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[Switch, Pre Order] Cyber Shadow $22.50 (Was $30.00) @ Nintendo eShop


This is a special pre-order price. The game releases on the 26th of January, and the sale ends a day before. You can watch a trailer here. It's being published by Yacht Club Games, and it looks pretty damn good.

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    Just to check - this is being published by Yacht Club Games, not developed by them, right?

    So we shouldn't necessarily expect the same as Shovel Knight, though I guess their high standard might extend to their published games?

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      True. In fact we shouldn't preorder games in general. I'll hold off and if it's good, get it at the next sale after I've read some reviews.

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      Yacht Club Games were impressed by what they saw and approached the developer to publish it.

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      ughh, huge respect for yacht club games for shovel knight but I think this one is developed by mechanical head studios.

      have this game on wishlist on steam since 2019 but the other cyber-game reminded me a very good lesson to never preorder video games;)

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        the other cyber-game

        Hey, Cyber Protocol was great if bought on sale!

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    Also on Game Pass (Xbox/PC) at launch if you have it.


      Up now!


    I wish this game would get a physical release :(


      It still could, just not at launch unfortunately.