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Sony WF1000XM3 Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones (Black) $199 + Delivery @ Kogan / Dick Smith


Lowest price in awhile. Also available in Dick Smith: https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/sony-wf1000xm3-truly-wir...

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Just be weary that these dont sit in your ear too well.

    mine always kept dropping out. Changed to Air pod Pros.

    Its a shame as the noise cancellation and sound quality were so good.

    • the size of the buds might be wrong for you. See if you can switch to one of the other sizes that it comes with in the package!

      • I did that, used the rubber and foam tips.

        Even tried aftermarket brands but it still didnt sit in well.

        Im not the only one that has this issue i you check out the reviews on google.

        Did really want to keep them but just couldnt get them to sit in my ear properly no matter what tips i used.

        • I’m currently on AirPod pro too.

          I purchased these after reading reviews and was hoping they would replace my AirPods but I couldn’t get these to fit in my right ear no matter what tips I used. The left ear fit perfectly.

          Had to return them in the end.

          Might try the Galaxy Bud Pros.

    • There are aftermarket buds that work pretty well. https://www.spinfiteartip.com/en/product-detail/135

      I hope the next get comes with double flange tips, they always fit better for me.

    • same here

      sold them a month later for not too much less then got myself bose qc buds with the wingtips and they stay in even when running for the train

    • Mine was like that. But I got the comply, it works excellent.

    • I had the same problem with the pair too. got comply foam tips that improve noise isolation and help them stay in place. but pushed it off as the transparency mode was like watching a movie with lag and removing it fitting it in was a pain in the ass. So I too switched to air pod pros. Missing the Sony's better ANC and audio quality but enjoying the greatly improved call quality, comfortable fit and IP rating allowing me sweat without stressing about the earphones :D

    • just be weary that you are probably a unique snow flake

  • I have these headphones.

    The sound is awesome, however I am unable to wear them if walking around, no matter how slowly, as they constantly fall out.

    I am replacing them with a different brand.

  • Mine didn't fall out once I found a bud size that gave been an airtight seal. However, the airtight seal meant that every step I took would result in pressure equalisation noise/boom.

    Great when stationary though!

  • I have had these for about a year now - and today I was thinking these are probably the best purchase of recent times.
    I absolutely love these and will definitely buy the XM4s whenever these ones die

    They are pretty no compromise in terms of sound quality, battery, voice call quality

  • Be aware of the battery life. I had these buds for few weeks. The batteries in both buds were only last for 1.5 hours (with everything is ON). It's advertised for 3 hours.
    If only ANC is on, they were only last about 4 hours instead of 6 hours. I must agree that the sound quality and ANC are superb. Could not hear any traffic when i walked on the street.I decided to request refund instead.

    • You mean if you have DSEE HX on? It doesn't really do anything, and drops battery time in half.
      I use these every day for zoom calls and desktop use for at least 3 hrs at a time before I get a low battery prompt.

      Then just put in the case for 15 mins and it's charged

      • Yes that is correct. When ANC and HX are on, it should give approx 3 hours battery life. I noticed that when i had long walk while listening music and within 1.5 hours both of buds were dead. Not sure why DSEE HX consumed so much power.

  • Can anyone chime in to help?

    I recently sold a pair of AirPods Pro in favour of something that has better sound quality. So far struggling to find an alternative that meets my requirements at a sensible price.

    • Oval ear tips (I find these much more comfortable vs round ones that feel like you are plugging them directly into your brain).
    • Pressure vent
    • ANC/Ambient controls
    • Better sound (very subjective but I found the pro's to be pleasant with excellent clarity (tad bit flat).

    has anyone switched from pro's to WF1000XM3's and never looked back?

  • I bought these on release. If sitting down, they are fine. But as soon as you move around (gym/walking). They do have a tendency to fall out.

    Have tried all tips (including left right different tips) and aftermarket azla tips and they didn’t help.

    Official documentation says to twist in but I don’t find any real difference between just putting in or twisting.

    Sound quality is fantastic though and ANC works a treat (if you can get it to stay in ear)

  • Adding to the chorus of those who can't keep them in.

    That being said, I have had just about acceptable success with Comply T-400 tips. I often have to push them back in but they do stay in for a while. You get a sixth sense for when they are threatening to migrate (for me, that's mostly when the awful gym music starts leaking back in).

    Everything else about them has been excellent. Have done stuff like walk in rainforests with ambient sound maxed to 20 (ie, amplify outside sound), pretty great experience. Bad if someone is walking near you though, as their conversation bleeds into your natural wonderland.

    Those tips are also pretty expensive so if anybody have cheaper suggestions, I'm all ears. I leave my buds in the car and they get baked, which might be why the tips die so often (about 2-3 months). They crack and then it's back to the buds falling out

  • Are there any cons to it being an imported product?

  • Warranty could be painful