
        1. Reply to that email again
        2. Contact shopback on Facebook
        3. Contact store rep on ozbargain (private message)

        On my bad experiences

        They always will
        1. not track my purchase
        2. Reject my claim
        3. Add purchase on tracking (like somehow a sudden change of mind of shopback)

      • Same here.

  • +8

    Talk about convoluted process for 5 bucks. No thanks.

  • +3

    Cash back from previous 2 challenges still have not come through and are not resolved.

  • +7

    Boxing day bonus never tracked and never resolved.

    • This is the eBay one right? How are so many people having tracking failed, I hit all 4 during the Black Friday weekend and the Boxing Day, amazon $3 CB, eBay $5 and the gift card $3. All completed.

  • not worth it , pay $30 and get only $5 back

  • Dont worry - dont think 5000 people can get this done.

  • Almost like pressing ctrl alt del with my mouse. Good that it has 14 days to do

    • I usually press ctrl+alt+del on my keyboard, using my hands, but I think I know what you are saying

      • Forgot to mention that's while we do a hand stand on top ;)

  • +6

    Boxing day bonus never tracked and never resolved. such a shame on this CB companies.

  • +3

    Before long, you will have to complete a half marathon and steeple chase for 2 dollars back

  • +4

    previously rewards/challenges havent tracked for me

  • +4

    Based on the last ebay $10 tracking tragedy, I won't recommend SB.

  • +1

    So many hurdles for a $5 back $30 minimum spend, and rarely you'd have exact $10 for each store.

    A simple $1.67 back $10 would've still been better than this.

    However, this is definitely a bad deal from ShopBack, and nothing to do with OP. Thanks still for posting OP. =)

  • +1

    Too many hurdles

  • +1

    Doesn’t Best & Less have a $50 and Target a $20 minimum order to avoid their $3 fees? That would mean spending a lot more than $30 to get the $5 back. This stinks.

    • +1

      Yes that is correct.

  • +2

    TLDR : I have had challenges track, and get the cashback fixed amounts. However, it looks like it takes around 1-2 months before they even show up as tracking…

    For example, I have a November ebay challenge, track only just this month…

    It shows up as my first (and only atm) track for Jan 2021, and is dated 10th Jan. It's in pending, but I should get the $5 at some point soon.

    The code for this November challenge, with January track, is AU_NOV_SBOC_EBAY_AL_AUD5, for anyone looking to compare.

    Like almost 1.5-2 months to track? lol.

    etc :
    Anyway, other challenges I did earlier last year were a '16Sep20 OzBargain Bonus' for $2. A '30Sep20 eBay Bonus' for $5. And a '13Oct20 eBay Bonus' for $10.

    All 3 were confirmed on the 28th of November. Not sure when they exactly turned up in my cashback history, but confirm times are 1.5 to 2.5 months it seems.

    Saying all this though, at Christmas/Boxing Day I tried doing 2 challenges, and the app crashed mid purchase twice, and I have no idea if any of those tracked properly yet, even though I tried to go through the purchase loop again.

    Odds on those won't track. And if they do, I don't expect them to show up for at least another month, lol.

    No idea why shopback can't get those bonuses to track fairly quickly, similar to cashrewards. i.e. Purchases track immediately, and bonus tracks within a day or 2.

    It would fix a big problem with shopback userbase imho. i.e. ppl complaining to shopback that a challenge hasn't tracked, when it looks like it take like 1.5 months min to track.

    Anyway, this deal is pretty crap. So many required stores, min purchase amounts, and selected catagories required. It's pretty ridiculous.

    • +1

      Based on my understanding, there are 3 stages for the challenge bonus.
      Bonus will show at Account - Challenges after you finish it, as 'Rewards Pending'. Then show at your cashback history after the purchase is confirmed (which will take up to 90 days I think) as 'Pending'. Finally become available after 5 days.

      For me the headache is missing original cashback:(

      • I’ve had all my challenges track, so I don’t know why so many people are failing.
        I use edge exclusively for cashbacks, and nothing in cart.

        • I was like you before, all of my $5 challenges tracked too. But the $10 failed when I did the ebay challenge and I have always used the same way when buying and tracking. So no idea what changed at their end or just too much to cope?

  • +3

    holy crap, getting one transaction to track correctly, then wait for approval, then watch that the amount doesnt change, is a task in itself

    now x 3!

  • +3

    Last promo never tracked and challenge disappeared. Nothing heard from customer support.

  • +5

    $5 Ebay challenge last time failed to track and the challenge disappeared despite doing everything correctly.

    Not even worth the hassle at this point, especially trying to get 3 stores to track

  • +1

    I've never had a problem so far with shopback tracking, but lots of people have. Coming up with an offer to that involves 3 separate transactions to track in order to claim $5 is a bit silly shopback.

  • +1

    What is next ? $10 minimun spend in 10 different shops to get $10 ?

  • +1

    Got jacked, didn't get what was advertised, or a reply.

  • JB HF giftcard is in the Tech section. The easiest one to complete with certain tracking.

    The other 2 can be from eBay / Target / Amazon / Myer / DJ / Catch. It is easier than you think, given 15 days to shop.

  • +5

    there's a lot easier ways to to get Debra to condescendingly tell you how to use cashback.

  • +1

    You need three purchases from three different stores to track successfully and they need to be from the right categories?!

    With all the comments being posted re cashback not tracking/not credited, surely not all of them are caused by user error? (Even if they are, it would still mean a greater chance of issues when you need to do three purchases correctly.)

    Also, given that, apparently, historically, your order in the claim queue is based on when your claim for failure to track is recognised (assuming one or more of the purchases failed to track), and not when you actually made the purchases, this offer seems way too risky for a lot of fellow OzBargainers. (I've had no issues in the past, so presumably I would be safe 🤞)

    • +3

      Everyone has their own experiences and are free to neg deals etc based on those poor experiences. For me I haven't had many issues with cashback not being paid or tracked. All the black friday bonuses came through fine on my account.

      For me it's little effort to get cashback and if it doesn't come through then doesn't really bother me too much especially if it's small bonuses… I'm going to buy something anyway so if I'm going to get a cashback then that's a bonus.

  • better chance to lay in your back and try and pee on the moon.

    no money from last sales

  • +2

    I love all these shopback challenges, they have all tracked for me and are easy to complete and keep track of.
    This one though is ridiculous, too many hoops and variables as others have mentioned.
    Although I have noticed that my challenge is 2/3 complete and I havn't even purchased anything from "required" categories. I have made normal purchases through Amazon and EBay though.

    • Yes, but it may not give you rewards in the end after validation.

      • Yeah prob true, just thought it was interesting, that's all.

    • +1

      Same. 2/3 done. I've made one $4.95 purchase at eBay and one $40 purchase at AliExpress (which isn't in any of the lists).

  • +1

    currently 349/5000 winners.

  • My challenge completed and bonus cashback tracked.