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Reolink Argus 2 with Solar Panel | Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera $129.74 Delivered (Was $172.99) @ ReolinkAU via Amazon

  • Wire-free & Weatherproof for Outdoor
  • Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered
  • Full HD 1080p & 36ft Starlight Night Vision
  • SD Card Slot & Cloud Storage Available
  • Work Independently & 2.4GHz WiFi Connection
  • Work with Google Assistant
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Does this support continous recording to microSD card?

    • I am afraid not. It only supports motion recording.

    • Yo winner-winner, re:

      'Does this support continous recording to microSD card?'

      I'm guessing that the reason why it does not is because if it did the power logistics would not 'add up' … I.e. the solar panel would not generate enough power (including continuous and battery stored combined) to support continuous recording.

  • +2

    Any chance of bring this down around the $110 -$115 mark as per previous deals?


    • +1

      Hi. It would bring down to $96.04 for Argus Pro if the solar panel is not needed.

      • Thanks. Need the solar panel :)
        Hopefully it drops further…

        Thanks anyways

        • I'm in the same boat here, need the Solar option.

      • It would bring down to $96.04 for Argus Pro(amazon.com.au) if the solar panel is not needed.

        Why 'the f' would anyone 'neg' this honest, rapidly supplied, and helpful response from the OP? Sheesh …

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    Can this work with no wifi and recording only to the SD card?

    • Hi. Yes. But the initial configuration would need WiFi to complete. After that, it can record to sd card without WiFi when motion-triggered.

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        Thanks, Can you please do a better price, I am really interested in grabbing one

    • J-Boy:

      I guess if you're aiming out of an inside window (for example 'front room') to capture an area outside (for example 'your car/driveway'), then no cloud recording might be OK. If the actual cam is outside though, and you are not recording to the cloud, you will be left even angrier when the dude that burgs your car also simply nicks your cam; solar panel, SD card, incriminating footage and all.

      For this reason, personally I would never bother setting up a non-hidden surveillance cam unless it was recording direct to the cloud.

  • Do you sell the solar panels by themselves/seperately?

    • +1

      It's out of stock on Amazon now, but you can still get it from the official website.
      Here is the link

  • I picked up a 4 pack Argus-2 will solar panels for $477 on eBay last week. I don’t see that deal anymore.

  • OP, can I ask is baseline storage to the cloud free (for example the last 2 weeks worth always available), or is it up to the user to find/pay for cloud storage?

    • Hi. The free basic plan is for 7-day cloud video history, only 1 camera supported with 1GB of cloud storage. And for the upgraded plan, you may refer to the link here

      • Woulda been instabuy if basic covered at least 2 cams.

        How is this for capturing things like license plates etc

      • OP:

        Thank you kindly for your very swift response :) re:

        'The free basic plan is for 7-day cloud video history, only 1 camera supported with 1GB of cloud storage.'

        That's great, and I'm now going to buy at least one because of that free cloud storage, provided that you can confirm that that is 'forever'/in perpetuity', not just some sort of introductory/purchase order that requires paid renewal after the first year.

        As an aside, can I also ask a sort of, erm, 'cheeky' question (this is 'OzBargain', after all). Where you state:

        'only 1 camera supported' …

        What if a few of my family members each independently bought 1 cam. In practical terms, would that enable the family/household to have 3 or 4 cams cloud-supported for free, with the 7-day history, forever?

        • Exactly. And the basic plan would be due one month. It would pop out a notification and you can resubmit for the free basic plan.
          And you don't have to buy cameras by family members each independently, register account for each camera would be just fine to meet your goal.:)

          • @dealbest: Hmmm. It is not possible to 'exactly' (precisely) deduce what the following text you have supplied means:

            'Exactly. And the basic plan would be due one month. It would pop out a notification and you can resubmit for the free basic plan.'

            This implies (to me at least) that every single month, any buyer of this product who registered for the bundled cloud recording would forever thereafter be required to remember to get onto the internet/perform some sort of shenanigans in order not to be charged for a month. Is that actually what you meant, or am I misinterpreting something in what you have said?

            • +1

              @GnarlyKnuckles: It works like this:
              You buy the camera and set it up.
              Activate the Cloud services(1 month free plan, no autorenewal/payment)
              Enjoy the free cloud service.
              A few days before the month goes past you receive reminder(email)
              The month expires and you get another email with a link to the cloud services.
              Another 3-4 clicks and you reactivate the free service for another month.

              Here is the expiration email you get:
              “ Your Cloud Subscription Plan Has Expired
              Thank you for being a Reolink Cloud service customer. This is just a friendly reminder that your subscription has ended. You can:
              • renew the current plan;
              • switch to a new Cloud plan.
              Otherwise, all video history in the Cloud will be erased in 7 days, with no option to recover. Please download and save these video clips in advance.
              Account: [email protected]
              Current Plan: Basic Plan
              Valid Until: 01/08/2021 11:10 (GMT)
              Renew/Switch Plan Now “

  • Any word on when the 822A will be available?

  • Anyone with one of these game to try to connect it to the Uniden App? 5 cameras on their free tier. Looks like the Uniden App Cam Solo camera.

  • +1

    AliExpress is having winter sales from today

    Deliver from Australia

    AU $111.44 53% Off | Reolink Argus 2 and Solar Panel Camera WiFi 1080p Full HD 130° viewing angle PIR 2-Way Audio Rechargeable Battery Google Home

  • So this any good? Similar to arlo?

  • Is this compatible with the reolink NVR. I am planning on buying the 8 camera 4K system but also need a wireless camera to put in up a palm tree because I can’t run cables.

    • Reolink battery-powered cameras can't be added to Reolink NVR or accessed via any other 3rd-party software. You can only access the battery-powered cameras via Reolink Client and Reolink App.

      Besides, the camera only stores the motion detection recordings in the inserted micro SD card or registered cloud service.

      And when installing in a tree, kindly notice, the wifi distance for the Reolink Argus series is 70-80meters in an open area. However, the WiFi signal can be easily affected by the environment. The actual distance you can get relies on your camera's working environment. If the wifi coverage cannot meet the requirement, an 4G LTE camera would be recommended in this condition. Here is the link

  • Unless I am mistaken this is back in stock and no-code required for this price.

    • +1

      Running best-deal which ends on Feb. 1.

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