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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Dual Sim/SD865+) $1332 Delivered (HK) @ T-Dimension


Been following the Note 20 Ultra since Black Friday. Missed out on the Samsung EPP BF offer ($1249 with the $50 voucher)

Tried OW to price match Becextech unsuccessfully. Recently tumbled upon T-dimension. After researching the seller I've finally decided to pull the trigger.

The price was actually $1301 on Saturday but today it's gone up to $1332.

This is the SD865+ Version not Exynos.

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    Wait two more days for the s21

    • As in the price would go down for this?

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        It very well could…

      • The Exyons on note 20 is a lot worse than the Snapdragon 865. But next version of Exyons will be much improved so it’s worth to wait

        • Given aus will get Exynos will it not likely be sub par relative to the SD on the S21 line?

    • I couldn't agree more, wait for two more days to make an educated decision. Samsung as a android powerhouse are one of the only mobile phone manufacturers that are going to Exynos for future generation of mobile phones and this years is suppose to be groundbreaking from all sources/analysts that I have read and seen.

      Qualcomm has enjoyed many many years of undisputed no. 1 , so all source indicate that Samsung along with Exynos are bringing A game to the showdown in two days.

      It could well be that the price is sharp and competitive, so much that you would only see few hundred bucks difference to get the latest tech and updated phone model.

      Then again some people couldnt care less and for that target audience, this is an amazing price for Note 20 Ultra 5G.

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      Send me your Note10+ and I'll totally send you a Note20 ultra ASAP.

      • ok sure what is your home address, i'll do it asap

  • Any OW pricebeat on this??

    • I doubt it they will. I received the below response from customer service when I raised a price beat query for Becextech.com.au

      "I do however know that we cannot always pricematch with Becextech. They have a lot of International stock we cannot pricematch with. For us to be able to do the pricematch it needs to state clearly it is Australian stock and same model number. I would suggest trying to find another company as most of the time we cant pricematch with this company."

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        I thought Officeworks pricematched international stock.

        • Well I tried calling them 6 times without any luck. Also tried calling 3 stores with the same result.

        • They clearly don’t. It has to be an “identical stock”which of course will not be identical to most of international stock. That’s the catch!

      • the trick is to price beat becextech through the catch site

  • What is a Tobydeals replacement these days?

  • Where is stock located? Going to get hit with GST?

    • Sorry mate.. Does this mean I have to pay GST locally somehow? It's coming from Hong Kong. I'm not aware as I've never purchased stuff from overseas.

      • So did you end up getting charged GST?

  • SD > Exynos.

    As someone who went for the S9 Plus and S20 Ultra because I could not wait for the Note versions, I'd recommend waiting for the Note 21 as they would have addressed the negative feedback for the S21.

    • what's the difference between the note and s line series? Is it typically the S series came with a stylus and i felt it was bigger/more for office productivity? So for a personal user who wouldn't mind a stylus and some extra functionality it alwyas seemed more like a work geared phone, But presume as you're saying the specs are usually better?

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    My mobile.com.au selling Samsung Note 20 Ultra Mystic Bronze for $ 1393, flown in from UK. N9860 12GB 256GB SNAPDRAGON 865+.

    Black & White colours are Out of Stock at the moment.

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    I bought the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 12GB 256GB N9860 Black colour from my mobile.com.au on Australia Day for $ 1333

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    What is a Tobydeals replacement these days?

    Tobydeals NO longer in business. Tobydeals went bust caused by Covid-19.

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