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Logitech MX Master 3 $126.65 Delivered @ digiDIRECT


This was mistakenly taken down by the moderator, but I was asked to repost it.

Not sure if this has been posted recently, but I believe this is the best price currently (noting the COVID-adjusted pricing) for Logitech MX Master 3 from an Australian store. This is a similar price to around Boxing Day.

Regularly listed as the best office mouse around. May get to a better price, but this is the best I could find right now…

Pricematch at Officeworks to bring down to $120.31.


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  • Not in stock. I ordered, and received an email saying they were waiting for stock from supplier which will delay delivery …

    • I've ordered from them twice.

      I got the same awaiting stock from supplier status both times and had to wait for around a month.

      I don't think they ever have stock ready tbh…

    • Update: actually pretty decent shipping times. Arrived in 3 days; pleasantly surprised.

  • $125.10 via Computer Alliance eBay for Plus members

    Use discounted eBay gift cards to save further

    • thanks ,got this with additional 5% cashrewards ebay gift card (via choice)
      brings it down to $118.75

  • Officeworks declined to pricebeat as it's Mega Warehouse "Clearance" sale. Similar experience last time when I tried to pricebeat Mavic Mini few months back.

    • Officeworks Pitt St offered to price beat, i'm picking mine up tomorrow for.

    • Unlucky. I got price beat for the MX Vertical. Is apart of the same sale. Maybe they have cottoned on to the Word clearance

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      Call up the price beat number, the stores are usually a little more painful due to "manager discretion".

      That way you don't have to deal with someone difficult and just click and collect by placing order on the phone :)

      I did it recently for this item and btw it's a great mouse. People with smaller hands might find the top scroll harder to reach but it has scroll on the side anyway.

      Paired with the MX Keys, it's a great combo.

      • yep, use the phones, they are higher than the stores and the manager of problem stores isn't going to deny BIG corporate.

      • I tried over the phone not in the store. Will give a try once more tomorrow. Thank you all.

    • Just hit up another store. Last week one of the Officeworks I visited refused to price match Coles because the catalogue they were looking at was for this week (looking ahead of the current catalogue cycle and thus unable to find the special).

  • Anyone used vs 2S? Pros/Cons?

    • I have a 2S, I'm planning to give that to my brother and get this one.

      • smaller than 2S (depends on you if it's good or bad)
      • USB C (my reason to get this)
      • heard magnetic wheel is even smoother
      • copy and paste buttons are more practical now (if you use them)
    • Yep, tried both and the 3 was far inferior to the 2S IMO.

      On a Mac, the new magnetic wheel doesn't have the same resolution as the 2S no matter what settings you choose. This was the primary issue for me - it makes reading while scrolling quite jittery and jumpy. You can still control the wheel smoothly but however that translates to scrolling on-screen has a much lower resolution.

      As the other posted indicated, the 3 is slightly smaller which meant my pinky was slightly touching the table at all times and led to pinky pain at the end of the day (whah whah yeah I know, first world problems). I'm on the lookout for a good deal to get another 2S - mine completely broke last week.

  • I price matched it at JB Hi-fi without any issues, give it a go

  • shows as $134.10 + shipping for me

  • Thanks OP. Called officeworks and they pricematched and I ordered over the phone.

  • How does the left and right buttons work on these?
    I have few bad experiences with the double click issues in the past with the logitech, hoping they've fixed it since I really loved my older mouses (mice?).
    It's a pity that I messed up and killed the board, while replacing the switches.

  • Seeing as Big W cancelled my order I'm thankful that digiDIRECT had stock!