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Prescription Sunglasses (UV Tint + Scratch Resistant) $39 + Shipping @ Specsavers


Was looking for prescription sunglasses.
Got the free eye check at a Specsavers physical store (Medicare card required).
Got them to print the Prescription out for me.
Tried on the $39 frames at the store, and noted the code for the one I liked (sticker on the fake glass).

Measured my PD with this video -

Went online (use the link from the deal), chose the same frame, added the prescription details, chose Sunglasses in the Lens option - Gray/Brown colour choice, UV tint, Scratch Resistant etc - available for $0 now. The store wanted to charge me $30 extra for these.

Shipping was $4.95 to Melbourne - so a total of $43.95 for powered sunnies shipped !! Enjoy !

PS :
1. Took approx 15 days for it to get dispatched though (with an email reminder), and delivery took an extra day from Port Melbourne. Store said it could take a month for an order placed through them.
2. No medical insurance required at any stage in this deal.

Pics of the ones I got:

The model is:

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    Nice deal.
    I wish they had a better range of frames though at the price.

    • Someone mentioned that these $39 frames change every month or so.. and they're old stock, left-overs of sorts.. someone else can confirm though..

  • +2

    Cannot proceed as it says "To make sure that the glasses you have selected are right for you we recommend that one of our eyecare professionals gets in touch with you to assist with your we will be in touch shortly to complete your order."

    • You must have a big script +-3?

      • Unfortunately yes.

      • I have a -4.75 script and it processed fine.

        • +1

          I have same problem. -7. I think upto -6 falls within standard glass range.

          • @Arrows: Yeah, same here. Standard lenses will be too thick for -7 prescription. You'll need high index lenses, which are thinner but significantly more expensive. No way they can make such glasses for $39

            • +1

              @doperst: Yeah. Specsaver charges 280 for the thinnest:/

    • What type of frame?

      • See the new links i've added to the description..

  • $120 for thin and light upgrade. No thanks! Guess I'm gonna see how comfortable the standard lenses are for my blind -4.25 eyes.

    • Received mine today. Honestly, pretty impressed for $35. Definitely won't be upgrading to the thinner lens next time. These are totally fine with standard lens for my prescription.

      • Does the lens not protrude out of the frame on the sides? I have -4.5 in my right eye and would love to see a photo of the glasses you received, if you can, thanks.

  • +1

    How dark are the sunglasses done this way?

    • +1

      I got gray, it's neither too dark nor too light.. it feels just right .. i don't have to squint to see in today's Melbourne sunlight, and it isn't difficult to see indoors either..

  • +1

    Ordered. Thanks Op.
    Hopefully better than the Clearly ones which arrived with cracked lenses.

  • +3

    thanks OP, now I won't miss any PS5 deals

  • Great deal. Very cheap for prescription sunnies!
    I had a look at HCF app to see if you can claim these on health fund and it says you can't based on mid extras coverage. Still very cheap though.

  • Does anyone know where I can buy category 1 UV tinted glasses? Like those that are used for ski/snowboarding but in casual styles?
    Have a family member who's had laser corrective surgery and gets terrible glare and in result bad headaches from even small amounts of sun.
    So far haven't been able to find any at all that aren't $600+ and look like diving goggles.

    • +1

      So you don't recommend laser surgery?

      • It was very beneficial and fixed their very poor deteriorating sight.
        Glare is a common and documented side effect that can happen.

        The surgery involved laser correction and application of literal glass lenses in the eye.
        So glare is to be expected, but I guess her sensitivity to it seems to be higher than others.

  • +9

    Every couple of years I go into Specsavers with the expectation that I'll just get the $199 or $299 for 2 pair deals.
    Every time I come out spending $600+ after being told that those are for standard prescription and not the myriad of crazy things wrong with my eyes.
    Damn you media propaganda

    • Exactly with my wife as well, never the cheap ones always ends up $700 or so.

    • Go to Costco! My $700+ script is around $300-400 at Costco.

  • If only recenlty I had my eyetest at another store, can I just get another test for free at Specsavers? Otherwise they won't sell me prescription glasses, I guess.

    • +1

      Eyetest is once per 12 months at any store total

      • +2

        I've just looked up, it's once every three years if you're under 65.

