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[iOS, Android] Free - Pokemon Go Bundle with 3 Remote Raid Passes - Ingame Shop


To celebrate the Hoenn region you can get a bundle with 3 Remote Raid Passes in the in-game shop.

"A free bundle featuring three Remote Raid Passes to help you challenge Kyogre and Groudon will be available in the in-game shop"


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  • Hopefully you can claim the remote raid passes without having to use your current ones for once

  • Pokemon go is so expensive. Everytime I try to get back into it I seem to run out of Pokeballs for like a couple of weeks.

    • Do you have friends you can send/receive gifts from? You can get free items like Pokeballs that way

    • I assume you live remotely? If so, not all will apply.

      Gyms give easy gold, and balls are cheap.

      I'm within a 1 hour walk of 3 pokestops near each other; 2 hours there usually fills me up nicely.

      You get a daily free box of random items, in the shop.

      Having an Eevee as a buddy finds you a random item from time to time.

      And really, if you wanna, spending actual money on the coins isn't the end of the world. $60 for a big ol' stack is cheaper than a LOT of games, especially one that's giving me joy since 2016.

      I personally went big and bought the $150 stack years ago.

      It's nice to be able to just splurge on TM's when I notice my battles aren't going my way; usually because I'm missing STAB bonus in my attacks.

    • I'm free to play. I've a few expert tricks which can stretch your Pokeball supply and minimize the number of outings.

      Corona virus has extended the range for spinning Pokestops and Gyms. Find a location that has a lot of Pokestops or Gyms close to each other. eg. I found a location in the largest park that can spin 8 Pokestops which is great during Community Days.

      Gyms are equal to 2-3 pokestops when you build up to the highest Gym badge level. Try to find 2-3 Gyms next to each other and that's equal to 6 pokestops (when at max badge level).

      Do all your Pokemon Admin while sitting between 2 or more Pokestops. I send gifts and sort through my Pokemon collection when stopped at the park. Means you can spin pokestops more times and build up the Pokeball collection while killing time.

      Keep upgrading the Item Storage so you have a bigger buffer of Pokeballs. You can get 50 coins per day for holding gyms. With the free currency you can spend it on more Item Storage space to increase the number of Pokeballs you can hold. I'm at the max storage space of 3000 items and typically hold 1000 Pokeballs and can play half a week without spinning a pokestop/gym.

      When you can't spin any more Pokestops because of zero storage, start deleting items to fit more pokeballs (eg. you don't need 100 potions). An expert tip is if you run out of stuff to delete then start deleting Red pokeballs and spin to get Black+Blue coloured pokeballs so that Pokemon are easier to catch.

      Learn to do spin throws and Excellent/Great throws. Excellent throws are harder for the Pokemon to escape. Use berries to help catch pokemon quicker. You can avoid Nanap berry/Bannana by waiting for Pokemon to attack and then throwing.

      If you are super low on pokeballs you don't have to catch pokemon. You can just check if they are shiny and jump out.

      There are even more expert tips but they are for dedicated players or mean you are tailoring your priorities.