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4 Layer (2 Cotton + 2 Filter) 100% Cotton Face Masks from $7.63 (Adults & Kids) Delivered @ Buymask


Additional sale of limited-edition stylish masks from your local manufacturer.
All masks are double-sided and of 2 colours, so you can do a swap and select the colour that fits your outfit.

Key features:

  • 2 -sided, 2 colours
  • 4 layers (2x 100% cotton layers + 2 marlet filters)
  • classy styles in 5 colours (nude, blue, pink, khaki, black)
  • locally designed and made
  • the cut completely follows the contour of the face, comfortably fitting along the edge.

30% discount applies on masks in stock.

Quantities are limited:
Pink + Black – 5 masks available
Blue + Black – 32 masks available
Khaki + Black – 50 masks available
Black + Black - 50 masks available
Nude + Black – 75 masks available

Use code OZBARGAIN30 at the checkout: https://buymask.com.au/

Buy Mask is a 100% Australian-owned small business, created to support every Australian with a quality mask and fill the gaps in the market.


  1. How many layers? A: 4 layers
  2. What is inside? A: https://imgur.com/a/0HtHNlj
  3. Manufactured in Australia. A: yes

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  • Bad timing…
    Don't need them now…

    Maybe you can try selling them to the Tennis players…

  • Maybe if these were like 2-3$ each.

    • +3 votes

      Cost of fabric + cost of labour + shipping cost.
      It is hard to do it for $2-3.
      Potentially if we outsource manufacturing - then it is possible (but very tiny margins)

  • Limited edition. Hmmm tempting. May go up in value in the future.

  • What is a Marlet filter?

  • Uniqlo is the same price per mask for 3


      Thanks for the feedback, but we sell:
      - Different mask
      - Different quality
      - Different design (2x sided)
      - Different production country (our masks are produced in Australia)
      - With free shipping
      So, it is the matter of preference.

      Unfortunately, we can't sell 3 masks for the price including free shipping. Unit economics won't work.

  • Can you explain why I had to pay $2.60 extra to pickup my masks from the post office? I got a "more to pay" notice…. That's a pretty basic mistake on your shipping team to make and gives a terrible customer experience. It's the first time in my life where I had to pay for the seller's postage.