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[QLD] in-Person Film and Theatre Classes $22 ~ $28 Per Session (up to 20% off) @ Filmlab (Brisbane)


We are opening a brand new film academy in Brisbane for children, teens, and adults, with great deals for students available.

The following classes are on offer:
* Film Performance
* Theatre Performance
* Voice Acting
* Creative Studies (Screenwriting, Directing, Film Study)

The more subjects you sign up for, the less each class costs. No experience required, and more detail is on the site.

Class costs are depending on your level of enrolment: (We have no registration fees.)

1 Class per term = $28 per class, per week
2 Classes per term = $26 per class, per week (Saving $36 for a 9-week term)
3 Classes per term = $24 per class, per week (Saving $108 for a 9-week term)
4 Classes per term (our current maximum) = $22 per class, per week (Saving $216 for a 9-week term)

EDIT: Yes, we are COVID safe. In the event of any lockdowns through the year that impact live classes, we will alternate to online until it is safe to return to the classroom.
We're more than happy to ask any questions, so ask anything you need.

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  • Damn, wish you had a voice acting course in Melbourne. Something I've been looking at doing recently.

    • Good to know! We will look at online offerings later in the year, as well as expansion :)

      • hope you'll expand to Perth some day. i did a NFTA course a few years ago and wasn't happy with the value i got out of it.

  • We are opening a brand new film academy in Brisbane

    Isn't Brisbane in lock down?

    • Well, we actually just came out of lockdown, but our classes will be COVID-safe. Masks will be worn until restrictions change. The classes begin in Term 1. Stay safe out there.

    • +1

      Wake up jv - that ended yesterday!

      • That was for the 1 case detected.

        Now they found a second case in Brisbane…

        • Husband of first case - already in isolation. None others found.

          • @the INFIDEL:

            None others found.

            How many tests ???

            • @jv: 45k - which is a lot for a small part of Brisbane quickly identified as being visited by that 1 person. Close contacts tested & quarantined.

              3 day Lockdown was purely preventative, based on only 1 case. But a more virulent form of Covid, so best to be cautious.

              Now we have some Restrictions - mask wearing mandatory for 10 days, 20 people limit in house, no movement / travel restrictions imposed by Qld, & no dancing etc.
              Cricket @50% capacity on Friday.
              Back to normal for most.

              • @the INFIDEL:

                Cricket @50% capacity on Friday
                mask wearing mandatory for 10 days

                I assume the players will be wearing masks then…

                • @jv: They can dance if they want to… (it's outside, so no masks either)

                  No mask wearing at Cricket (except moving to / from your seat at match) - just to / from Gabba.
                  Sydney match only had 25% capacity

                  Police give out masks. Wearing masks is mandated, but there isn't a penalty (yet). "Disobeying a Police Order" is a possibility if you refuse the mask twice.

  • we will alternate to online until it is safe to return to the classroom

    what if we don't want to do online classes.

    do you refund ?

    • We do have a refund policy, but this is not something that is so clear cut.

      Online is not the norm for our classes, and it would really depend on the severity of any lockdowns and impacts. We will try to be fair to all parties, and if it's a one-off online class that we have to switch to, we would expect students understand and attend, but if it's an extended period of time, and students wish to not attend while it's online, we could look at refunds for them, but they also then do not get the benefit of those classes at all. It would be one or the other, not a free online lesson.

      Our teachers will be working with students through the entire term, and the entire year. Universities have had to do similar things and adjust when things like this happen.

      We are talking what should be rare edge cases here, as we run COVID-safe lessons in class.

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