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Free - 12 Month Subscription to Blinkist Premium for AmEx Account Holders (New Subscribers, Was $119.99) @ AmEx


Link says its for US card holders but I was able to sign up and then cancel straight away.

Proof of cancellation. 12 month trial continues till 16 January 2022.

For new Premium subscribers, enjoy a 1 Year Free Trial ($99.99 value) that gives you unlimited access to key insights from the best-selling non-fiction books.

Full credit to MyDealz.

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  • An explanation of what Blinkist is might also be useful

    Fit learning into your life

    Blinkist brings you knowledge from top nonfiction and podcasts, so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

    Choose what fits you, how it fits you


    Read or listen to the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction in 15 minutes


    We've teamed up with podcast creators to bring you key insights from podcasts

    Expert curation

    Hand-picked recommendations, collections tailored to what you’re interested in, and more

  • Thanks OP. Successfully signed up for a 12 month trial for free.

  • Awesome. Got the trial as well. Had tried it before but couldn’t justify the subscription.

  • Perfect to compliment my 5G reading.

  • Thanks OP, signed up and cancelled also. Hopefully will have some use for it as still have heaps of books to read on Kindle.

  • This is awesome, thanks OP. Was literally searching for cheaper Blinkist alternatives last night so perfect timing!

  • Nice one. Was going to can Amex but I guess it can hang around a bit more.

  • dont know if i'll use it but signed up anyway!

  • Brilliant, thanks!!

  • Part of the signup T&C's read: "As a US American Express Card Member, you will not be charged during your 1 year Free Trial".
    Just hoping that the fact its targeted to US members doesn't result in charges applied.

  • Great thanks very much

  • Thank you, appreciate it.

  • Thanks OP. I have Readitfor.me trial from last time which is going to expire soon. So this is a great timing.

  • Are these 15 minute short cuts for books any good?

    • +3 votes

      It’s a good way to get an idea of whether a book is worth reading.

      It’s useless if you actually want to learn something, although if you are just reading pop-psychology and motivational trash like they push then you probably weren’t going to learn much anyway.

  • Thanks, worked perfect for me and cancelled the auto renewal

  • Awesome thanks!!! Signed up!!

    Also, what is Blinkist?

  • +11 votes

    Pretty cool.

    I don't even have an active amex card anymore and this still worked as I had an amex account. I recently canceled my card. :)

    Thanks DealBot!

  • Cheers, signed up!

  • Thanks OP - got this! and i am liking the service! seems like quite a time saver to consume those famous productivity books which I had never made time to read!

  • Thanks OP! This is an awesome deal! Just signed up and cancelled auto-renew!

  • OP

    (If you wish) Please add to the body of the deal that it also works for existing Blinkist account holders. So you don't need to create an account with another email if you already have Blinkist free (limited) account and the app is setup etc.

    After clicking on the Redeam offer on the pop up which is asking to create a Blinkist account just choose "already have an account and sign in".

    Have done the above and can confirm that it worked and my limited account is now Premium (trial). Cancelled subscription and auto renewal from their web right away.

    And more importantly -> Thank you

  • Just checking did anyone need a VPN ?

  • Just cancelled my Amex last week. Attempted anyway and allowed me to log in and sign up.

    Woohoo win!

    • Why cancel? It's always good to have an Amex for deals like this, Shop Small, etc. Amex Qantas Discovery has $0 annual fee.

    • Can confirm. Cancelled my Amex months ago, still able to login and claim the 12 month free trial. OP should add to title.

    • Does that mean you need to put in a vaild Amex card number, not necessarily a real one?

      • You don’t need to put a number. You just need to login into your Amex account using the link given here and this offer will appear.

  • I went 1 step too far and deactivated my account. Doh! = No access.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +3 votes

    Worked with expired Amex card login also

    Used paypal and already removed authorisation from paypal side also

  • Thanks, good deal. I have used free trials before and was able to sign up with my existing account.

    If you have a Kindle device, you can use the Send to Kindle feature (Last time I did it Blinkist had a limit of max 100 books sent per month), and you will retain access to all those books on your Kindle after the free trial has ended. I still have hundreds from last time. If the limit hasn't changed, you could send 1200 books to your Kindle during this trial and keep them forever.

  • Anyone know how I can do this without valid amex card? Just cancelled my amex card last month.

    • According to comments above you can still just login to the link with your amex account and access the deal without a card.

  • oops, forgot to cancel subscription after setting up the 12- month free trial….am assuming I can still cancel anytime using the app over the next 11 months and still have the free trial period?

    • Confirmed works with a cancelled amex. Just needed to log into the amex portal to claim the offer.

    • I read somewhere in the process that you just need to cancel at least 24 hours before the free trial ends! (Don't forget - unless you decide to keep the Premium service!)

      btw. Thanks OP!!

    • You can cancel anytime and it will stay active until the end of the trial period. It just cancels the auto-renewal.

  • Has anyone personally gained any knowledge of value from blinkist?

    • That's probably the question to ask. But… Free…

      • Definitely worth the money. Just wondering if it's worth the time or if I should still spend my evenings in my undies watching cartoons lmao

    • Yes I find it valuable mainly to work out whether it's worth reading a full book or not. Their summaries are pretty good, it gives you enough insight to decide either the book is rubbish (and you only used ~15 minutes to find out), or it's ok but you got enough out of the Blinkist summary, or it sounds really good in which case you read the full book.

      Having said that I definitely wouldn't pay full tilt for it. There's a similar but less polished/more amateur service called 12min which I bought lifetime access to for ~$30 on Stacksocial, hoping it will mature into a better service over time. They seem to have poorer QC on their writers so the quality of summaries varies. Blinkist is more consistent.

  • Has anybody actually tried to use this to read or listen to what is available? It seems to be asking you to have. a 7 day trial and then pay for a year. Yet my account shows that it is free for a year. Don’t want to get charged for using it now.

    • Cancel the auto-renewal.

      Click on You - Settings - Account. It should say:

      Your Subscription plan
      Blinkist Premium Trial
      Subscription cancelled. Your free trial will end on 2022-01-17 and your account will not be charged.

  • Thanks OP.

    I previously enjoyed Blinkist but the cost could never be justified. Will give it a run for the year and see if it Premium has improved much.

  • Thank you OP. Excellent find!

  • Thanks OP, used Blinkist with the last offer and found it quite good for morning drives to office, though not worth the RRP.

  • Great App, love it!

  • Many thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks OP, claimed using a two year old deactivated Amex account.

  • Thanks heaps!!

  • You don't need an Amex card. I just used my Qantas credit card and it still worked.

    If you go to their plans page (https://www.blinkist.com/en/nc/plans), it doesn't say anywhere that you need Amex.
    Even if you read the FAQ questions about the trial, it doesn't say anywhere about Amex, although it says about Amex on the signup page.

    But I took a risk to see if it allows from any other credit card and it did.
    I chose the Paypal option and chose my Qantas credit card to sign up and it shows the trial ends on 17/01/2022.
    I have also cancelled the subscription and turned off the auto-renewal.

    P.S. It's my first comment on Ozbargain

  • It only allows credit cards with 15 digit numbers so won't accept Aussie visa or mastercard. I gues Amex only have a 15 digit number?

  • Awesome! Signed up and cancelled, looking forward to hearing whats on here :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • i am sadly amex less. they dont like my income level. is there just no way i can get this?

  • Is it no longer working?