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TP-Link Deco M5 (3-Pack) $182, Deco M9+ (2-Pack) $243, Deco X60 (2-Pack) $303/ (3-Pack) $424 + Delivery/Free CC @ TGG Commercial


The Deco M5 (3-pack), Deco M9 Plus (2-pack) and Deco X20 (2-pack) is available for pickup in a few Melbourne stores I've checked. The rest is delivery only.

TGG Commercial membership required

** Delivery only, no pickup available

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  • Just a heads up, I've ordered the Netgear ORBI AX4200 2 pack from TGGC, and it's been on backorder for a week, with no ETA. They're short stocked because manufacturers are having supply issues. This applies for vast majority of Wifi router/modems that are available 'ONLINE ONLY'.

    • ive had an orbi RBK50 for a year now, I don't rate it at all. one of my most regretful purchases.

      • What have been some of the downfalls of the model you have? I've seen most reviews absolutely gushing with joy about the ORBI's, and very few which are critical of the product. It'd be great to have some insight from a fellow OzBargainer. Cheers :)

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          • the app is shit (buggy, can't even tell you which node devices are using half the time).

          • the firmware updates run a 50/50 chance of messing up your orbi, so im always too scared to run the latest software, I will usually wait a few weeks to see what fellow people on whirlpool have complained about before updating anything as its impacted mine on a few updates personally.

          • Netgear only give you 90 days support, after 90 days they expect you to pay for a support ticket if you want help with troubleshooting the item (no idea how this passes ACL!)

          • Took ages for me to play with my settings to get things to work properly, had to turn the wifi power down as our laptops would bounce between AP's disconnecting internet in the process.

          • overall just not a well built product. when it works its great, and ive got mine stable at the minute but took a lot to get here.

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    WiFi 6E is on the way in some vendors already, might want to hold off on the X20/60s.

    I only just bought the Deco M5 last week for this reason.

    • Will there be a significant price difference with 6 VS 6e products?

      • Prepare your wallets.

        Linksys AXE840 2-Pack $1105
        Linksys AXE840 3-Pack $1560
        Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 $780

    • Good point!

      And with Deco's you should be able to eventually mesh them up with your future WiFi 6E Deco's.

      Next minute you'll have a Deco in each room of the home!

  • Looks like also discount for Netgear Orbi AX4200 (2 pack) $528 (RRP $899)

    • $582. You need your eyes checked. Hehe

  • I think this might be able to stack with the free TP-Link Tapo C200 promo

  • Can anyone confirm how we can set up TGG commercial account?

  • No M9 3 pack 😭

    • +1

      Absolutely, 3 pack is what you need I reckon for average 4/2 home concrete walls ,I've only the 2pack,but to buy another single is around 180-220 I've seen so far.

      So you might aswel be enticed to get a 2nd 2pair for another $50 over the single

      • Fair call, actually considering 2x 2 packs $486 now

        • Might as well get the x60 I guess?
          Unless you really needed the 4th node.

  • Can you use a single one of these as a router for NBN (HFC/FTTC)?

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      Yes, you certainly can use a single unit as a stand-alone router.

  • There is pick up available (Deco M5 x3) if you are in south Brisbane.
    Garden City, and Hyperdome has stock (so the site says).

    Ordered one for delivery anyway, too lazy to drive out.

  • Bought a second m5 3pk set for my in laws, they work brilliantly with super easy set up.

  • I do not have access to the TGG Commercial portal and only need to buy 2x Deco M5.
    Anyone buying 3 pack of deco M5 if there is no need for all 3, I am interested.

  • +1

    All of the routers are still currently in stock and at the price displayed.

  • Anyone else getting this error when selecting delivery?
    "We may not be able to deliver this item to your postcode, or you may have entered your postcode incorrectly. Please try entering your postcode in again or call your closest store to discuss delivery"

    I'm seeing this on several of the Deco models (and the Google Mesh) that are all showing as in stock at a store.

    I've tried several different NSW postcodes, plus Melbourne - same error.

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