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Mechanical Backlit RGB Gaming Keyboard - $39 @ Kmart


RGB, Blue Switches, Palm rest.

Is it any good? I dunno but it's cheap and on-par with the Kogan price! (when on special)

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  • Want to know as well

  • Have one and works fine
    Actually quite good

  • a 40 bux kmart mechanical backlit. Capitalism is some crazy shit.

  • Everyday price.

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  • IMO gamers usually won’t cheap out. If a cheap keyboard is required just get the cheapest, doesn’t need to be a RBG gaming keyboard. I’d be interested to see how this stacks up against some of the gaming keyboards I own however.

  • I have one. It's ok. The keys are loud and clicky. Quite annoying for anyone else in the room, but that's what you get with blues.

    I have an issue with mine, some of the keys get stuck in the down position from time to time which is annoying - luckily for me, this only happens on some lesser used keys like 0.

    Good value, but probably would not buy again because of the sticking issue.

    • Just return and rebuy/refund.

      The good thing about kmart becoming a glorified ebay dropshipper store is their returns.

  • I have this, but the red switch version:

    It's not bad- much better than a membrane, and not too dissimilar from the cherry reds i've used in the past.

  • Can the armrest bit be permanently removed without making the keyboard rock about?

    • You talking about the wrist rest?
      Per item description :

      Engineered with full anti-ghosting keys, this mechanical backlit gaming keyboard will provide you with high accuracy and speed while playing games.

      Product Details
      Colour: Black
      All-metal plate
      Detachable wrist rest
      12 multimedia keys
      Blue switch keys
      Full anti-ghosting keyboard, ideal for various games
      Storage custom backlit patterns
      Supports Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or later

  • Was gonna buy one but they use blue switches like the keyboard I have so loud af typing.

  • kmart mechanical keyboard? kek

  • Lmao, I bought it on a whim while I was at kmart because my KBP V80 was acting up..

    Switches are very different from my Alps on the KBP, and I'd prefer the alps if they weren't so unreliable, but that's because I prefer the feel of Alps over any cherry switches. The switches on these feel nice enough, just like any other set of blue switches.

    The keyboard is very light, and feels hollow, but you don't notice that on your desk.

    After my KBP died I'm not really buying the idea that more expensive keyboards will last longer.

    Some of the RGB effects are hillariously over the top, love it. Each key has a single colour LED so there's not going to get a single colour effect..

    • But it's Alps? I thought they had less lifespan to begin with compared to Cherry style switches. 10 million cycles vs 50 or 100 million cycles?

      At least that's the gist I got, I have heard people looking for parts for their Alps keyboard etc etc as well, and the fact that Alps switches are not in production…
      I dunno. I have heard good things about Matias keyboards that apparently uses a clone of Alps switch.

  • Holy …., I just bought this keyboard today and to be honest this is the loudest keyboard I have ever had. When I'm typing it just sounds like the whole music band is playing