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Sony Mirrorless Camera A6400 Body Only $1180 + Delivery ($880 after $200 Sony & $100 CameraPro Cash Back) at CameraPro


Finally bought a camera. CameraPro gives $100 coupon on Sony products. So, you can get a6400 with Kit lens for $1216 ($1016 after Sony cashback) which I believe is good value as well. But I'll never be using kit lens. Planning to buy a second hand Sigma 30mm 1.4F or Sony 35mm 1.8F. still deciding. Good luck folks.

Don't forget Shopback or Cashrewards 1.5%.

Sony Cashback Claim

If you have the Sony Amex Card offer, you might get this for $780. How to do it? Get a camera pro receipt from someone and then price match it with Sony. My friend has price matched it for $1090 using my receipt and paid with Amex, which will get him with $300 in cash back.

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  • +3

    Bruh, might buy this as a second angle for my Minecraft twitch streaming.

  • Someone modified the title which might mislead some. The $100 CameraPro coupon is immediately deducted at check out. Sony cash back is what is sent later.

    • The price in title should NOT include any referral discounts or cashback


      no $100 coupon showing in my checkout


      Your original title price $1080 is misleading. The revised title price complies with the guideline and it is also the display price on the store page.

      • Ok. I might be wrong.

      • +2

        Price should be 1080 in the title. You apply the coupon and it takes $100 directly at checkout.
        Should add $10 for delivery though if not picking up from Brisbane or Sydney store.

  • +1

    Hmmm… no $100 coupon showing in my checkout. Price reads $1180 at the final stage before selecting pay now.
    *EDIT. Got it. Had popups disabled.

  • +2

    Got one. Seems like a good price to upgrade from my A6300 now. Thanks!

    • +1

      What made you upgrade? I've got the 6300 too. Not sure if there is enough to warrant the purchase

      • Really? Might at well upgrade to a a7 III

        • The A7iii is over 2x the price and would not work great with all my APSC lenses, so that would be silly.

      • +4

        I figured if I could sell my A6300 for $750ish (based on ebay listings) then the $130 extra to get the A6400 is worth it for the touch screen, flip lcd, better autofocus and HLG picture profile.

        • I agree the a6300 inability to flip is a huge downer

        • +1

          Same here, a got a A6300 18-55 len kit few years ago
          the unable to flip screen is one of the issue for me

          Just bought the A6400 body now
          will sell my A6300 Len Kit, hopefully able to sell it around $750ish
          My primary len is Sony 35mm F1.8 prime len so seldom use the kit len anyway

        • @3L Milk Only if that person buying your 6300 doesn't think on the same lines or you sell yours at a later point where there are no deals.

  • Is this camera good for photos or more so for videos? Also that lens kit is it worth it or should I buy sigma?

    • This is good for both. However, it is known for its unlimited Video Recording (4K 60Hz or 1080P 120Hz) and the ability record while being charged. But, if you are just after Photos, then you can get Canon M50.

      If you are planning to use Kit lens, you can buy iPhone 12 instead of this.

      • +4

        I think you are getting Hz mixed up with FPS - the A6400 can operate in 50Hz (PAL Aus) or 60hz (NTSC USA).
        if you set it to PAL you can record video at 4k at max 25fps or 1080p at max 100fps.

        Also a iphone 12 is much more expensive and cannot get the same DOF that even a kit lens can - the iphone has a much smaller sensor and when you calculate the full frame crop factor the iphones f1.6 ends up with a equivalent full frame aperture of about f9

      • +4

        Even with the kit lens, the images and video out of this will blow any phone out of the water. There's more to a video than frame rate and resolution.

        In terms of lenses, I have a few, including both the Sigma 30 and 56mm- they're amazing, even on the old a6000. I keep the kit lens around because it's so small and has a handy focal range.

        • I was deciding between Sigma 30mm f1.4 and Sony 35mm f1.8 and picked the Sony finally
          Simply because the Sony 35f1.8 so small and light weight
          The size is just slightly larger than my 18-35 kit len

      • If you are planning to use Kit lens, you can buy iPhone 12 instead of this.

        What relatively cheap lenses do you recommend. I have the 30mm Sigma and some kit lenses from my old Nex-F3.

    • Thank you all for the inputs. I bought just the camera for now

  • The code doesn't register for me :(

    • +1

      I just tried. It still works fine.

      • +1

        Yeah my mistake. I'm trying it with the lens kit. Only works on the body. Thanks mate.

