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Krutis Wired on-Ear DJ Headphones - Black $49.80 (Was $249) + Free Delivery @ Myer


Krutis Wired on-Ear DJ Headphones - Black $49.8 (Was $249) + Free Delivery @ Myer

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    • Looks like the same but this one looks like it has bluetooth?

      • from reviews

        1.0 out of 5 stars Misleading information
        Reviewed in Australia on 30 October 2020
        Verified Purchase
        This is not wireless bluetooth headphone.

  • Same via their eBay, if that helps.

  • It doesn't say wireless on the website.

  • DJs wouldn’t you Bluetooth, the delay would make beat beatmatching impossible due to the high latency.

  • zero reviews any where, give it a miss…

  • Looks misleading; the cups don't look like they 180 at all; I doubt you'd ever find anyone djing with them.

    Also sensitivity is quite low for 30mm drivers; you might want a headphone amp.

    • so… not good value?

      • IMO, they can't be that bad for $50.00!
        I own 3 pairs of Sennheiser (HD25 MkII, Urbanites XL and BT 4.50), as well as Plantronics BackbeatFit 505s… I like my headphones, I will give this a go, for $50.00 delivered, they can NoT be that bad.

  • I received mine today - they are a good sounding pair of headphones, and feel well built. The cups are tight and block out external sounds, I am playing them on the audio jack of a Lennovo t480 laptop, listening to Tropit - Terra on Spotify and it sounds great.

    The box they came in was pretty nice - I certainly feel like I got a bargain for $50.

    Something to note is that the jack that plugs into the headphones is not a 3.5 but the larger 1/4 inch - the other end is a 3.5 - so the jack from my other phones doesn't fit them - no big deal as I got them for work after my b&o h3 in-ears gave up the ghost, having replaced sony xba-2's after they dissappeared.

    They also fit both me and my 4 year old well, which is a bonus as they seem to pack up well for plane trips to be used on the iPad.

    Trying to resist buying a couple more pairs for the kids……

  • On ear - the pads push on your ears

  • Thanks OP! I purchased these for my husband to replace his Van Buuren's that the kids broke. Unboxing was fun since they're packaged so nicely. They are well built and the sound quality and noise isolation are excellent. A bargain for 50 bucks and a very happy hubby!