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ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 / 14" FHD / Gen11 Intel i5-1135G7 / 512GB SSD / 16GB RAM / Backlit / 1-Year Onsite Warranty / $999 @ Lenovo


Another nice deal from the folks at Lenovo. Apply eCoupon TA-E14-HNY at checkout for the discount. Note that these units are pre-built and will ship within 2 weeks from Sydney. Bonus is the free 1-year onsite warranty for peace of mind. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5pm daily) with any questions. Ends 11:59pm AEDT 17/01/21, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • 11th Gen Intel i5-1135G7 CPU
  • 14" FHD WVA (1920 x 1080)
  • 512GB SSD M.2 PCIe
  • 16GB DDR4 SODIMM 3200MHz
  • 324mm x 220mm x 17.9mm (1.64kg)

Use Cashrewards for 3.5% cashback on ThinkPad E Series. Ensure last click before purchase is from this link.

Lenovo TA codes are exclusive to Cashrewards and will not commission elsewhere.

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  • +2

    HNY? Happy New Year? Honey? Horny?

    • Must have forgotten the C between H and N.

    • Chinese New Year is in early Feb

  • +4

    in b4 250 Nits comments

  • +6

    250 nits only - beaten by 22 seconds

  • +4

    Only Single Channel RAM - 1 SODIMM slot only :(

    • None soldered to board?

  • +1

    Good deal but I'm looking for a ThinkPad E15. Any deals on those?

    • +2

      Lenovo Education has the E15 for $962.

      Same rubbish screen 250 nits. Also has one year onsite warranty.

      • I checked the educational store and ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 11th Gen IntelĀ® i5-1135G7 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD comes out to $1,201.85

        • +1

          Yep they've bumped the price since I posted.

          Just shows how variable Lenovo's pricing can be.

  • +1

    Pretty okay/acceptable price for those needing an Intel laptop for the thunderbolt port, and that the iGPU no longer bad and rather acceptable (although gaming performance for some games still depend on driver optimisations). Fairly good for those not needing productivity/heavy multiyhreaded workloads.

  • Given they don't list colour gamut, I presume this is a washed out semi-greyscale 62% rgb / 45% NTSC panel?

    Otherwise a great laptop.

  • +1

    Oh no, I am looking for a E14 but I am now an AMD convert, so this is a no go.
    Will we have an E14 AMD deal soon?

  • +1

    I purchased 3 of these late last year with amd processor.
    The base bezel is huge. It does not look very nice at all.

  • +1

    Hi @tightarse, can you crack a deal for Thinkpad L or T series?

  • Is the 250 nit actually that bad?
    Won't be using it outdoors. Just inside.

    • 250 nits is good enough for indoor use and most of Lenovo n HP models are with 250nits 45% NTSC only.

    • +1

      It's pretty bad.
      And I'm someone who once wanted to say that 250 was fine.
      Under a deck surrounded on 3 sides by high density black shade material the display failed to delivery on my recent Lenovo machine.
      To be clear, the environment I describe is darker than most rooms with windows to outside, so the conditions should have favoured the display.

      In any room that has a window to outside the same or worse issues could occur.

      I'll get by with what I have, but and a clear convert now, totally agreeing that they need to move away from the 250 nit displays.

      Not a total show stopper, but it is an issue.
      If you're going to be operating in a room with closed curtains, yeah it will be fine.

    • I have a few laptops, lowest screen brightness is 300 nits. I also mainly use indoors and I pretty much use it all the time at min brightness, if not a little higher. Outdoors 300 nits is fine at full brightness.

  • +1

    The AMD machines last year around this price on special had dual channel ram and double the CPU cores.
    They're not on special no, buy if they were.. I'd be going that way.

  • would rather get a macbook air m1 from apple edu, no fan + long battery life + great customer services and supports + nice screen + light weight etc for just a few hundred bucks extra

    • +5

      But then you couldn't use MS Paint

    • +5

      Haha yeah man just buy apple shit! Enjoy doing nothing on it.

    • +2

      Good call. Intel mobile chips are crap.

  • Damn, wish it was a 1366x768 screen to go with the 250 nits brightness lol

  • +2

    I got the e15 gen 2 intel with mx450 and the 300nit touch screen. Being using it for a few weeks now, great laptop : )

    • How much did you pay for it.

      • +1

        $1246 after Cashreward cashback on cyber Monday

  • +1

    Fn where Ctrl should be = yuck

    • Yeah that's annoying but you do get used to it. Similar to the off-centre touchpad.

  • Possible to go 32G ram?

    • Lookslike it but it would be single chip (1 slot)

  • Intel?? No…give me AMD (fabricated by TSMC)

    • Lots of reasons I agree but even the incoming Zen 3 Cezanne laptops won't support USB4 so there are intel advantages at the right price.

  • +2

    Hey TA,
    Any deals with the MX450 eg the 20TA002WAU model ?

    This would then be a perfect combo for new computer science/software engineering uni students as they can do programming PLUS intro data science (which needs NVIDIA for CUDA programming) as well as mid-range gaming.

    • Great request, and something I plan to use a new laptop for (but would spend extra for a >250nits screen). Is the MX450 supported by Cuda toolkit though? It's not listed on Nvidia GPU list but is listed on Wikipedia list. I know of GPU's missing from both lists, and know features like NVENC were cut from MX series so hoping this is confirmed compatible with developer kits

      • +1

        I've tested the MX450 with cuda and nvidia-smi - compute capability 7.5, though the 2Mb memory means big complex networks won't train (out of memory). But ok for "small" datasets.

        • If it works for prototyping while away from my workstation that's ideal. Hopefully TA may come up with some killer deal to counter the very popular edu store S540 promo.

          Noticed 10% CashRewards on all Lenovo at the moment unless I'm mistaken. It was showing 'up to' with different rates per product line a few days ago

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal Mr TA,

    I went to order one and it says preorder for delivery in March, however the deal says dispatched in 2 weeks. Anyone know which it is?

    • No worries. I have email confirmation from Lenovo that these will definitely be shipped to buyers within 2 weeks :)

      • +1

        Thanks again!

  • is WVA wide viewing angle, or vertical alignment?

    • wide viewing angle

      • is it IPS then?

  • TA, just opened lenovo chat, they mentioned this was not available for early shipping? Can you confirm? Thanks

    • I already have here.

  • hey TA - the promo code still worked for the discount this morning despite being valid til midnight last night, any idea if this just means it'll be slow on the shipping side of things?

    ps thanks for these, this is thinkpad #3 in our current 'fleet' to join an E570 and E495 and 3 of my extended family all bought one of the E495 deals ~12 months ago too, so we're definitely getting some mileage out of your work :P

    • FYI, it got delivered this morning…. i'm impressed :D

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