  • +3

    Absolutely beautiful camera. Combine this with Sigma 16mm. You will amazing shots.

  • Code doesn't work with the kit?

  • +1

    Fabulously cheap rx10 iv too.

  • +3

    Out of those lenses I'd get the Sigma 30mm.

    But also consider the new Tamron 17-70mm that's just come out as an all in one lens with image stabilization.

    • +1

      I am getting the Sigma. And Tamron one looks really mouth watering. Hope we get some deals soon on that.

      • Nice, you won't regret it.

        This is the best price I've found for the new Tamron, given that the RRP is US$800 and that it's just come out, I'm not expecting to see it at sub $1k any time soon :(

        Just waiting for a few more reviews before I pull the trigger..


  • +1

    So dissappointed that 6600 does not have cash back. :(

  • Good pricing. I paid 1045 for mine used with kit lens. Great intermediate camera, I use it more than my A7RII due to the size.

  • +2

    Worth noting that this camera is currently out of stock for delivery. I was notified via email after ordering that I can wait 5-8 business days for new stock or they can offer a refund.

  • I want something that produces high quality photos and videos even without much skill (i.e. some minor editing and just point and shoot).
    Subjects will mostly be family photos, events and landscapes / buildings on holidays.
    Should I opt for something like this or a true point and shoot like the RX100 V / VI?
    Any other suggestions?

    • +2

      As someone who owns both a RX100V and A7 III… not what you asked for but it sounds like an iPhone might be suitable for your use case. I would only be getting the RX100 if you needed the zoom, autofocus or burst speed… which doesn't sound particularly beneficial for the situations you outlined.

      A6400 is a good option but cameras are a lot of trouble to lug around so not sure if it really is a low effort solution and you're not really making the most of it when chucking it on auto or something.

      • +1

        I wouldn’t say it’s a problem to carry, I can literally fit my a6400 with the kit lens in a jacket pocket, usually take food photos with it instead of my phone as it has better iso capabilities.

        I haven’t owned an RX but the A6400 is more than capable for point and shoot, plus you always have the availability to upgrade lenses.

        • +1

          I wouldn’t say it’s a problem to carry, I can literally fit my a6400 with the kit lens in a jacket pocket, usually take food photos with it instead of my phone as it has better iso capabilities.

          I don't think anyone is disputing that a camera will produce better photos than a phone will but it sounds like cheaptech20 will just be using it adhoc and in their own words "without much skill". They probably don't want to be faffing about with ISO, fstop, focus settings etc. Sure the auto mode is going to do a good job but a phone sounds more suitable in this case.

          Sure it fits in a jacket pocket but its still a chunky extra 500g in your pocket that you otherwise wouldn't have there, whereas you would have your phone.

          Cameras in phones have really excelled in the last few years and if the photos are only going to end up on facebook or instagram then its fine, your friends wont notice.

          When travelling, even though I take my camera basically everywhere I still end up taking a lot of photos with my phone out of convenience.

          • +1

            @Nebargains: Taking photos on phones can also be a headspace thing. I can take a great photo with the right camera. No matter what phone I shoot with I can't take a decent photo, as I just can't get into the right headspace for it, something about the way they handle just doesn't work for me, my framing is always off, my composition a mess. Due to that, when I travel, the phone stays away and it is all camera.

            • @witheredcouch: Thanks all for the suggestions. Yes, I prefer standalone cameras for many reasons including conserving my mobile battery life.
              I will be using auto mostly, but I know the basics of tinkering with ISO, f-stops etc.

              So that being said I can get this A6400 plus a kit lense for the same price as the RX100 M6.

              That being said, for the same money and largely using auto - what is the better option? Happy to hear similar options at this price range or lower too.

    • +1

      @cheaptech20, try Sony Z-V1 ($200 cashback from Sony, and similar CameraPro cashback as this A6400, but $50 instead by enabled the popup and using coupon code 50CASHBACK). https://www.camerapro.com.au/9793-sony-z-v1-digital-compact-...

      I am tempted to get this one, and still looking at reviews in YouTube and other websites. But mostly say that this is the best compact for video and this also produces similar quality photos as the (latest?) RX100 series with a little some compromises and additional benefits. Not comparable to the larger sensor of A6400, but maybe what you need.

  • +1

    What a price. I've had one of these for 6~ months and it's fantastic. I use it for video work, even though it has no IBIS, pop it in a gimbal and you're good to go.

    I'd recommend the kit lens if you're tight, otherwise the Sony F4 G OSS 18-105mm is a great all rounder for about $850. Other lenses can be better or worse and F4 may limit you in some situations, however I've found this lens to be very capable.

