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Realme 7 Pro Mirror Silver, 8+128GB, 6.4” AMOLED $468.14 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Been looking for a new phone for my mum and came across this. Seems like a good price. Seems to be $599 locally from JB Hifi and the AU Realme store also Amazon AU.

Being from Amazon UK its kinda like a grey import depending on who you ask. So warranty maybe an issue

GSM Arena specs

Cant see anything on GSM Arena about UK version of this phone so im assuming is Global ?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Dare To Leap isn't the best slogan 🤣

    • Why is that?

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    Great phone - have been using for a couple of months now. Specs said the MicroSD card size was limited to 256GB but I use it with a 400GB size card without any problem. 65W quick charging makes a world of difference to get your phone charged to 100% before you head out the door. Dual speakers and AMOLED screen are also great and camera is pretty decent - trying it out with Google Camera app and photos seem to be even better.

    • You think 512GB would work as well?

      • I expect it would but hard to know for sure. I struggled to find any information on whether a larger MicroSD card would work and had to just take the risk when I bought it. It could be that they only test the phone up to 256GB and that is why they apply the limit.

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    But does it have the infamous band 28?

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      Model number listed as RMX2170 and according to Kimovil is has all AU 4g bands

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    This Is the 4g version though.

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      The 5G version is crap Has a inferior screen (non-AMOLED).

  • My last purchase from Amazon UK via Amazon AU got rejected for some reason. I bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, it bought early December. Finally shipped around 23rd December, only to be denied and cancelled by the courier.

    Not saying this is a bad deal, just saying there might be some delays getting your product.

    • That's pretty weird. Since it was shipped, how could the courier cancel it?

      • May be a weird policy around lithium ion batteries.

    • I had a similar issue with the Poco X3, but that was because the package was badly damaged so I had to re-order it which was annoying. Maybe it was a similar reason? Did you contact customer service?

  • This or Poco X3 NFC?

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      Off the top of my head, the POCO has a 120Hz LCD screen vs the AMOLED in the Realme. Also, the POCO only does 33W fast-charging.

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      Poco X3 has LCD screen but 120Hz and bigger battery, that's about the only difference hardware wise. Poco X3 on sale is about $100 cheaper for 128GB version so depending whether that AMOLED justify the $100.

      Software wise neither of them are close to stock Android and support wise they are roughly same.

      • The X3, while it ships with MIUI 12, can be flashed with a custom ROM (after a successful bootloader unlock). There are at least 10 different (but kinda same) ones so far on the XDA forums.
        I have no experience with the Realme so can't provide any info on it.

      • In a review of the Poco X3, they said even though you have the screen set to run at 120hz, it can start to slow down after a few hours. Dunno if that's been patched. Also I don't really like that the Poco X3 has baked in Ads. You can turn them off but makes me wonder what else they've put in behind the scenes.

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      Realme 7 Pro is noticeably smaller and lighter at 160.9 x 74.3 x 8.7 mm & 182 g
      Vs the Poco at 165.3 x 76.8 x 9.4 mm & 215 g.

      Direct link to the comparison if you need.

  • Would this be an upgrade from a 'OnePlus 5t' (I dont care about camera) or more of a sidegrade?

    • More of a sidegrade in your case

      The realme has a better camera and a slightly larger screen and battery, but otherwise they are very similar hardware wise.

  • Versus the Poco X3
    SD 732G
    Gorilla Glass 5
    Metal alloy frame (BeeEss plastic)
    120hz LCD

    SO UNLESS you want AMOLED

    POCO still better

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      One thing the 7 Pro that (for me) makes it infinitely better than the Poco is the software. Xiaomi has baked ads into the OS and a ton of different apps. The 7 Pro has a totally clean OS that is somewhat similar to stock android and has zero ads.

      • -1

        I have the realme 6 and it is closer to stock Android, but the default apps that come with the realme OS are pretty crappy. I'm not entirely happy with the OS stability either since the last update, it often randomly freezes until I hit the home button.

  • Stock Android kinda suck, at least the Android One
    You will still need third party apps like scheduled shut down

    Also easier to unlock Xiaomi than Realme

  • Can this be pricebeaten by OW?

  • Great phone! Got it cheaper during the last sale in jb which was matched by amazon from AU. Was delivered the next day with Australian charger, was pleasantly surprised. Note charger will not quick charge other smartphones.

    • Cheapest at JB has been $479, right?

      • Yes, but it was beaten by amazon AU at 475

      • It has been @ Officeworks for $454 and could be matched by JB. Also was $455 at JB when they had a 5% sale in December.

    • Note charger will not quick charge other smartphones.

      Yes it will. It will fast charge other oppo, oneplus, vivo phones since it's the exact same tech under different names.

      • OK, no standard QC. Tested on LG phones.

        • that's a given for any of the brands I listed above. They don't use standard QC/PD tech.

  • This or oppo find neo x2?

    • Isn't the Oppo like double the price?

  • It has been at this price @ Officeworks & JB HiFi.