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Alienware 25" Gaming Monitor AW2521H $779.35 (Was $1199) Delivered @ Dell


Hi all first-time poster, if you guys want to get a 360hz cheap right now head over to dell's website for 35% off the ALIENWARE 25 GAMING MONITOR – AW2521H. There are also other monitors available but the 360hz monitor is definitely a bargain considering how recent the release of this model is from last year!


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    Hey OP, suggest you put the price in the title :)

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      Hey thanks for the suggestion! I have edited my title so it'll grab peoples attention.

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    Good price for the AW2721D - $944.30

    27" QHD 2560 x 1440 IPS , 240hz refresh and 1ms GTG time, HDR600, G-SYNC Ultimate

  • This is a pretty competitive price, too bad its 1080p as I usually game on 1440p.

    Personally prefer mid-range ultrawides as they are cheaper than this (not on par though).

    • What game can you run on fps on 1440p? My 3080 gaming pc can barely break 300 fps on csgo 1920x1440

      • With my current DELL GTX1070 PC, mostly indie games that can reach averagely 150+, if not capped. I'm waiting for my 3080 PC but until then I'm pretty happy to get 60 fps on some AAA games like AC: Valhalla and Battlefront 2 (on medium+ settings)

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    @Twix thanks for the clean up on my messy post, greatly appreciated!

  • The 240hz one is $559 at amazon if you don't need the extra.

  • But can it run Crysis?

  • How many 3D games you can get 300+FPS?

    • Most epsorts titles so csgo, ow, rocket league, etc. Probably older aaa games as well assuming the engine doesnt impose a frame rate limit.

      • Yup, and DLSS makes this possible in Fortnite as well, though there's also the new 'Performance' mode to let anyone get there (and way beyond).

  • RTings review: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/alienware-aw2521…

    Basically an elite 240Hz monitor with a bit extra. Not true 360Hz response time performance, but certainly these 360Hz IPS panels are amongst the fastest monitors you can buy.

  • I got the 240hz version of this one for $380 during black friday. Price matched Dell at JB and stacked with the 15% gift cards. No complaints at all.

  • what's the difference between this and AW2521HF/AW2521HFL?

    Those have gone for $447 last year.

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