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Xiaomi Dashcam 70mai 1S D06 - US$32.99 (~A$43.38) + Delivery A$4.34 @ Banggood


Cheaper compared to recent posts (cheapest I have seen so far). Use code at checkout for discount to apply. Enjoy!

Code found from couponsfromchina.com

Edit: Coupon use limit has been raised, price in title updated due to exchange rate difference.

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  • +6

    I had one of these and it kept talking in Chinese. It’s very annoying

    • +4

      I have the international version which is English (sane than this version). Seems to work well for me. Sometimes I get random photos taken as it’s voice activated and seems to pick up stuff from the radio.

      • +21

        Me: starts car
        70mai: "Atto-mate start recording!"

        Me: Look kids, a cow
        70mai: "Recording emergency video!"

        Me: Take picture
        70mai: …

        Me: Look kids, another cow
        70mai: "Picture taken!"

        • +1

          ahahaha , man everyday i think….. wtf are you saying ?

    • +11

      also have chinese version flashed it to english still going good after 4 years.

    • +11

      Just reminding you about your social credit score.

    • +3

      good way to pick up some Chinese

      • +4

        Walk into a Chinese restaurant and say "recording has started" lol

        • +1

          dui dui

    • +1

      you know you can flash the firmware to have eng right?

    • +2

      Click on this link to log in to the web interface of the cam ( while connected to its hotspot) and disable voice.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I've been a while waiting for a good price for the English one.

    • -1

      the English one.

      England make dashcams?

      Brexit IS working … yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • $53.68 with gst, shipping and insurance

    • +2

      au.banggood or purchasing via app seems to be including gst in the posted price.

  • -3

    Has a battery. Won't last more than a year or one summer.

    Do yourself a favour and buy a dashcam with a super capacitor unless you live in Tassie.

    • But even if the battery dies, dont' you just keep it plugged into the cigarette lighter?

      • +5

        The idea of having a battery is so there's enough juice to save the video in case of a power cut, eg an accident. If it's dead and you have an accident, it's basically a paper weight since they save in intervals or interruptions to their power source.

        Also, the batteries balloon out and break the PCB eventually in Australian heat, rendering it useless anyway.

        • +1

          a capacitor ones do same.
          My capacitor ones shuts off quickly when ignition off.
          My capacitor ones buckled under Ozzie sun too.
          There are many here has this for a few years, just read this page.

          • @Jamesx: Sounds to me like dashcams aren't consumer ready yet. Technology put to market before it is well sorted IMO.

        • which brands/models?

    • +6

      We've had ours since they first came out, it's survived 2 or 3 Melbourne summers so far .. which is much better than the previous Viofo capacitor cam we had.

        • +12

          Either lucky for us and our anecdotal, plus same for the others posting here about their actual use of the actual product, combined with a total of zero google search results and many 100's of Amazon reviews, none of which indicate a problem with battery failure type fires

          … or something else related to personal opinions.

          • +4

            @Wolfy: +1 here, I have the same 1st model, and still running well for 4 years under QLD weather. Cars always park outside, except when shopping for groceries on the weekend where the car has the luxury to park in the basement.

    • +7

      Had the 70mai pro for like 3 years now and still running strong in Sydney.
      I do dashcam install and from my experience these 70mai seems to last longer compare to the viofo even though the 70mai use battery compare to capacitor in viofo

    • +5

      You are wrong, mine lasted 3 summers already. Still all good.

    • +1

      I'll be sure to let our two know they should've died six months ago and they should stop working just fine

    • What webcam do you recommend looking out for in that case?

    • +1

      I've had one for 3 years and the battery is still fine after a few Sydney Summers. My previous Mini 0801 used a battery too and that lasted 4 years before I replaced it.

  • +1

    Does it have a battery or a capacitor? If battery, then no deal.

  • +1

    Comes up as US$37.37

    • uncheck shipping insurance for US$36.29

      • +1

        pay via paypal and you get free return shipping if its a lemon or damaged

        no point paying extra $ to the vendor that comes straight out of your pocket.

        see HERE for more info

  • +2

    Looking for a dashcam after a hoon almost hit me head on because he was using his phone while driving on the opposite side. Which is the go-to OzBargain dashcam? People above are saying "if battery, then no deal". Is that true? I'm in Melbourne.

    • +3

      Viofo is the go to dash cam on ozbargain.

      • which vio

        • +1

          Too many options to choose from and what you want and your price point.

          But these days probably the A129 series including duo, plus and pro. Be aware that the USB cable connecting front to rear camera is not interchangeable between the a129 duo/pro and plus.

    • +1

      This one is good value.

      • -3

        If it dies in a year, it's not quite good value, is it?

        • +6

          Had mine for a couple of years

        • +4

          Except pretty much everybody here is saying that doesn't happen, including me.

    • -3

      In Australia you need a super capacitor to survive the heat, not a battery.

      • +1

        Don't know who are those idiots who downvoted you. Lithium battery under the hot Australian summer sun will die. OK if you live in northern Europe. Capacitor is the way to go in Australia.

    • +6

      Our Viofo cam (the so called Ozbargain favorite) died rather quickly, this one has lasted a few years … so far.
      I'd have no hesitation buying another of these, will not buy another Viofo.

      … ours talks Chinese to us … at random intervals … for no reason I understand, but I find it amusing rather than a reason not to buy one.

      • do you talk back?

    • I have the G1W-C 1080P HD Car Dash Camera for 5 years, 2 in Sydney and 3 in Melbourne. Parked outside in the sun for around 3 years. No issues so far. No battery no fuss. Night footage a bit lacking though.