        I guess I should be able to get my most recent result from the store they tested my eye.

        • +2

          I have been told by an optometrist at Specsavers that they will test your eyes and bulk bill regardless. She said I could literally come in once a week to get tested and they will still bulk bill. Not sure how they manage to do it but apparently they can.

          I am under 65 and have had my eyes tested twice in 13 months, both were bulk billed.

  • +3

    Am I missing something? Isn't $39 just the regular price?

    • +1

      I’m guessing free Uv tint and anti scratching features?

    • +1

      yeah, i think it is the regular price, the deal is always there

    • It isn't free coating in store.

  • still good without prescription? and just use as sunglasses?

  • +4

    Not for me. I have -7 in both eyes. The website says that someone wanna contact me for my purchase, :(

    • +1

      I won't bother trying for my -9 or my daughter's -23 then.

      • Definitely not. With such high power, its better to do it from specsaver or opsm in-store. The thinest is 280 at specsaver.

      • woah i didn't know you can go upto -23 :O

        • She sets records for most optoms she sees, but there are cases of over -100 that can be corrected with lenses.

    • Hey! fellow -7 :(

    • I also get the same message for my -6.25 (rounded to -6.5) and -5.00 script

  • i got mine free from OPSM just before Christmas because of health fund (? free $150/ year i believe). I feel OSPM is so expensive compared to Specsaver and will never go back again (the sunglasses is good though).

    • I opted to getting a $39 pair each year from SpecSavers over having Extras cover, it's a shame that Extras isn't good like it was 10yrs ago.

  • Does anyone have amy recommendations on how to get access to the script you got in past 12 months from SpecSavers, I don't have my receipt anywhere.

    I would go inside and ask, but it would be a little awkward to go in and ask for something to order online.

    • +5

      I don't think it would be an issue to go in and ask for a copy of your prescription. It shouldn't be awkward at all. You're just asking for your own medical records.

    • +1

      Ring them instead and ge them to email it to you

    • +3

      I called them and they emailed it to me. It was no issue.

    • +1

      Here's a trick my friend.

      Go in and get ur eye tested. Then show them the online only promotion on their website (25% off over $149) and ask for a 'price match'. Definitely gonna got refused. Then let them print out ur prescription, murmuring 'oh what a shame, I'll have to order online now' and get outta there.

    • I always ask for a copy of my prescription all the time. Also, I've called many times to ask for prescription and I've never had issues. You an even tell them that you need it to buy from another shop ;)

  • We'd like to assist you with this purchase

    For your type of prescription we want to make sure we get everything right. Click the button below and we'll have an experienced staff member contact you to complete your order.

    won't let me purchase it… T_T

  • +2

    I've got my last few sets from eyebuydirect when they have buy one get one free and 20% off sales, I got my eye check at opsm and just asked them to put the PD on the script the first time. I usually get 2 pairs for about $120 or so with gradiant tinting, anti reflective, blue light blocking on normal glasses etc.

    • gradient tinting? is that the transitions

  • I don't think they have an option for a multifocal sunnies?

  • +1

    Saying prescription unavailable online.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. All seemed to work well for me. My prescription +4.5 and went through ok.
    I’ll keep them in the car.
    Have to be better than the Zenni/Clearly junk I’ve bought in the past

    • I read that specsavers manufactures here in Port Melbourne.. can't fault the quality of the pair I got..

      plus, there's all kinds of care and warranties mentioned on the receipt - 3 months of comfort, 2 years of manufacturing defects, lifetime of adjustment, cleaning.. also makes you choose a physical Specsavers store for after care… if you don't like them, i'm sure you can do something about it

      • +5

        Port Melbourne is a collections depot. Specsavers manufactures everything a click away in the land of manufacturing. Try to bring em one of their own frames that u nvr used, n they will tell u they won’t relens it. Or charge u an arm and a leg for fitment charges cause the postage back to land of manufacture costs them more than anything. All data is held in that overseas country. That’s why they don’t even get to do the defence contracts any longer aft Opsm lost em 10 years back.
        A local optometry practice can do single vision in 2 days. Specsavers takes 2 weeks? Go figure.
        Source: optometrist 15 years experience in chain stores

        • yes, once I brought back the frames that I had bought from specsavers the previous year wanting my new lenses in the same frames, and they said it would be +$100 for a "fitting fee" despite them still selling the very same frame! Despite this though I think they are still the cheapest brick & mortar glasses store in Brisbane (for me who needs high index 1.67 and also usually get transitions)

  • +1

    Ask the optometrist for the PD when you get the test.
    I go to OPSM and I’m honest with the optometrist and tell them I want to buy online, they are perfectly happy with doing it (and should be seeing you pay, via Medicare, for it)

  • My local store actually offered me free uv&tint. But the frames in store are not impressive so I didn't purchase any.

