Astell & Kern ACTIVO CT10 Digital Audio Player $249 with Free Express Shipping (RRP $449) at Addicted to Audio


Seems to be a decent mp3 player which supports streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify and Amazon Music. It's on Amazon for $432.72 and a couple of other stores for more than $400 so I thought that this was a good deal.

Reviews: whathifi and The Absolute Sound

I know a lot of you would say to just use your phone but there is a target audience for these (otherwise nobody would make mp3 players anymore), so I thought that I'd post it anyway.

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Addicted To Audio


  • “Sound Quality Drastically Superior Than Other Smart Devices”
    Care to enlighten us on what that is?

    • Well, for starters this particular player uses A&K’s Cirrus Logic 4398 DAC, which is a very capable sound chip that far outpaces pretty much every non-dedicated DAC in any phone or computer in terms of audio quality.

    • Few smartphones have dedicated audio chips. This is why LG G or V series flagship phones have excellent audio because they use ESS audio chips in addition to the SoC. Other brands just use the SoC for everything. Even entry level DAPs like this are better than LG phones when playing music because they can handle hires and DSD audio files much better

  • Good price. This one's definitely better than phones at music. In addition to usual wav, flac, aiff, aac, and mp3 etc it also plays hires audio and DSD audio files

  • I just want something to replace my iPod nano 7th gen.
    Still use it for cardio

  • Thanks for these suggestions. I need something that can replace my old iPod nano too and has Spotify capability. So will check out the M6

  • IMO just get ibasso's 2.5mm balanced output dongle and be done with it - balanced output is the clearest upgrade in audio quality, and now you don't need to maintain/carry 2 devices/libraries.