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SteelSeries Arctis 7- $187.18 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


This can potentially be a duplicate of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/590997 but this time the price is lower and it's back in stock. Mods, please remove as duplicate if needed.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:X v2.0 Surround - for PC and Playstation 4 - Black
Series: B07FZVXS8H
Item Model Number: 61505 (this is the model number of the 2019 edition)

I have been waiting for the 7p since Dec last year but decided to go with 7 for a price that seems to be the lowest I've seen so far.
Delivery estimate from amazon is early Feb.

Blog link from Steelseries about compatibility with PS5: https://steelseries.com/blog/playstation-5-ps5-compatible-he...

Edit 17/1: Now $190.90, from $189.06
Edit 18/01: Price changed from 190.90 to 187.18

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  • Had these for a few years now, PS4 -> PS5

    Amazing battery life, light enough but not at the cost of feeling flimsy, and very good sound quality. As someone with a bigger head, it can be a little bit uncomfortable if it’s sitting awkwardly at first, but interestingly the discomfort doesn’t really progress as the play session goes on and I barely realise I’m wearing anything even after a few hours.

    Other headphones can be much more uncomfortable due to clamping forces and/or much less breathable earcups leading to hot and sweaty ears.

    • Agree. My biggest complaint is that because of the way they sit, they can fall off very easily if looking down or up.
      So fine for gaming etc, just annoying to wear if doing stuff around the house and listening to music etc.
      they are fantastic otherwise.

  • Take it or wait for 7p?

    • Depends on what you use it for.
      PS5+Switch handheld/dock 7p
      PS5+PC+switch dock 7
      PS5+xbox X+PC+switch handheld+phone 7x

      7X support most playforms but designed for xbox X so less features for PS5
      Similar to 7p which designed for PS5 and less features for PC
      7X and 7P are less likely to be discounted for a while.

      • 7X is on my must have list…


        It is absolutely impossible to find anywhere right now and it has been that way since it was released around October 2019 apparently.

      • What features are missing from the 7x for the PS5?

        I want a single headset that works on both Xbox and PS5.

        • The 7X is the only wireless headset I know of that is compatible across all consoles (All XB, PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch) as well as PC and any phone with a USB-C port via a flat dongle. It also includes an adapter for the older USB to USB-C.

          I think the 'features' you will be missing on PS5 will be outweighed by the versatility the headset provides across all platforms to be honest.

          • @Arcticfox: If own both PS5 and xbox X then 7x is definitely best choice.
            The 7X has Chatmix only on Xbox.
            The 7 has Chatmix only on PC.
            7X doesn't have license for DTS Headphone X v2.0 on PC, which needs to be purchased additional if you want.
            I guess many people wouldn't get xbox X if already have a good PC, then 7 is good deal at this price.

            • @Mandalorians: Yeah, I currently own:

              • XBSX
              • XB1S
              • PS4
              • Switch
              • PC

              So cross platform is my main requirement for the headset. Not too fussed about DTS or Chatmix, so the 7X is a no brainer for me.

              Although I own a very capable RTX3080 PC right now, I still wanted an XBSX. Why do you think someone wouldn't want both?

              The 7 does look very good for the price, but I feel like I will still end up getting the 7X when it becomes available and I don't want to be left owning both headsets in the longrun. I also have no idea how long it will take me to actually get a 7X and don't want to go months without having anything to connect to PC at all.

              Just have to make up my mind if I can wait or waste money on both headsets overall I guess (I know I know, first world problems etc etc…).

    • I decided to pull the trigger on these since I can't find any other benefits with 7p except for the usb c dongle.
      I don't have a switch and will be using it with Ps5 and pc

    • In case you still haven't decided between 7 and 7p, 7p seems to be in stock for $501 + delivery on Amazon US via AU https://www.amazon.com.au/SteelSeries-Arctis-7P-Wireless-Los...
      Pretty steep considering they both will be exactly same sound wise.

  • Bought these last month. Find them really comfortable and sound great. Some reviews say they are not loud enough but that hasn't been my experience… If you need a headset that goes louder than these then you've got some form of hearing loss

  • I bought it 2019 and the battery it’s still awesome,
    I really recommend double channel for music bot and talk with friends. Easy turn on/off mic. Steelse offer large replacem parts. AAAA

  • I had the Pulse 3D and decided to keep these (Arctis 7 2019) as they were similar performance, if not the Arctis being a touch better.

    The sound and build quality is quite good on these.

    The main attraction for me to have these is dual audio support. i.e. game audio from the ps and sound audio from a movie or YouTube on my second screen.

    Or if you connect a bluetooth audio feeder via the Aux then you've got best of all worlds.

    Quite happy with this one….

    Unless you're paying for the Arctis 9, dual audio is non existent on most other headsets. Only other one I found is the Turtlebeach 700gen2 but they have quite bad quality reviews - haven't tried but there were enough stories to put me off…

    • Also, if you get a USB splitter cable you can also power these from a secondary power source when the PS/PC is off and you just wanna hear the audio from the aux-in device… options options options…

  • Amazing deal. They cost me loike $500 a couple years back

  • Does it have "mic off" button on the headset?

  • I use a wired Steelseries one since way back in 2015, still going strong so can vouch for this company