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[NSW, VIC, SA] 20 Frozen Meals $99 Delivered @ Derrimut Meals Direct


20 Frozen Meals for $99.
Wide Selection of delicious, healthy calorie controlled meals designed to help you get in shape and stay in shape. Save time and money when you purchase the 20 frozen meals - just heat, eat and enjoy.
Delivery to NSW, Victoria and SA. QLD coming soon.

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Derrimut Meals Direct
Derrimut Meals Direct

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    Are they any good?

  • cool deal!

  • VIC and SA only?
    My post code in QLD suburbia says no delivery.

    • We will be branching into QLD soon. Due to Covid we had to delay this till 2021.

  • Don't seem to deliver to WA?

    OP if it's state specific please specify the states in title.

    • Not as yet. The transportation is the issue at the moment though we are looking in to it.

  • -2

    you can definitely make this kind of food for less than $5 per piece if you buy in bulk. tastier and healthier.

    • +5

      Sure … but there's a reason the food delivery business is so huge.

    • +5

      You could also darn your old socks instead of buying new ones.

    • +4

      this comment is really dumb

    • what $ per hour are you paying yourself?

      Apparently OzB'ers are on typical salary of $150k plus so 2/3 hrs worth of time is less than this box of 20 meals.

    • The main problem for me is that I am not able to snap freeze the meals, so the quality of the defrosted meal is low.

  • Where are the details, nutrition info, meal size?
    Also says addressee not found in QLD

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    calorie controlled

    Then proceeds to not include any nutritional information … well … none that I could find easily.

    Without this basic information, how can we determine value? Your serving sizes may be tiny … or massive.

    • OP could you post photos of the actual product, once the labelling has been removed?

      I'm interested in trying you guys out but as my buddy photon has pointed out - it's hard to gauge the size of these meals.

    • Op is a bit slow to reply but if you look at the data sheet for the Thai Green Chicken Curry you can calculate the meal size is 300g so assume about 200g chicken curry and 100g rice. On the small size for me but similar to supermarket premades,.

      • My apologies for the delay.
        We also do 400g meals to in Fresh only. :)
        thank you

  • Is this an offshoot of Derrimut Gym?
    If so are you able to see see meals in-store?

    • they do sell meals in store, they had a 6 for 49 deal recently, but generally 10-12$ a piece - fresh not frozen though not sure if its the same. and the deal wont be in store as they dont sell frozen.

    • Not sure why the neg, back up you go :)

    • +1

      Yes we are part of Derrimut - The meals are in store but Fresh only. Our frozen Specials are only online.

  • Looks like meals are 300g. 250-450cal. Same as YouFoods essentially.

  • What's the protein content or is it high carb?

    • -1

      you can check each meal individually when you click on them.

      • You can? Not on the frozen options.

        Would seem to suggest that the fresh meals and frozen meals may be different, otherwise they'd just link up the nutritional info from the fresh page.

        • It didn't say which 20 were chosen. No offence to the vegans but I ain't paying $100 to get 20 salads.

          • @OzCheapo: When you click the selection button, you go to the selection page, where you can choose from the options listed. None were labelled Vegan.

        • Fresh and Frozen meals are the same. The frozen is the special deal that we do.

    • Our protein contents range between 28-60gms depending on the meal. :)
      We have low carb, medium carb and high carb.
      A good variety to suit everyone.

  • -2

    $5 each, not the cheapest but not the worst, will need to see or know more

    • +1

      You pay $4.80 for a 320g frozen TV dinner from ColesWorth, so at 300g, these would have to be as good or better to make it worthwhile.

  • "Your cart doesn't meet any available shipping rates"
    I'm in SA, not sure why it's not working

    • +1

      OP you should check your website. Missing opportunity right here.

      • Hahaa, so the shipping automatically selects ACT and that's why the shipping wasn't working

    • You need to choose your state. :)

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    Shame they're pre frozen. I'd prefer they were fresh and I can freeze what I don't plan to eat over the next few days. These kind of meals tend to get a bit mushy when frozen, especially the vegetables.

  • We do also do Fresh Meals as well. :)

    • Are there similar offers on your fresh meals?

  • We have great deals on Fresh - but not the same as the frozen deal.:)
    7 for $49 for the Fresh. You can purchase a Fresh subscription Box which is automatically renewing weekly or fortnightly :)
    These ae $159 for 20 Fresh meals.

  • Really nice deal. Just about to order.
    Would the discount code work? Trying but it doesn’t haha

    • Hi You don't need a discount code for the frozen meal Deal. :) Its automatic.
      Just click on the link. :)
      thanks so much.

  • OP, I'd like to place an order but can I schedule it for a later delivery? My freezer is full at the moment.

  • Is there choice of meal selection? I added $99 for 20 meals and it went straight to payment.