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Apple AirPods 2nd Gen Wireless Earphones $199 Pick-up / + Delivery @ Umart


Price beat at officework for it to be cheaper. use ow giftcard. get a staff to do staff discount. Hear me out:

Price beat at officework to make it 0.95 x $199 = $189.05

Ask a staff to give you staff discount nicely, another 5% 0.95 x $189.05 = $179.5975

Use your discounted gift cards (say it's 5%) 0.95 x $179.5975 = $170.617625

Say you have a 15% giftcard: go 0.85 X $179.5975 = $152.657875

what a bargain. sell on ebay for $200? profit?

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  • Tell a staff to give you staff discount

    If you want them to risk their job for a stranger maybe you should ask nicely rather than demanding.

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    fyi - staff discount doesn't stack with pricebeat. Tried it - system doesn't allow.

  • You lost me after "get a staff to do staff discount"

    • Little complicated process, most of the people wont be able to ask nicely after such a complicated process 😜

  • Hi. Where do we get discounted Officeworks gift cards (preferably digital)? Thanks

  • get a staff to do staff discount

    That’s not how life works.

  • Petition to add 'ask staff to apply further staff discount ' to any and all future ozbargain listing lmfao

  • Fighting the introvert in me as I circled the block twice, I finally went in and did the price beat with OfficeWorks. Had never done it before. Valentine's Day gift sorted.

  • This deal is either on again or new.
    Just got officeworks price match umart ..
    Went to submit deal and saw this thread..
    Umart says only 1 day left so get in quick if you need them πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    Ps. Edit typo..