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KOO Elite Weighted Blanket (All Sizes) $39 (RRP $160) @ Spotlight (VIP Membership Required)


Received from a spotlight email.
Really good deal for a 9kg weighted blanket. It’s for 2 days only and starts on Saturday.

The recommended weighted blankets should be 10% of your body weight.

3.45 kg is ideal for 20-35 kg body weight
4.99 kg is ideal for 35-60 kg body weight
6.8 kg is ideal for 60-80 kg body weight
9.07 kg is ideal for 80-110 kg body weight

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          • @Matt99: It's not a cover, I bought the all seasons bundle and a bamboo cover but I only use the bamboo blanket, gave the other one away it was too hot.

            • @dealbreaker: The fabric that covers the beads is the bamboo part according to this review I'm considering this bamboo blanket, but suspicious after getting a cooling bamboo mattress cover that is cool to the touch, but after 10 mins feels as hot as normal.

              • @Matt99: the bamboo definitely conducts heat better to the glass beads, but once they are warm the blanket will feel warm. Similar to how if you touch something wooden it doesn't feel cold but if you touch metal it feels cold, both are at room temperature, but metal only feels cold because it conducts your heat away quickly. maybe try find a cheaper bamboo one but I do think the bamboo makes a difference. Bamboo sheet over a normal weighted blanked != Bamboo weighted blanket. Or it's all in my head. You could try something like

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          $300 is a bit of a dealbreaker

    • Ive been really curious how warm they got compared to my cheap bamboo weighted blanket I didn't really wan to take advantage of free returns how warm do you have your room for it to be cool using it?

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    I know the reviews are hit and miss, but for $39 what the hell right?

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    I used the promo code 10GIFT and got another $10 off so total was $41.99 delivered.

    • Damn, saw this 1 min later haha. But by then the click and collect was sold out 🤣.

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      Thanks! added $1 item to make $30 click and collect.

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    Code : BIRTHDAY10
    $10 off and 7% CB with ShopBack

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    • Now that is a good deal! It was $29 and I had to add $2 egg poaching cups to enable click and collect (min $30)

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        I added a $1 face washer ;-)

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      Think 7% CB will be declined in this case. "Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack"

  • Thanks OP - got one!

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  • how do you even clean this. Looks like a putting a dumbell right into the washing machine

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      Hang it on the close line and hose it down with a high pressure washer 🤣

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      You wash it by hand.
      It will be destroyed by a washing machine. And a couple of kg of tiny glass beads in there will probably destroy your washing machine too.

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    Had to pay $13 delivery as no store stock
    But got the above $10 off

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    I got one of these about 12 months ago and now I can’t sleep without it.

    Haha, be careful you don’t get addicted like me. Now I’m buying the lower weight blankets to wean myself off.

    • Why do you need to wean yourself? Why not just enjoy something you like?

      • Because it is difficult to take with me when travelling.

        • Also wouldn't be able to sleep with a normal one then lol

          Don't think it's a necessary item but seems like a bit of a following.

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    These types of blankets are legen… weight for it…

    • +8

      … dairy? Sorry for milking the joke…

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        These puns are so ccrap

  • I can't decide if I'll buy or not. I'll decide when I wake up later.

    • In the same boat, would like to try one before purchasing.

      • I already have one from the previous ALDI deal. I just want a spare and this price seems like a very good deal.

        • How did you like the Aldi one? Did you get the 6kg or 9kg?

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            @ccrap: I got the 6.8kg. I absolutely love it! I thought it would be too hot to use during the summer but I’m still using it now. It’s twice the price compared to this deal but it came with a cover.

    • Wake me up before you go go!

    • You snooze you lose..
      The local sold out which is good as totally unnecessary (personally)

  • Why not

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    Got one thanks, $41.99 del.

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    Ordered midnight click and collect. Woke up 6:30 already refunded and no stores have stock… Lol

    • 1 store in SA has store half an hour ago, now it's gone.

  • Ordered one with $10 off, thanks op

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    Just a heads up that there's no stock anywhere of the 9kg ones.

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    Use this code for another $10 off


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    Charcoal 9kg out of stock for delivery. Let’s you add to cart but once you get to payment screen it takes you back to the home page saying the item from your cart was removed due to insufficient stock.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one - click and collect.

  • What if you don't like it? can you return?

  • I am holding out for a 70kg one to train me for Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

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    Kmart have one for $49 personally I'll go with theirs.

    • $10 better?
      Top and bottom cover: Polyester
      Filling: Polyester and silicate beads

      Edit: l
      Probably similar quality and materials, no mention of bamboo

    • I have one from Kmart too. Hard to say the difference when I haven't tried this one but the Kmart one is bigger: 150 x 200cm (7kg only @Kmart) vs 121 x 182cm (6.8kg equivalent at Spotlight)

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    Picked up a grey 6.8kg from Albert Park SA. Had about 10 off the 9kg in pink and a couple of 6.8kg. Heaps of the 3.45kg.

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    So how do the weighted blankets work? Are you meant you use these additionally on top of your normal blanket? Or would this just be too hot? Or too heavy?

    Do you put a doona cover on these the same way you would a normal blanket? Or is it kinda used more as a throw?