  • Disregarding price, this or the xs10? Doesn't seem to be many crop sensor Sony lenses, the sigma 20mm I looked at was like 900g?

    • XS-10 for sure, Fuji is committed to APS-C.
      Sony wants to kill it off

  • Just got a message from CameraPro that the item is at back order

    Probably good to note in the deal description that the delivery may have a delay

    • Same here, hope they can get the stock soon and won't miss the cash back offer from Sony.

  • +1

    Just read the Terms and Conditions of the Cash Back from the Sony website and it says "To be eligible to claim, the purchase must not have been made under any other offer or discount provided by a participating Sony Australia authorized dealer (“Qualifying Purchase”)". Can we still get cashback from sony? As it is on promotion and further 100 off with the coupon.

    • It has been the same case for all these years in the past. And people have received cashback in the past with a deal or pricematch. But, depends on your luck also.

  • I bought A7II 3 years ago at that price ($1100), lol

  • Is it true that this camera got no video recording limit of 30 minutes?

    • +1

      Yes it has no video recording limit.

    • +1

      Yes no record limit - you can now also connect it to a computer via usb and use it as a webcam for streaming etc.

  • Thanks, OP. Bought one! While awaiting its arrival, I'm after a deal like this to come back again. Or is there any cheaper alternative for capture camera clip?

  • +1

    Get a camera pro receipt from someone and then price match it with Sony

    You don't need to get a receipt. Just take a screenshot of the checkout from CameraPro when you request a price match on the Sony website. I did this on the 19 Jan 2021. Delivery is coming today.

    • Did they price match the $1,180 or were you able to convince them to do $1,080?

      • I bet he is talking about $1080

        • :( I tried screenshotting the $1,080 but they countered with $1,180.65

          Is anyone kind enough to share with me their invoice so I can try again?

      • +2

        With the CameraPro $100 coupon and shipping, the total price came to $1090. So I took a screenshot of that and submitted it to Sony. They price matched it.

        • I tried the exact same thing. Aw well, luck of the draw perhaps

        • +2

          Nice one. I just managed to cancel my CameraPro order and get Sony to Pricematch $1090 with Amex offer.

          Initially they said they couldn't and would only do $1,180 (as there was no way to add details or screenshot), but I just replied to the email with the screenshot of the checkout page and they agreed.

    • Good job :)

    • Someone can share any email/SMS from Sony that they accepted your price match request?

      • +3

        My email didn't have a confirmation of the price in the body. They just added it to the cart under my account for that price.
        Here's the order shown on my account. Not sure that helps…

    • +1

      Just followed same advice and was able to order the camera for $1080 from Sony. Here's what I did:

      • Request for price match from Sony website for the A6400
        • Store to match: camerapro.com.au
        • Price: $1080
        • Make sure you're choosing the correct body only or kit version, I made a mistake here causing a misunderstanding with the support person
      • Sony emailed advising price is different from what's displayed from website. I replied with:
        • Screenshot of checkout page at Camera Pro with code applied and click & collect selected resulting in $1080 total
        • Screenshot from @NigelTufnel showing the order from Sony honouring the price match
      • Sony replied back that they will honour the price match of $1080
      • I made a call to Camera Pro on 1300 431 431 to request for order cancellation
      • Purchase on Sony with Amex cashback
      • Sit back and enjoy an extra $100 saved 🤞
      • Thanks for requesting a price match with Sony.

        As the requested price match does not match the retailer's current advertised price , we are unable to validate your pricing request.
        Price you requested is included w/ cashback.

        Good news! We would like to offer this at the best price of $1,180.00 AUD.

      • +1
  • Any real reason to get Sony to price match instead of buying from Camera Pro directly?

    • For those who have an Amex there's an additional $100 saving, assuming Sony agree to price match the discounted price

      • Ah okay. So in terms of warranty etc, there should be no difference between Sony and Camera Pro?

        • Wouldn't have thought the warranty to differ if they're an authorised retailer

  • Got mine delivered today.
    Nice upgrade from the nex-f3. Particular the wifi. Makes it much more usable!
    Now to claim my cashback.

    • Niceee.. I have also got mine. Waiting for a sigma 16mm deal.

  • 2 weeks in still not shipped

  • Seems like delays on their back order shipment. Was told the stock might not come in until end of week

  • +2

    Sent my cashback claim on 22-Jan and today received an approval confirmation from Sony.

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