  • +1

    This tip is for private health customers:

    I got my prescription and PD last time my eyes were checked and this year I just wanted to use my $200 Medibank limit.

    So I ordered online 2 really nice pairs and used cash rewards at which will give you a receipt with the item numbers from your health insurance provider.

    Claimed the $200 and got $10 tracked from cash rewards .
    Now i still had to pay for my cover but had I not used the benefit I wouldn’t have new glasses or the $10

    • Ordered online from Specsavers? Because I think Medibank don’t cover some other online sites.

      • +1 let me select my fund and gave me an itemised invoice so I could claim via the Medibank app ..worked a treat

        Also don't buy any coatings and some of those frames are a bargain.

  • +1

    I'm a bit confused - if the sunglasses order is from Specsavers, would they be resistant to giving you a prescription with the PD included? I have a prescription with them already, I'm wondering if I could go in and ask for the details and then just order the sunnies…?

    • Yes, you can do that.

    • See above same query. Just call them and get them to email it to you. I have done that with no issues. Make sure you ask for them to also provide the PD as mine was missing so I had to email them again to ask for it separately.

  • How do I change the prescription on a 2nd pair?

  • Is anti reflective coating same as blue light blocking? Ordered the $43 set up (clear lens) but choosing anti-reflective would have been extra $50 which I opted out of

    • +4

      2 completely different things. Blue light blocking either refers to the blue filter on the lens or the coating absorbing the blue light (HEV). Understand what u r buying: blue light filters need to filter 405nm to 420nm (HEV). Anti-reflective does not/may not have that ability to filter any UV. It just cuts out reflections. Get ur optometrist to test what u have bought; half the stuff sold online doesn’t even cut up to UV400 and yet claim to be blue light blocking.
      Source: independent optometrist 15 years experience

      • reflections. Get ur optometrist to test what u have bought; half the stuff

        How does one request to test? What do say

    • former is jus anti-glare(?)

  • +1

    Not working if you have any cylinder figures to enter it seems.

    • +1

      I'm running into the same problem. Have you figured out a workaround?

      Edit: I ended up calling my local specsavers store. They initially wanted to charge an extra $30 for the sunglass option but agreed to match the online price so I got a pair for $39.

      • Noice !

  • -2

    Seems like no more $39 sunglasses!

    • +1

      Can't see any sunnies at all.

    • May be the ones who negged can reply with a link of prescription sunglasses for $39?

      • Choose any of the 'normal' frames, you can put sunglass lenses into them.

  • +1

    Thanks Op. spent many hundreds of dollars in store at Specsavers over the years. Mind you was always happy with the outcome. Love my Costco hearing aids and the after sales support is superb but their Optometry service is not great. This is just brilliant though.

  • Don't forget Shopback 6% :) Great deal

    Can I simply enter any script or do I actually need to upload it as proof?

    • no proof required

  • +1

    This must be a record for first time poster (L). 426 likes and counting, and they didn't start with "first time post, take it easy on me"

    Well explained, great post.

    • +1

      "long time lurker, first time poster".. lol

  • For those of you have Health Insurance, let say you claim you free glasses from Specsaver nearly end of last year, 2020 and thinking not to claim the free Prescription glasses in 2021, you are actually able to claim a free Prescription Sun Glass using your Health Insurance for the 2021.

  • The biggest lurk with SS plus others is $100 extra for polarised.

    • $100 for polarised is cheap, everywhere else I went wanted significantly more. A pair of ray-bans polarised was going to cost me $480, unreal.

      I bought 2 pairs at Specsavers just before 31/12 and polarised was $70 a pair, $199 for the 2 frames, lenses etc.

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