  • Had this for at least a year (from a previous deal on here). Month or so ago it just started telling me any card I tried in it was no good, and I need to format or replace.
    May record for a day, few hours, or only few seconds then give the error. 4 different cards, including the original one that worked. Bummer.

  • This camera just never die. I have been using mine since 4 years ago, still tough as fu*k. It is cheap but just good quality, except it talks in Chinese… very happy with it.

    Personally I won’t pay this kind of camera for hundreds.

  • +5

    I have two of these (one for the front and back). I bought and used them when we had a road trip to Mungo National Park for Christmas 2019. Under the 50+ degrees heat, they held up very well. It did the job but I was and still am not a fan of the random pics it take for unknown reason. Even when the radio is off and no one is speaking in the car, it will just take a pic. Video quality wise, they were great. In terms of battery, it is true it's useless unless it's constantly plugged in so for those after a security dashcam when the engine is off, you can forget about it. One final issue I have is it has a tendency to corrupt the memory card for unknown issues. This was quite annoying when you lose footages from your road trips in the outback. Overall, it's probably a good urban dashcam that does the job but I'd be looking for something else that's more durable.

    • +1

      How do you plug your back cam in?

      • tell me too

      • That's the easy part. I used suction cup mounts instead of using the sticker that came with the cams so they remained portable. For the back, the mount had a longer arm. It was stuck on the side glass panel (it was an SUV) so it remained stationery. It was unconventionally horizontal-ish so I was worried gravity and rough bumps will obliterate the idea but it surprisingly held well, with the exception of a few huge jumps where it did fall (but I was having fun in the desert!). Meanwhile the front remained in tact so that was good too. I suppose it's easier if you have a sedan(?) but definitely use the suction cup mounts. You can buy these suckers online.

    • +3

      puts tinfoil hat on

      who here likes conspiracy theory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      its the chinese government capturing photo's via GPS/At Random and then uploading them to chinese servers via Public Wifi that the camera is set-up from stock to "auto join".

      takes a few photos here and there , then next time you pass a wifi hotspot (i.e maccas) it connects and sends away.

      takes tinfoil hat off

      • What are they doing with the pictures? Making their own tourism brochures?

        • +3

          CCP maps

      • It would be laughable if not even remotely the craziest of things they do get up too.

    • Must be the chinese govt spying on your location :D

      • +1

        LOL. Time to learn Mandarin especially with these political nonsense going on.

  • +2

    Is there a hardwiring kit for this dashcam? Not keen on using the cigarette lighter socket.

    • +2

      You could wire it to PowerBank and just swap powerbanks every so often - It takes standard DC5V 1A (charging takes 2A i.e fast charge).

      • This is interesting, I've never heard of this being done.

    • You can buy these from jaycar. Just find the suitable cable and hardware it to your head unit.

      • Did not know this, thanks for that. I'll have a look for it next time.

  • +1

    Had mine for 4 years, it still works fine and talks to me in Mandarin. OK but wouldn't buy again.

    • +1

      are you fluent in mando now?

      • This is the way.

    • I flashed English firmware into it and it talks to me in English.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, will give this one a go. Time to replace the old dashcam. Have a Mandarin speaker to help if/when it starts talking to me…

  • +1

    This seems like a very old model with people here saying they bought one like 4 years ago? Is it better to wait for newer model or just buy now?

  • +1

    Can someone tell me if this is easy to remove?

    I was to disconnect it after each travel and put it in the glovebox…

  • +2

    You can reduce the sensitivity in the setting but I suspect some of you must be shouting all the time while driving, I had mine for 4 years and it never take picture itself, only video when I run over a pothole.

  • Expired. Coupon input says the code only works 100 times.

    • +2

      I have added more times.

      • +1

        can you discount the pro version? :D https://au.banggood.com/70mai-Midrive-D02-Dash-Cam-Pro-1944P...

        also when is the english version coming back in stock?


        • +3

          I will post deal when the english version come back in stock.

          • +1

            @banggood: how long will it be?

            I was thinking just ordering russian version as someone said the text is in english?

            also how much :DDD

            thanks rep

  • Thank you, ordered one.

    Got a viofo in the family car, getting this for my little commuter.
    Lets see which lasts longer.

  • +1

    Thanks bought one, this is my third purchase..two still going strong.. just works.

  • +1


    Here is the quality of the video. It's unreal at that price point.

    • is this what good quality video looks like? or is it only at this price point ($50)?

      you can't make out the number plates until the car is literally kissing the car.

      i'm keen to buy but not sure now

      • This is the best quality you will get at any price point.

  • +3

    The pro version with much higher resolution is only $70 aud delivered


    around $20 more I think i'll go with the pro version, russian version but apparently text is in english, even if it isn't i'm just i can use a translate app to set it up

  • Item Subtotal: $64.42
    Shipping Fee: $4.34
    GST: $4.77
    Coupon Discount: -$21.04
    Total Payment: $52.49

    Via the Banggood app on on Android. What is it that I'm missing?

    • weird how you're getting charged gst on the app, maybe try the posted deal link on a browser as gst is also removed on the au.banggood.com site.

    • Had the same experience, ended up purchasing on the website

  • Hi ALL,

    Where can I order an extra mount . Please see link to what I am after


  • buys dashcam from bangood so I can see who bangs me good on the road.

  • +2

    CHAI MAI TAICHI DUCHI! …. This camera has lasted for 4 hot summers no battery issues at all… I recently flashed it to English though using the instructions here:


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