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PowerColor Radeon RX 6800 Red Dragon 16GB $1,069 + Delivery @ PCCG


Obviously more expensive than the reference cards, but Red Dragon is a decent variant and it's not a bad price, considering raw rasterisation power is greater than the 3070 (if you didn't care for DLSS or RT).

PCCG appear to have a few variants of the 6800 and 6800 XT also available.

Happy gaming.

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  • Much prefer the 6800 xt

    • +1 vote

      I'm sure every sane person would prefer the 6800xt over a 6800.

      • Good luck getting one at all, let alone a decent price. I got a 6800 for $950 so I'm pretty happy with that, all things considered.

  • Change Dragon to Devil and add an XT and you got a deal!

    • There's still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you've got a stew going.

  • That looks fat as

  • XT and I will pull the trigger

  • Don't pay over priced cards.wait for 3080ti.

    • +1 vote

      The 3080ti has been indefinitely delayed.

      This card beats the 3070 but you can get one of those for as low as $870.

    • Indefinitely delayed. :(

    • Indefinitely delayed overpriced card

    • I didn't think NVIDIA would purposefully cause stock shortages to skyrocket their GPU prices and scalp off of PC gamers and content creators, but after hearing about the 3080 Ti getting postponed… There really isn't much I can say to defend NVIDIA.

      Maximising profit on a 10GB card is fine. They are a company. Companies exist to make money.

      But announcing an MSRP way below the realistic street price AND purposefully restricting market supply just shows how much they don't give af about the consumers.

      The grand sh*fest of a debacle they had with Hardware Unboxed/Gamers Nexus/LTT, direct GPU sales to miners, 10GB card vs AMD's 16GB, 3080 Ti postponed, what more are they going to unload?

      Smells a lot like Intel. Glad that at least Nvidia's products are still top of the line (for now).

    • The 3080ti is a 3090 die so they're not going to sell a 3090 die for the 3080ti price. Delayed for ever.

      • Especially when 3080 still out of stock in most places. Why wouldn't they keep saying 3080 and 3090…

        • I hate fanboys of any kind and I always try to judge technology with features (not the company) and go with the item that gives me what I need.

          But NVIDIA 2020 has gone way over my threshold for being sh*tty, to the point where I actually feel queasy about buying their card… Ugh… How is Brian Dell Rizzo still not fired…

  • So…. not worth buying? I've noticed that the price difference between the 6800XT and non-XT cards is fairly minimal, in some cases the weaker card is more expensive than the faster one.

  • XT and we got a deal. Can't justify paying over a grand for this


    Despite what everyone is saying this will be sold out in the next hour.

  • Ban crypto! Save energy and protect the environment.

  • https://www.pccasegear.com/products/52957/powercolor-radeon-...

    waiting for them to restock this one, seems like the cheapest AIB 6800 XT

  • Harvey Norman 6800xt is this price, but the preorder is now gone

    • yea 6800 xt reference card at $1069 is basically the best price to performance you can get. but i have never seen it in stock.

    • +1 vote

      You'll get it by the year 2030

      • I already had one preorder cancelled so not going through that again. Just too much money and if the business goes bust money goes too.

        • +1 vote

          No, if the business goes bust your credit card company will refund you (ordered but goods not received). This is one of many reasons you shouldn't ever use Debit Cards / Bank Transfers / Other Unprotected Payment Methods for online ordering….

  • Imagine paying 6800 XT price for a 6800 lmao people really are desperate. It doesn't cure cancer, its a gpu. I been waiting to get a pc for a couple years now and I can't get shit but I'm still not that desperate, like I don't even have a pc atm (one capable of playing games that is).

    • it depends what you value, i had a friend in the same predicament.

      if you have something current and it plays what you want, then fine. but if you're not happy with the performance, buy it now and enjoy. lets say even if you save 300$ in 6 months time. if you put the improved experienced and enjoyment from gaming and try to compare it to money, like if you game 3-4 hours a day, every single day (probably young xd) for the next 6 months instead of beating around the bush waiting for card prices to drop, whats 300$ in the bigger scope of things??

      i view it as a win/win, you either are enjoying a next gen gpu or saving 300$ or w.e if you are patient. just depends on what you value right now.

      personally, i think for those who are able to work from home and abuse it. its a no brainer, buy a graphics card now and play all the games you want until you are forced back into the office lol

      • Yeah GPUs give you an insane amount of leasure time for the money.

        • Not really, not by themselves. Still need to pay for games and software that you'll be using with the GPU which is still a ton of money.

          This is probably the first generation where it's clearly definitive that consoles beat PC gaming in value for money. You can't build ANY PC with $750, never mind something anywhere near close to PS5/XSX performance. In fact, the cheapest this-gen GPUs are at least $700 at the moment. Even the 3060 when it comes out would be at least $600.

          I personally will always be a PC gamer, but due to the disgusting GPU market I would never recommend any normal person to invest in a new PC build.

    • Imagine assuming the value you place on something has anything to do with someone else's, or indeed the market. They're continually sold out so that should tell you something.

  • Be wary Ive seen alot of reports of coil whine for these new cards. I had to just return mine because of very loud and annoying coil whine

  • How big of an improvement are these over the reference cards?

  • Honestly, far too expensive. I picked up a Inno3D RTX3070 for $869 at Umart a few days ago, much better value overall.

    • I bought a 6800 for $950 and while I love it, your card at that price is the better buy.