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Samsung Galaxy S21 ($70.66), S21+ ($84.16), S21 Ultra ($96.16) P/M 18GB, 24 Months) @ Woolworths Mobile


Woolworths mobile is offering $200 off any S21 on a 24 or 36 months plan. Their small 18 GB plan is only $25/month, which is pretty good value.

Mod Note: Offer extended to 11:59 PM AEDT 8 February 2021.

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  • +11

    24 months contract is a no-go for me.

    • +1

      agree. nothing is better than JB hifi telstra deal so far

      • +2

        ^ respectfully disagree with this. There’s a fair bit of funny money business going on with those deals. If you do the math, you can often come out ahead with a standalone phone connection and by buying the phone outright (often found at a discount anyway - this is OZB).

        Do the math before jumping in head first on those JB Hifi/The Good Guys/Hardly Normal “deals”😊👍

        • +1

          Did the math, in terms of gb per dollar and phone price. The JB HiFi one is the best offer. But that's all down to how many gigs you use. If not that many. Then the good guys is the next best. If you're a student, don't use many gigs then you can probably go on a 150 dollar 12 months sim card of 100 gigs and buy the phones for cheap on the samsung store outright if you're a student for cheaper than the good guys and jb. It's really down to how many gigs you use. But any of these deals are better than buying full price and going with a garbage 24 month plan lol.

  • +13

    Why the hell would you buy a 5G phone then lock yourself into a contract with only a 4G network?!

    • +2

      Not that I am advising to get locked in 4G network but lots of locations in Australia including mine struggle to get 4G access let alone 5G, 5G probably is another 5 years away in terms of network infrastructure here.

    • Shhhhhh.

  • Kogan sells 40gb/month, 1 year prepaid for $177 on sale
    Buy the phone outright and not be stuck on a plan

  • Will go woolly if they have 12 months plan.

  • -1

    Did Woolies think this through before offering it?

  • +4

    A Samsung without a micro sd card slot is a no go for me. This is the s6 all over again. They don't learn

    • +4

      I came here to rant about this exact thing!

      They did the same with the Note 5 – ditched the microSD card slot. Brought it back on the next generation.

      I'm not so sure they'll do that here. They've permanently ditched the 3.5mm jack, removable batteries, allegedly are discontinuing the Note series (replacing with S series that has no slot for the S pen).

      I definitely will jump ship back to something like an LG V series (headphone jack and microSD) when I replace my Note 10 plus. No way I'm ready to give up microSD yet.

      • +2

        I find that my storage usage demands are becoming less and less on a mobile phone since cloud storage takes care of photos and videos.

        Personally I find that Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are too convenient to go back to wired headphones. If you want to use good quality wired headphones or IEMs witha phone you probably want to use a bluetooth Dac-Amp like the Fiio BTR5 or BTR3K anyway. So I don't think I will miss the 3.5mm jack.

        • +1

          It used to as we had free Google Photos to go with and that's changing from this June, so storage is important

        • +1

          That's fine if you trust the cloud and you're welcome to.

          The no 3.5mm jack is so f ing annoying, but with a billion usb c to 3.5mm converters around the house I can make it work.

          Samsung does not have enough fan boys like Apple to make it stick. There are SO many other Android phones out there to choose from, cheaper and arguably on par.

          Anyway, bye bye Samsung.

          • +1

            @Pixie13: Doesn't need to be a fan boy if there's no other choices on the market. LG has yet to introduce a high refresh phone, Sony hasn't made a relevant phone in years even xiaomi ditched everything on the mi11.

            High refresh screens are the flavor of the year, no top tier phone that has a high refresh has an sd card.

            I hope Biden unbans Huawei because they honestly had the best hardware.

            • @krisspy: You make some good points. It is just disappointing. It is a pain in the proverbial for me not having a headphone jack, even after two weeks with my phone.

      • +1

        Precisely. I just purchased my last Samsung it seems. I have had Samsung phones since my s2. I have a 512gb micro sd card in now. I don't want my crap in the cloud, simple as that.

      • I definitely will jump ship back to something like an LG V series (headphone jack and microSD)

        Did 2020's V series ever get released in Aus? I don't even see it on LG's AU site.

  • It also comes with bonus Galaxy Buds Live. Trying to decide if pull the trigger or not

  • -1

    That's about what I paid a month for my S10+, but the phone is a downgrade, back to 1080p screen, no 3.5mm, plastic cover, not even a charger or cable. You're getting a budget phone for the same price. Hard pass for me.

    • +2

      Compared to the S10+ - Decent bump up in camera hardware (more or less the same as S20) and processing, big jump up in SoC, bigger battery, more durable Gorilla Glass on the front, more software support being two years newer, 5G. Wouldn’t exactly call it a budget phone.

  • Also don't forget if you are on Woolworths mobile plan you get 10% off your groceries at Woolworths once a month. So say if you spend $150… That's a straight $15 discount.

  • Samsung S21 & S21+ now have less pixels per inch (ppi) than a Samsung S4…….. despair :(

  • I'm not sure if people take into account the 10% off one shop of groceries per month as part of this deal. I spend $50 a day at Woolies on the way home from work. If I consolidate 10 days of shopping into one shop and get $50 off from a $500 shop then the phone and plan will cost around $5 a month. My question is should I get the S20 FE or the basic S21 as they are around the same price?

    • how does the discount work?
      is it limited by network charges (as in you always still pay full amount of phone repayment)?
      is it limited by total bill?

  • Are they showing the wrong handset repayments (given they are saying at the moment they are offering $200 off when you pre-order?)

    For example, on the S21 Ultra 128GB 24 month plan, they are showing a handset repayment of $79.50 minus discount of $8.34 giving a net monthly handset repayment of $71.16. Over the 24 month contract, this totals to $1,707.84, but the RRP for the 128GB model is $1,849, meaning the discount is only $141.16 not $200??

    • It's confusing, but the discount figure below has already been subtracted from the repayment figure shown above. The discount figure is $200 divided by the number of contracted months.

      Note that the discount is applied monthly instead of up front, and if you break the contract early the payout amount will not be reduced for discount you would have received in the remaining months.

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