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      Also interested, probably don't need (like most stuff on here) but could get before sell out. Probably get bit less than half a years use out Of it in Qld.. imagine just put on top, or under empty quilt cover between that and sheet.

      Kogan one looks better

      • +4

        Yeah Kogan things usually “look” ok until you actually receive them and start using them…

        • Happy with The Xiaomi X1 fan
          The materials looked better ie bamboo and RRP 300$. Hard to know z hot in Qld anyway.

          Could have got one spotlight Mt Gravatt may sell out fast

          • @G-rig: Xiaomi is a known brand, Ovela is Kogan's in house brand.

            • @Vool: Yeah fair enough, not sure what can go wrong with a blanket but fair point, ha
              Hot anyway in QLD so stuff it.

              Ps. Never heard of Coo Elite either.. I doubt Myer/DJ sell it. It's all hit and miss just like Aldi electronics, down to the individual item I suppose.

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    Thanks for this OP. I bought the smaller one for $46 a couple years ago and upgraded just now to the bigger 9kg. The 5kg is physically tiny and doesn’t really cover you, it’s sized for a child. It’s fine for putting over another blanket for the weight, but it’s really too small for an adult. Something to consider!

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    Placed my order at 12:15am and it was cancelled + refunded just 30min later.

    Anybody else got theirs cancelled?

    • Yes cancelled and refunded just now. Ordered at 0730 when there was in store stock. Clearly I needed to front up to the store to get the stock first.

    • I ordered two at 1am, just got shipping confirmation.
      I got the small one in two colours though for a small child.

      • Mine were both the 4.99kg ones. There were 5 grey at Box Hill when I ordered for C&C.

    • I bought mine at about 8:30-9 today, no refund yet but the order still saying processing

      So yay me hopefully?

      Also forgot to mention using ShopBack gave $2.03 back so basically free shipping

      • Which code did you use?

        • BIRTHDAY10

          I just searched up spotlight coupons and came across the organised house wife website for $10 off when you sign in or something

          If it doesn’t work just make a new account

          • @Chirse: Okay wow just cancelled my order after 6 hrs

    • Placed mine at same time delivered and was also refunded today.

  • Excellent spot, friend. Thanks.

  • +2

    Spotlight is such a shambles of a store, few months ago bought a throw online and paid shipping, they sent the wrong colour. Returned it as it was wrong colour but they would NOT refund shipping.

    Thought to give them another try in store today with one of these weighted blankets, they had a heap of them mixed in with the ones with the washable cover which are $70, i didn't know this until after paying.

    The checkout girl refunded the $70, then says yes this has happened heaps of times already today DURRR

    • Southport store was honouring washable cover for $39

  • -1

    9kg weighted blanket is sold out.

  • 9kg sold out SA wide

  • +1

    Just picked mine up. Fairly bloody good for the price!

  • Can anyone comment as to whether weighed blankets are suitable for people who like a cool temperature bed?

    Summer is coming and I feel like I'm gonna burn like the nice lady in Terminator 2.

    • Are you not in Aus? We are closer to summer being over than it coming..

      • Maybe Bunnyburger feels that summer may go on a bit longer due to climate change and global warming.

        I hope not!

      • Lol…I haven't felt 33c yet. I'm waiting for the 45c >.<

  • Order cancelled

    • same

  • Charcoal 9.3kg - just got shipping notification. Ordered at about 12.05am last night

  • Plenty of 9Kg ones left at Bayswater 3153 as of about 1pm today. Also huge rug clearance.

    • Only in pink though.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I got the 9kg and 5kg and will stack them given that I am around 140-150kg….

  • Order cancelled as well :(

  • Order cancelled here too but I decided to try again with the blankets and washable cover for $70 and will see what the fuss is about with these weighted blankets.

  • Weighted blankets should not be used by people who snore or have sleep apnoea.

  • Just got the cancellation email as well :( I ordered at 2:25am on the Saturday morning for delivery.

    I used one of the $10 codes as well - Can anyone confirm if they got their order fulfilled for delivery and used a $10 off code?

    Are they only cancelling the $10 off ones first?

    • I used BIRTHDAY10 and my order has been shipped.

      • What time did you order?

    • I used a $10 code for click and collect but avoided the bday one in case they checked

      Picked up mine today without issue

  • oh I got the refund too, just noticed (but was refunded within 4 hours) - got the notification on my phone today though.

  • I ordered mine 2:30am the day the sale started and mine just got refunded. Didn't even get an email notification about it either. I'm a bit salty about it

  • Those with Anxiety check out Michael Sealy on YouTube, good channel, from Brisbane.

  • Mine got delivered today and I was really late to this deal. got the 9kg blanket, wow it's heavy!

    • How heavy does it feel, about 9kg?

  • Lol, my friend told me he got an email asking him to return it to the store BY HIMSELF because they want to cancel the order, after the collection of the blanket !!!

    • Lol bit late
      Got lucky there with the 40% off voucher, got a sodaking gas canister for$12 instead of $20 (didn't ask for a swap, and didn't bring it)

    • So was this a pricing error then?

      I got mine delivered… weighs a tonne after washing by hand.

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